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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 30 (Saturday 16 February 2002)
Another Task & A New Romance
Early Morning
Anna got up 30 minutes after Jennifer had gone to bed. She did some gardening and at 5am by the time some of the others were getting up, she was cleaning out the toilets. Once again, her sleep cycle was not helping the others get to know her better.

Over breakfast, Anne told the housemates that she was going to spend her winnings from the last Individual Challenge on something for the house and chose to spend it on a hotplate so the housemate's meals would be more satisfying.

The New Challenge
"This is Sim Brother. For those of you who have been paying attention, the Simorphor Corporation has taken the llamas back due to an unknown illness that they had contracted. Instead, the llama pen has been cleaned out and prepared for this week's individual challenge"
"Today, you will start playing basketball against each other. All seven of you will play today to see how many baskets you can get out of 10 shots. The two with the lowest scores will be dropped. Tomorrow, the remaining 5 will see how many they can get out of 15. On Monday, you have a day off for an all-day party" - there was a cheer when this was announced - "and on Tuesday, the final three will compete for the best of 20 baskets"

Anna was up first to try and sink ten baskets and the result followed suit. After they had all had their ten shots at the basket, the scores were very high but two of them had to be dropped.

Anna 10, Jerry 9, Tom 8, Tony 7
Davina 7, Anne 6, J-Lo 5

Therefore, Anne and J-Lo will not be in the next heats.

Jerry, Tony and Sealife Centres
After the daily heats, Jerry had a bath. Even he was surprised with his score as he had not played basketball since his days at SCU. He had a chat with Tony and was surprised to find that he and Tony shared a mutual interest in Sea Life Centres and told Tony about one he had visited in Sim Beach. They continued their chat outside around the fire and Jerry showed Tony how he could play the guitar.

Today In The Hot Tub
Jennifer was rather stressed and got on at Tom not helping around the house. To ease this stress, she joined Davina in the hot tub.

She had only been in the hot tub for a few minutes when Tom joined them and wanted to ask them what they thought about an idea called "Mission Impossible III"
Anna later got in and the discussion got around to whether wearing sunglasses made somebody look cool.
Tony later joined the party and had an enjoyable soak with Davina.
After Davina got out, Jerry and Anne joined him and Tony was surprised to find that Jerry was also a fan of Simcastle United. Annie said she didn't mind seeing an inflated pigs bladder being kicked around by 22 hunky men.

It Must Be Love
It had been a long time in happening. Over the last few days, Jerry and Anne had been getting closer and finally Jerry took the plunge to show Anne his feelings by giving her a kiss.


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