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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 50 (Friday 27 May 2005)
And The Winner Is ...
Welcome to the Final Night

Fifty days ago, eight housemates entered the Sim Brother house. Through a process of elimination by eviction, there are now only the two people you have voted to keep in there. Voting for one of these two to be the winner has been extremely close throughout the series and the lead has changed more times than we've been able to keep track of. In our eyes, both of the remaining housemates are winners but ultimately only one will be crowned as the winner of Sim Brother 4 at the end of the night.
Before we do go to see Alyssa & John, let us look at their last day in the house.

After Steve

12.10am - Steve has just left the Sim Brother house and become the Third Place Finalist for the series. This has come as a surprise to both of the remaining housemates.

Alyssa - How could they do it? It's cruel to take someone out of the house only one night before the end. I wanted Steve to be with us to the end.
John - That's the nature of the beast. Life isn't fair that way.

During The Night

John and Alyssa were not long before they went to bed. They shared the double bed although the cameras did not detect anything going on under the covers. They both dreamed a lot about different things. Alyssa dreamt about herself quite a bit, which could show some inner worries. She also had a dream about John and one about Will Wright presenting the final show. John dreamt about the good friends he had made in the past seven weeks. He dreamt also about Martha, Erin and strangely a full English breakfast. Perhaps he's missing something.

Tub Talk

11.05am - Alyssa and John are relaxing in the hottub. The subject of conversation has become how they think Sim Brother has affected what the public think of them.
Alyssa - I don't know about you, John, but I feel very uncomfortable about what the public may think of me.
John - I gave up worrying about that years ago. If anything, people will have seen you as a human being and not a role on TV.
Alyssa - I think I've come across as a bad witch.
John - If you've been yourself, what more can you have done?
Alyssa - I don't know if I have been myself.
John - That is something you will have to come to terms with when you are out. I'm just a craggy old dullard who was part of a famous comedy team and ran a fictional hotel. You have been in several series recently and are one of a coven of beautiful witches. I'm sure the public prefer someone young and beautiful to a grumbling old Englishman.

Filling In The Time

12.15pm - As John cleaned the kitchen surfaces and washed the dishes, Alyssa prepared pancakes for brunch.

1.30pm - After lunch, they both showered and then got dressed, preparing themselves for the rest of the day.

3.00pm - Sim Brother had provided them with a pool table to keep themselves entertained. It was very close play but John won the final game of the day.

6.45pm - As Alyssa had prepared brunch, John prepared a Waldorf Salad for dinner while Alyssa fed and cleaned the fish.

It's the Final Countdown!
Will Wright - It's time. These two housemates have been the toughest competitors in this or any previous season of Sim Brother but also have become good friends. They are almost the total extremes of the housemates who have been in this series. John is the tallest and the oldest and Alyssa is the shortest and the next-to-youngest housemate. They have been opposing candidates in the Presidential Election, which John won. They were the last two housemates in Last Man Standing, which Alyssa won. Also, they were captains of the pool teams. Another win to Alyssa there. Their competition has brought them to the end of the series. The ultimate contest with the ultimate prize.

They have been sat patiently in the lounge for the past quarter of an hour, chatting about nothing in particular to fill in the time. Now, they can be put out of their misery .... Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. You are live on The Sims Zone so please do not swear.

And the Winner is ...

Will Wright - For the past six days, the public have been voting for who they want to see as the winner of this, the fourth series of Sim Brother. The polls are now closed and the votes have been counted, checked, rechecked, verified and validated by an independent assessor (thankyou, Cassidy).

(long pause)

The winner of Sim Brother 4 is ...

(even longer pause)


John, please hang on in there for a bit longer. Alyssa, come on over to the studio and let's hear what you have to say.

Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned to find out what Alyssa had to say to us about her time in the Sim Brother house and then later, find out what John, our winner, had to say about his time and whether it has sunk in that he has won.


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