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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 44 (Saturday 21 May 2005)
Entering the Last Week with the 5th Eviction
Welcome to Eviction No.5

Hi, I'm Will Wright and we're here tonight to see who you have voted out as the housemates' final eviction. And yes, before you ask, I loved the movie. I recommend "Revenge of the Plumb Bobs" to anyone who is into "Sim Wars". However, that wasn't the only reason for the eviction being postponed. We wanted to knock the housemates off guard. From the way they've opened up today, I think we did it.

Before going to the house to inform them of who is leaving, let's see what the remaining four housemates have been up to today.

It's Day 44. It's Sim Brother 4 and it's Eviction No.5.

7 Days & Counting Down

9.00am - The housemates are entering their final week. The housemates are all still asleep. Eight housemates over the past six weeks have been reduced to four and imminently will be reduced to three. Sim Brother is in no immediate hurry to wake them up.

Cleaning Showers with Gay Gordons

10.30am - The housemates have all got up. Martha and Steve are keeping themselves busy by cleaning the showers. John and Alyssa are dancing in the lounge to music that Sim Brother is piping in to keep them entertained.

John - Not quite the gay gordons. Did I tell you I knew someone called Gordon who was gay? I'm sure Michael Palin has met-
Alyssa (laughing) - Keep it for your memoirs, John.

The Mystery of Spaghetti Portions

12.18pm - Steve, Alyssa and Martha are in the kitchen. Martha has cooked spaghetti served up with a rich spicy Italian sauce.
Alyssa - I hope you like it. It's based on a recipe that my mother used to make.
Martha - I must get the recipe from her some day.
Steve - All I know is that this is delicious. Is there any more?
Alyssa - I made enough for six. Somehow, I can't seem to get it right. Either I only make enough for me or there is enough for six. Can anyone explain that?
Martha - Perhaps it is one of those mysteries of life that Will Wright can answer ... when we finally meet him, that is.
Steve - We'll all be meeting him sometime soon.

Eviction Time
Will Wright - It's now time to go to the house. The housemates are all gathered in the open forum. Here we go.

Will Wright - Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. You are live on TSZ so please do not swear.
Housemates - Good evening, Will.
WW - I hope you haven't minded waiting another day, but it's that time. Since Monday, people have been voting for which one of you is the next to be evicted from the house tonight. The polls are now finally closed, the votes have been counted, checked and rechecked.

(long pause)

The third person to be evicted from the Sim Brother 4 house with 59% of the public vote is ...

(even longer pause)


Stay Tuned

With the housemates now told of which of their number is leaving, that is where we are going to leave them.

Tune back in later to find out what Martha had to say to me about her six weeks in the house.


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