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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 48 (Wednesday 25 May 2005)
Dr.Phil Goes Walkabout
Previously in SB4

During this series, I've been visiting notable people in Regras Gorge. For this last part of my series, we're staying closer to home but I'm visiting two places instead. Firstly, I'm going to show you around the studio and after that, I'm going into the house to meet the guys who can tell me what they've been up to today.

It's Day 48. It's Sim Brother 4.

Let's do it !

Welcome to the Studio

This is the Sim Brother studio. It was formerly a factory building and is sited across the road from the Sim Brother house. It isn't far for the housemates to walk at all when they have been evicted and are coming to be interviewed by Will. Will isn't in the studio today. He rang in earlier to say what sounded like he's "a problem with spores". I recommended he gets himself a good fungicidal medicine if he intends to be well enough for all the interviews he's got to do later this week. However, Andy and ChEeTaH are in today and I'll be seeing them later.

Firstly, let's start with what an evictee sees.

The Auditorium

Coming through the main doors, the recently evicted housemate sees the octagonally shaped stage, flanked by portraits of the housemates. He or she will have seen these before and I guess it's kinda hard not to look for your own portrait and find it has already been greyed out. The studio seats 100 people in comfort and on Friday night, we expect it to be full.

However, this is just what the viewers see of eviction night. I'm going to now take you upstairs.

Living Facilities

The staff at "Sim Brother" work very hard indeed and sometimes even sleep here. There is a bathroom, which is rather basic. Take my word for it. There is also a small kitchen and there is a single bed in the Archive Suite. That is where we are going next.

Archive Suite

Dr. Phil - This is ChEeTaH, who as well as being the series producer is the co-owner of TSZ. So firstly, can you tell me about this room?
Sim Brother (C) - This is where we store most of the archives that we have got from our cameras of what the housemates have done and said. Once Andy is finished editing them, they come here. Most of them anyway. He has his own stash a store he keeps to himself. I think there are some things he would rather I didn't see.
Dr.Phil - Do you think he's working on a Director's Cut?
ChEeTaH - I wouldn't put anything past him, Phil.
Dr.Phil - So what are you working on now?
ChEeTaH - I am working on the last Cats' Eyes.
Dr.Phil - And the Cat's Eyes reports are your take on what you think of the show?
ChEeTaH - Yes. I've also hinted a few things in it to Andy about how the direction could go.
Dr.Phil - And what will you be doing next after Sim Brother is over?
ChEeTaH - TSZ will still need updating. I am also doing some work on a fansite for Spore.
Dr.Phil - Those spores really seem to be going around. Will said he had trouble earlier. I hope I don't catch any.
ChEeTaH - Not unless you plan to mutate into a new lifeform, Phil.
Dr.Phil - With that, I'd better go find Andy.
ChEeTaH - I think he's in the Props Room. That's downstairs again.

Props Room

Dr.Phil - I'm here downstairs with Andy, who is the director and writer of Sim Brother and also the other co-owner of TSZ. So what are you doing down here now the series is almost over?
Sim Brother (A) - I sometimes come down here when I need inspiring and perhaps get a glimpse of how things could go. I was also doing a bit of tidying up.
Dr.Phil - I see the servery from the prison task, one of the cots and one of the telescopes. I remember all of those tasks, especially the one with Erin & Emily.
Andy - I really enjoyed that one as well. I have enjoyed all of the tasks but that one in particular.
Dr.Phil - So what were those scissors for?
Andy - That was an idea for a task I had where the housemates had to run with those scissors for as long as they could until they were exhausted. That was before I changed it to "Run For Your Life".
Dr.Phil - So what made you change your mind?
Andy - Phil, you should know not to run with scissors. One of our testers fell and died from using that pair of scissors.
Dr.Phil - Oh my, that's dreadful.
Andy - I know that the housemates have waived their rights but I feel that letting any of them die is rather irresponsible on my part. 'Sim Brother Housemate dies tragically' is not something I'd like to see in the tabloids.
Dr.Phil - So is this where you do most of your work from?
Andy - Oh no. That's in the editing suite upstairs.

Editing Suite

Dr.Phil - So this is your main place of work?
Andy - Yes, Phil. As you can see, we can monitor everything from here. From the cameras and the microphones to data from our analysts about winner projections. Zoltan helps us and we in turn help him. All of this is automatically saved to our mainframe which I access and process. Once I am done with it, the nightly report is posted and the material goes to the Archive Suite.
Dr.Phil - How do the housemates talk to Sim Brother?
Andy - Both the Archive suite and this Editing Suite have direct links to the house. There is also single channel in the Auditorium which is where Will talks to the house. Me or ChEeTaH or you or Will can talk to the house at any time from these rooms.
Dr.Phil - ChEeTaH was telling me that not all of the material gets to the Archives.
Andy - There are some items I am holding back.
Dr.Phil - A Director's Cut maybe?

Andy - "Sim Brother 4 Uncut" would be closer. It is material that may offend our younger viewers. You may have noticed that nudity is infrequent and swearing has been censored out this series. We are a family show. This material may be issued on DVD via TSZ Productions but with the appropriate rating on it.
Dr.Phil - Could you tell me what sort of items would be on this DVD?
Andy - Naturally more nudity. Uncensored shots of Martha getting out of the shower. Also, we did have a housemate die during the series. This was not intended. Naturally, the Grim Reaper did make a visit to the Sim Brother house. Sex and horror are not the sort of thing for our more sensitive viewers. Anyway, if people want that sort of thing, there are other series that will oblige. We just want to present a show with high standards that people enjoy watching. My priority now is making sure that the series ends smoothly.
Dr.Phil - And what plans do you have for that?
Andy - Then you need to see the Hospitality Suite. That's downstairs again.

