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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Steve's Third Place Eviction Night Special
Welcome to the 3rd Place Eviction Night Special

Will Wright - Hi there and welcome to the Third Place Eviction Night Special. For this place, it was quite decisive and Steve is the one who the fewest of you have been regularly voting for. He is here with me in the studio tonight to talk about his experiences in the house. Firstly, let us have a look at his last minutes in the house.

Steve's Last Minutes

Sim Brother (C) - Steve, please leave the Sim Brother house.

Steve barely had time to give Alyssa a big hug before he left the forum and the Sim Brother house as the 3rd placed contestant.

Welcome Out, Steve

Will Wright - Welcome out, Steve. Congratulations upon making it this far and being the Third Place finalist. Comiserations on not making it further. How does it feel to be out of the Sim Brother house?
Steve (exasperated) - Sad that I wasn't in there until the last day. Did you have to pull me out like this?
WW - It was the way it was planned. There are some very surprised people out here, myself among them, that you didn't win.
Steve - Why's that?
WW - You have faced eviction three times and in those three polls, you had the fewest votes. Many people here were expecting you to win, and here you are in third place. I don't get it.
Steve - Yeah, life's a bitch at times, Will.

A Fine Romance

WW - I would hazard a guess the thing that all of our viewers will remember you for will be your relationship with Alyssa and the cold feet you got from time to time.
Steve - I had a feeling you'd be asking me about that. I hope you didn't show my naughty bits, Will.
WW - Rest assured, nothing adult was shown to our viewers. So why all of the blowing hot and cold?
Steve - I know I looked like a scared jumbuck at times. Two steps forwards, five steps back. Poor Lyssa must not have known whether I was coming or going.
WW - So why was that?
Steve - Well, I'm a married bloke and I didn't think Terri would approve. The first time around, things just went with the flow and I actually forgot about the outside world. A touch of cabin fever. It was hard breaking it off the first time.
WW - And what made you "resume intimacies"?
Steve - You'll notice we never went all of the way again. It was a few things. Firstly, I felt I'd treated Lyssa cruelly by having my naughties and then talking about the missus. Also, I knew our chance to get to the end would hinge on our being a couple. Mutual survival.
WW - So it was a tactical move?
Steve - There are feelings there and by crikey, if I wasn't married, I would have be after her like a shot. But yes, it was a survival-based tactic.

A Love For Fish

WW - Alyssa wasn't your only love in the house. On Day 33, Sim Brother brought in a rival for your affections.
Steve - Hey, what can a nature lover like me do? I hadn't seen any fish in ages and you brought in a tank of tropical fish. I know the first shoal died. Our fault, but Emily was such a cute kid. We had our mind on other things.
WW - You showed how close you actually felt about the fish the other night.
Steve (laughing) - When I was stuck for hours? I hoped you hadn't seen that bit. It was so embarrassing. I could have got out quicker but I didn't want to risk pulling the tank over. We'd already lost some before. No way were we going to do it again.

Steve's Sarnies

WW - We noticed this last few days how you took over some of the cooking.
Steve - Yeah, I felt we were at a loose end since "Mum" left us on Saturday. It might not be much but I thought I'd better make some tucker up for me, Lyssa and John. As the only thing I was half good at was toasties, I thought I'd do a few of those.
WW - What was your favourite type?
Steve - Curried beans was my favourite. If John hadn't started doing his "Mac & Cleese" again, I was thinking of a toasted anchovy sarnie. Perhaps my being taken out of the house has saved them from a fate worse than death.

Best And Worst

WW - What did you enjoy about being in the house?
Steve - The tasks were educational and fun. Also, I met a lot of great people who I hope to stay in touch with. It wasn't long before I was finding it hard to nominate people as I didn't dislike any of them really.
WW - And what did you enjoy the least?
Steve - Nominations were the stinker. I wasn't too thrilled about the prison task, but it did bring Lyssa and I closer so it served a purpose.

Who to win?
WW - This might sound like a rhetorical question. Who do you want to win?
Steve - You're probably thinking I'll say Lyssa, right?
WW - Yes, I was actually.
Steve - Who I feel deserves to win, regardless of anything, is John. He was a perfect gentleman and a wonderful "dad" to those of us "kids" who were in there. I reckon Lyssa will probably win and good for her if she does, but John is the one who deserves to win.

What Next?

WW - And what next for Steve Irwin?
Steve - Firstly, I want to spend some quality time with Terri and Bindi. I'd like to see what's going on at the zoo back home but if Simon is serious about our music career, I'm going to try and get an apartment or house here in SimCity and eke a life out here in this urban jungle.
WW - So we won't have seen the last of you?
Steve (laughs) - No way. This Aussie battler is coming back to haunt you.
WW - Any plans to contact your former housemates?
Steve - Yeah. I wouldn't mind a get-together with all of them sometime.
WW - Thankyou very much for the last seven weeks, Steve. Although you have not won the prestige of winning Sim Brother, I am sure that TSZ will have some more plans for you if you're staying around.
Steve - I can't wait and thanks, Will.

To Be Concluded

Thankyou for being with us for the Third Place Interview and as always, we hope you enjoyed it.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the last day. Please carry on voting for John & Alyssa to win. Things are so close, so every vote counts. At Midnight (GMT), the polls close, we find out what those two have been up to on their last day and find out who is the winner of Sim Brother 4.

Goodnight, thankyou for watching and we all look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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