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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 45 (Sunday 22 May 2005)
Cleanliness, Cooking, Odours & Embarrassment
Previously in SB4

Martha is the last person to face a public eviction from the Sim Brother house and her leaving has reduced the housemates to three. How will the housemates handle her departure and the realisation that they are the finalists for Season 4?

It's the Final Week. It's Day 45. It's Sim Brother 4.

Dingo Droppings?

12.07am - Martha has just left the Sim Brother house as the fifth eviction. The remaining three finalists are still under the covered forum. Despite it being in the open air, something is getting up Steve's nose.

Steve (looking around) - Wheww, has someone pumped? It smells like a massive dump of dingo droppings.
John - Yes, I must agree. There is a very unpleasant odour.
Both of them look at Alyssa.
Alyssa - What? Do you guys think it's me?
Steve - Sweetheart, I'm sorry to say that if the bush hat fits, wear it.
Alyssa - No way! I don't have an odour problem. Martha made out that I had a few weeks ago. I thought she was just being a bitch.
Steve - She was certainly one of those, but she spoke her mind.
John - Alyssa dear, Steve is right. You might just need a shower, that is all. I'm going to take one anyway, just so I know it's not me.

Homesick Alyssa

12.10am - John is having a shower. Steve is also in the showers trying to fix one of the broken ones ... unsuccessfully. Alyssa is still outside. She looks sad and from her expressions, even homesick.

12.20am - Alyssa is called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Alyssa. Are you alright?
Alyssa - John and Steve are being mean. They say I smell.
SB - Do you feel that is true?
Alyssa - They might be right. They didn't have to tell me, though.
SB - As the saying goes "If your friends can't tell you, who can?"
Alyssa - I don't think they're my friends.
SB - Are you going to do anything about it?
Alyssa - You think I stink too, don't you!
SB - Sim Brother is unable to smell anything. However, green vapours are visibly eminating from you. In answer to your question, Sim Brother doesn't think. Sim Brother knows.
Alyssa (frustrated) - Ok ok, then I'll have a bath when I leave here.
SB - Changing the subject completely, how does it feel to survive another eviction poll?
Alyssa - I'm very pleased. The viewers must love me if I am still in here. I hope they all get out and vote for me now to win.
SB - Sim Brother cannot confirm or deny that the winner's poll is already up. Sim Brother did notice you were upset earlier. Are you homesick at all?
Alyssa - Yes, I am. I miss my friends and my family. I know the public love me, but I don't know who my friends are in here. I was up for eviction for the fourth time. What have I done wrong?
SB - Sim Brother cannot answer that question. Why not talk to the other housemates about it?
Alyssa - I might just do that.
SB - And what are you going to do now?
Alyssa - I'm going to make myself something to eat.

2.12am - Steve & John are asleep in the main bedroom. Alyssa is in the kitchen and makes herself some spaghetti and meatballs to eat. Again, she makes up her specially spiced sauce but adds some more ingredients.
Alyssa - Hmmm ... perhaps even more basil. And some more garlic.

2.48am - Alyssa has washed her plate and pots and is now thoroughly cleaning the kitchen.
4.45am - After having a relaxing bubblebath, she finally goes to bed in the chalet.

Missing Martha

6.49am - The sun has just come up over the Sim Brother house on their last Sunday. John has been up for the last two hours trimming the many hedges and topiaries.
8.12am - Steve is up and has served up some toasted sandwiches filled with curried beans. John has put down his hedge trimmers to join him.
Steve - This will sound nuts but I miss Martha.
John - I do as well. She was quite a character and I would have liked to see her make it to the end of the show.
Steve - I wonder what she's doing now.
John - Unless she has an extension, she has probably been taken back to her luxury prison. I'm already missing her cooking.
Steve (laughing) - So you're saying my toasted sarnies stink?
John - On the contrary. I think she could even learn something from this. It's a pity she's not here to try them for herself.
Steve - Once we're out of here on Friday, should we go and visit her?
John - She might not want to see us. I hope she does, though.

Super Steve

11.38am - Steve is in the lounge reading a cookery book.
Steve - Wow, John!! I never knew there were so many different fillings for toasties. I've got to try them all out.
John - I can't wait, Steve.

4.17pm - Not content with just learning about toasted sandwiches, Steve repairs the trash compactor, unclogs the toilets, cleans the cubicles, repairs the faulty shower and mops up the communal showers.

Further Embarrassment

8.08pm - With being up early, John has gone to bed. The chalet has been closed down. Alyssa has got up but her luck does not seem to be with her. She is caught short in the kitchen. Steve doesn't seem to take the blindest bit of notice while she was having a spongebath, however, as he seemed to be more interested in the fish.

10.48pm - Steve does take notice of Alyssa and they spend the evening dancing to music that Sim Brother has provided for them on the hi-fi. However, it isn't going to be Alyssa who is embarrassed as when trying one energetic move, Steve crashes into the fish tank and gets stuck.

To Be Continued

With Steve being almost inextricably attached to the fishtank, that is where we are going to leave it. Tomorrow, assuming Steve can be separated from the fish, the housemates will be presented with their final weekly task.


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