Hospitality Suite

Andy - This room is where the evictees come with their family and friends after the interview. There is a buffet and bar for their enjoyment. As you may notice, the walls have their portraits on them in eviction order. There are three blank places on the wall which will all be filled up by Friday night. In fact, one of those places will be filled tomorrow night and I have a good idea who.
Dr.Phil - Oh really? And how did you find that out?
Andy - Just a friendly call to Zoltan. One of the three is decidedly lagging but the other two are head-to-head. The lead has changed several times in the last few days. It's our best voting so far.
Dr.Phil - Did you say someone is coming out tomorrow?
Andy (innocently) - Just a little surprise we have for the housemates. After their linkup and task evaluation, we give them time to unwind and then Will gives one of them some very bad news.
Dr.Phil - Can you tell us who it looks like?
Andy - I could, but I won't.
Dr.Phil - So what will you be doing after the series comes to an end on Friday?
Andy - Firstly, getting some sleep at a sensible time for one. The last 7 weeks have been very strenuous. Sorting out my own tempramental computer is another thing I need to do. I have other things to look at and evaluate and also, I will be continuing to work with ChEeTaH for the betterment of TSZ and associates. Now if you'll excuse me, Phil, I'd better get back up into the Editing Suite to allow you to continue your report as you visit the housemates.

Meeting The Housemates

Dr.Phil - I promised you all I'd meet the housemates and here I am in the practice room with them. How are you all doing, guys?
Alyssa - And girl, but I'm otherwise ok.
John - I'm very pleased to meet you, Doctor.
Steve - Hi.

Dr.Phil - I see you're wearing different outfits. What are those about?
Alyssa - These are all to do with our task for tomorrow. Steve decided what we should call ourselves.
Steve - Lyssa, that's embarrassing. I'll tell you anyway. My Bindi has something about Spongebob Squarepants so we thought of something topical to Sim Brother and came up with Plumbbob Blackpants.
Dr.Phil (nods) - And that's why you've all got plumbbobs on your t-shirts. Is this how you will be appearing for your performance?
Alyssa - No way, Phil. We'll all have makeup on for that.
Dr.Phil - I'm here to see you all and see how you've found your stay here.
Alyssa - I've really enjoyed my time here, Phil, but I'm looking forward to getting out on Friday.
John - I will also be happy to leave. It has been a long haul but I'm glad to be here at the end.
Steve - When you've gotta go, you've gotta go.

Dr.Phil - Do you think you'll be able to adapt to celebrity life once you get out of here?
John - I think I will feel positively claustrophobic comparing the size of my house to this one.
Steve - I'll be the opposite. Agoraphobic. It will take me time to adapt to having so much space around me.
Alyssa - I think I might miss cameras being on me every single minute of every single day.
Dr.Phil - As the viewers have been watching you, what impression do you think you have given them?
Alyssa - Personally, I hope I've come across as a warm person with a lot of love to give.
John - I would like to think I've been able to express myself as a true Englishman with a warped mind.
Steve - You can say that again, mate. Decidedly warped. I just hope I've come across as me and nobody else.

Dr.Phil - Last week when there were four of you, you came across as a stereotypical family unit. Martha was mom, John was dad and you two were the children. How do you feel now that the four have come down to three?
Alyssa - I haven't given it that much thought. I was glad to be saved and to be in the final week.
Steve - I never quite thought of myself as one of the kids.
John - Strangely, I miss her very much and I hope I can get to see my Sim Brother "wife" when we all get out of here.

Dr.Phil - So what have you guys been up to today?
Alyssa - John cooked us a brunch of what was a Full English Breakfast. Just a bit late.
John - I can't help it if I don't know properly how to use that stove. I like a good meal. I just don't know how to cook one so well.
Steve - Once you're finished with us, Phil, Alyssa is doing dinner. I'd put a bet on it being spaghetti.
Alyssa - Spaghetti is good for you. And anyway, I thought you liked the way I did it.
John - Children, stop your bickering or I'll get Uncle Phil to sort you out. Apart from eating, Alyssa and I have been working on the lyrics and Steve has been working on the tempo and rhythm for our song No More Evictions. We will be practicing after dinner.
Alyssa - Then probably an early night so we are properly prepared for our performance tomorrow.

Dr.Phil - Then I'd better not keep you guys any longer. Thankyou for letting me in to speak with you this evening.
John (muttering) - Did we have a choice?
Alyssa - It's been a pleasure, Phil. And I would like to thank everyone who has been voting for me.
Steve - Whatever. See you on the outside, Doc, and thanks.

Goodbye from Me

And that is where we've left them. Tomorrow, they have to perform to Simon Cowell and see how well he evaluates their performance. Also, Sim Brother has a surprise for the housemates as the one who is in third place is going to be evicted. You'd better cast your votes, just to make sure that the one who you want to see win doesn't come out tomorrow night.

And that's it from the Dr.Phil show for this season of Sim Brother. Now where is my wife so I can walk off the set with her?


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