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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 43 (Friday 20 May 2005)
Talk the talk before Return to Lender
Previously in SB4

Erin and Emily are now walking and Erin is almost completely housetrained. You might be wondering why this isn't WW introducing you to an eviction night. Well, tonight they are in for a surprise.

It's Day 43. It's Sim Brother 4.

Another Lesson Learnt

After the task, two tired little ladies were put to bed. To clarify, that means Emily and Erin. They immediately went to sleep and the housemates had a quiet evening chatting about the task and parenthood. However, they were soon to bed.

1.08am - John was one of the last ones to bed and he found Erin awake. He read to her for a while and was then amazed and very proud when she went to the potty herself. By passing this element of the task, it meant that the group had passed the task altogether.

6.22am - Emily is now awake and Steve has been potty training her as well. Some more work is needed there, but she is getting closer to the goal.

Doll's House

10.48am - In addition to providing a soft toy for Emily, Sim Brother also provided a Doll's House for Erin. Although Erin was more interested in eating the dolls who lived in it, the two girls had a very good time playing with it. Also, Alyssa and Martha were quite contented to watch. It was thought Emily believed she may be too grown up for it.

Talk the Talk

3.00pm - The housemates have been gathered together under the covered forum again with Emily and Erin.

Sim Brother (P) - Hi, y'all. Before long, these two cuties have got to go home. However, if you wish to make the most of the next three hours, perhaps you can get your two young charges to talk. Let's do it.

6.00pm - The next hours are filled originally with "Mama - Dada" and "Dada - Pollination Technician" responses and although progress is made to "Dada - Dada" responses, they are still left with "Mama - Dada". Has enough progress been made?

SB - Martha and Alyssa, it's time. Please return Erin and Emily to the diary room. This task is over.

Martha and Alyssa do as they are told but it does look as if they are sad to see Erin and Emily go.

6.20pm - The housemates were gathered again in the covered forum. Martha and Alyssa had both been sad to return Erin and Emily to Sim Brother but both hoped that they had done some good in those young one's lives and that they would grow into well-balanced children with their parents.

SB - Here are the results of the task. Walking the walk. Two passes. Talking the talk. Two passes. Teaching them to use the potty. One pass. As the overall task only required three passes to be a success, with five passes, you have successfully completed this task. Dr. Balina of SimCity Childcare says that Erin was the one who had progressed the most so Martha & John, you are the most successful foster parents and you have the spa for the evening. To remind you, you are all expected to assemble in the lounge at 11.45pm.

Filling Time

11.45pm - John and Martha have spent the last 4 hours in the spa enjoying the Faux Simpagne that Sim Brother had provided. Steve and Alyssa had been spent chatting. From their expressions, the tone of their conversation may not have been very intimate. Nevertheless, they were all gathered in the lounge as instructed.

Eviction Postponed

11.54pm - The housemates are getting impatient.
Alyssa - We were told to be here for 11.45pm. We've been here for what seems like 15 minutes.
John - I would say it is nearer ten minutes. Perhaps it is just to make us sweat.
Martha - Us, dear? You are not the one facing the walk tonight.

Dr. Phil - Sim Brother House, this is Dr.Phil. You are live on TSZ so do your best not to swear, although I'm sure you will anyway in few minutes.
Steve - Is WW sick?
Dr. Phil - Will apologises for not being here tonight. He's at the movies with his family seeing the premiere of Sim Wars 3 - Revenge of the Plumb Bobs. He's asked me to be here to give you the following.
Martha (muttered) - And here was I looking forward to meeting Will.
Dr. Phil - Since Monday, people have been voting for which one of you is the next to be evicted from the house tonight. The polls are still open.
Alyssa - WHAT?
Dr. Phil - You heard. People are still voting. Alyssa & Martha, one of you is going to be evicted before the end of this season, but we're not going to say when. Enjoy the rest of your night, folks.

To Be Continued

With the housemates stunned from the eviction being postponed, that is where we are going to leave them. They have passed the task and their charges returned unharmed to the SimCity Childcare Department, it is going to be a quiet house. The nominees may have time to come to terms with what may be going on ... and none of them knows that hour when that eviction call will come.

It's definite, though. By this time tomorrow night, this picture changes.


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