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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Cat's Eyes Edition 7
The Last Week

has started. After today there will be only 5 more days for the housemates to survive in the Sim Brother house. The last three. All of them have been in since the beginning. We've been following the series since the beginning too, but from a different angle. This show has not been evicted yet, and it won't be. Let's analyse the past week once more. Welcome to the seventh edition of

Cat's Eyes


This week Sim Brother had a fun task for all housemates, even though it may have been on the edge for some. Two toddlers, Emily and Erin, became the youngest Sim Brother housemates ever, for about four days. The challenge was to raise these little ones, so they could get a bit of a headstart in life. Who knows, maybe they'll once become famous, and join a Sim Brother as real housemates in the distant future. If Sim Brother is still on then, of course. For now they'll probably not even remember they've been here, though the cameras will.

The housemates obviously enjoyed the company from the outside. They didn't bring any news in - they still had to be taught to talk - but for some it was a new experience. Others had done it often before, and knew all the ins and outs of these greenish Sims. The ones who'd do the best got a private evening in the spa. With some of Sim Brother's own Faux Simpagne. The housemates managed to pass the challenge, with five of a necessary three essentials taught to the children. The reward for the group hasn't been revealed yet, and there might not even be one, but the housemates already considered having children around for a while to be a reward.

The Last Eviction

Something the housemates didn't like as much was Martha's eviction. The cook is gone, and for the remaining week either Alyssa, John or Steve will have to do some cooking. Steve has already done some bits earlier in the series and is likely to take over that bit. Without the marmalade, perhaps with a bit of crocodile to add a crispy flavour. Another possibility is that he takes the fish from the fishtank, to spice up a meal. Although there aren't too many days left, who knows what the cooking might do to the remaining three...

Unlike previous evictions, Sim Brother had this time delayed its live show to the Saturday, and thus the eviction was postponed as well. The four could enjoy an extra evening and day together, although maybe a stressful one as they didn't get what they expected. Instead they had to wait until Sim Brother would strike again. Without much of a clue they just lived through another day. It didn't seem the eviction was causing a lot of stress this week, except for one bit...

Alyssa was upset when she'd picked Steve to be immune from the nominations, or rather when she heard she did. That's the cost of not letting Sim Brother finish, and she'll probably think twice before saying Steve's name next time. But after that she was simply too occupied with the babies to even consider thinking about being evicted.

Housemate Opinions

As we're nearing the end of the series, it's time to start looking at who will win the series. Even though you decide, who would the housemates vote for? Well, it's obvious Alyssa would pick Steve, perhaps before even letting Sim Brother finish talking. She's still very fond of him, and he's become a very good friend of her. It wouldn't be too surprising if she'd take some trips to Australia regularly after the show's over, to meet him. Alyssa has never nominated Steve, nor John, earlier in the series. Instead, Tiger was picked twice, as was Martha, and Arnold got one of her votes.

Steve on the other hand is less keen on Alyssa. Nevertheless, he picked John as nominee the last round. In fact, he picked John all three times he could nominate. John was joined by Tiger in two of them, and the third time he could pick only one - Tiger was out already anyway. That means he's been very consistent with his voting, and so he should be too now. It's very likely he'd pick Alyssa to win.

John has been the only housemate who has been able to nominate four times, as he was House President in the second week. As he chose to nominate everyone at that time, Alyssa and Steve both got one vote from him. The second time he could nominate, he picked Steve and Martha. The third time he picked the two housemates that are now left with him, Alyssa and Steve. Finally, he picked Alyssa to be up for eviction last week. It seems he doesn't like either Steve or Alyssa too much, and would rather win himself. Hence it's also very hard to predict who of the two others he'd like to win the most. He had some friendly chats with Alyssa the past week, while Sim Brother hasn't shown John and Steve chat at all. Nevertheless, as he picked Alyssa the last time, it's more likely he'd prefer Steve to win, if any of the two.

Yes, there have been just three nomination rounds where the housemates could decide, apart from John who had four rounds. In total there have been five evictions, of which for one the nominees were decided by Sim Brother after the penitentiary task. Alyssa has been close to being evicted for four times, Steve three times, and John just twice. They all survived every round.

In the end they may all be good friends, but Steve and Alyssa have been very close - even very intimate - and they might lock John out this week. Will he stand a chance or not? It's up to you to decide, as the winner's poll is is now up. Vote for who YOU want to win.

Last Everything

The upcoming week will be the week of the last things. The last meal in the house, the last night and day, the last tasks, the last chats in the diary room... We're really coming to a close. We've already had the last nominations, and the last interim poll. Last week we were asking you about your favourite part of Good Morning, Simerica. Tiger's "Let's Kick Bag" was your favourite with 15.3% of the votes, followed by John's very silly "Political Report" at 12.5%. Alyssa as "Amateur Astrologer" got 11.1%, and Martha got 8.3% of the votes with her cooking show. Steve's "Out The Back" was preferred by 6.9% of you, and John got another 4.2% as news reporter. Adding the 2.8% of the votes for him as Anchorman, and John comes to a total of 19.5%. Other than that, 20.8% told us they enjoyed the entire show, and 18.1% would prefer watching a fish tank.

Those are the final poll statistics for Cat's Eyes, as this week the winner poll is already up.

The Final Week

We'll be back with you for one more time next week, to discuss the upcoming final week. The remaining days, during which a winner will be decided. Vote regularly to give the one you want to win a chance. Alyssa, John or Steve. It's all up to you. Those three are awaiting an exciting week, during which they'll finally be able to see their family again. After 50 long days the show will end. Until then, keep tuning in and enjoy the show!


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