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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 3 (Sunday 20 January 2002)
Cooking, Gossip and Nudity
Cooks Jennifer and MNM
Anna was busy through the night working on her part of the challenge and finally took a nap in one of the deckchairs in the garden.
At 6:30, she was fast asleep when she was discovered by Jennifer and MNM. They were up first and made two large plates of fried breakfasts for the rest of the house. Their cooking was appreciated by all the other housemates who got up around 7am.
Tony and Davina were in the bathroom at the same time and he took the opportunity to tell her how hard he worked on the outside - "It's a big challenge trying to solve all the world's problems, Davina, and since Bill retired, I've had to take his place on the world stage."
Jerry and Anne who were listening were not interested with Tony trying to impress Davina with his work towards world peace.
Jerry - "On my show, he would have been hit by now for being a jerk."
Anne - "On mine, he would have been out of the show at once and would have left, of course, with nothing."

The first gossip

During the morning, Tom needed cheering up and tried to improve his relationship with Jennifer, but she was not interested. She still wanted to think it over and Tom got rather depressed about it.

MNM saw what had happened and gossiped about it to Anna later. Both of them did not think there was a future in it, but would be interested in seeing how things went on.

Tom was still low on the afternoon and chose to chat with MNM who told him that he believed the media viewed him as a bad influence on impressionable people instead of a serious musician.

Walking in the nude
Most of the housemates were in bed early. However, for those who were watching TSZ Livestream approaching midnight, they got a treat when they saw Anna walking around the house naked. Viewing figures increased 75%.
(SB: Picture has been censored for SC4 primetime distribution but may be available at a later date).


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