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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 46 (Monday 23 May 2005)
Dreams of Stardom
Previously in SB4

The housemates have had a quiet day remembering Martha and trying to fill the gap by learning new recipes and getting to terms with being in the final three ... and Steve got stuck under the fishtank.

It's Day 46. It's Sim Brother 4.

Going Through Changes

12.22am - Sim Brother is once again renovating part of the compound. There is no indication on the outside as to what purpose it is being put to. Also, no information is forthcoming from Sim Brother as to what it is going to be used for.

12.48am - Over In the lounge, after being tugged, jerked and pulled by Alyssa, Steve was finally out from under the fishtank.

Crook Back

Sim Brother (A) - Good morning, Steve. Are you alright?
Steve - My back feels a bit crook, S B, and I've spent quite some time being jerked around by Alyssa.
SB - That doesn't sound so bad, then. Would you like something for your back, though?
Steve - Some parasimenols would be good. I'm going to try and get some sleep. I'll see if laying in bed will do me good.
SB - Completely changing the subject, how are you feeling about things now you're into the final week?
Steve - It's ace! I can't believe I've got this far and I'm looking forward to being here until to the finals night.
SB - Do you feel you have a chance of winning?
Steve - I think the odds aren't too bad. Yes, I've got a chance. I don't know whether I will. I've faced the public three times and I've survived this far, haven't I?
SB - If you weren't to win, who would you be happiest to see win?
Steve - I can't answer that. John is a funny guy and Alyssa is gorgeous. They are both great people and I couldn't ask for a nicer pair to spend the last week with.

Dream A Little Dream

2.30am - The housemates are asleep in the bedroom. Our dream analysts have been looking into what their behaviour and dreams may possibly mean.

Alyssa is having some form of negative dream about the hot tub. This could mean she does not want to get herself into Hot Water. This could also mean she's afraid of getting out of her depth, although a negative dream about the swimming pool would be more appropriate. It is also possible that she has negative feelings or regrets about an event in a specific hot tub. The Sim Brother one perhaps.

John is dreaming about Will Wright. To TSZ and Sim Brother personnel, Will Wright is a demigod, but the analysts don't see it that way in John's case. It could mean that he has wondered what Will had to say about "Spore" at E3, which he missed because he was in here. Also unlikely. This dream probably means that John is looking forward to meeting Will Wright later this week.

Steve is asleep but he is not dreaming. If he is dreaming, they are being guarded. Our analysts believe this to be a survival mechanism he has used against crocodiles. If they sense any weakness, then the Crocodile Hunter knows he has lost. As he is guarding his dreams, this may mean he may not consider himself to be the Alpha Male any more.

Australian Rules Boxing

11.28am - The housemates have had a lazy morning and are only just getting up. Alyssa takes out the trash and then has a bubble bath.
John has been in the hot tub and is teaching Steve boxing stances.

John - Now this boxing stance is what I used when I was at Cambridge. I could tell you all about Queensbury Rules.
Steve - You've lost me there, mate. I know about Aussie Rules Football where basically anything goes. Can't we use Aussie rules for boxing? That way, I can kick you hard in the-
John - No, we can't. I can't sing anyway but if I could, after you kicked me there, I would be singing soprano.

Reach For The Stars

5.00pm - The housemates are told to head to what was the chalet. Sparsely decorated, they find themselves confronted with a drumkit, an electric guitar and electric bass.
Sim Brother (C) - Housemates, this is your last weekly task. With the prowess you showed with your creativity earlier in this series, you are now to be push those skills to the limit. You will be evaluated on Thursday on your skills and also how well you perform as a band. You have to choose your instruments, name your group, choose what you are going to play, write a song in that genre and perform it live to a music critic. Please enjoy the rest of your day. Sim Brother trusts you'll make the most of it by preparing for this task.

To Be Continued

And that is where we are going to have to leave them. They have three days to become competant enough to perform to one of the biggest critics and managers in the music world. Can they do it?

Tomorrow, as well as our usual report of what is happening in the house, we have a look behind the scenes at how things are run by the producers. We visit the studio.

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