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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Alyssa's Runner Up Eviction Interview
Last Minutes
Sim Brother (A) - Alyssa, you are the Runner Up. Please leave the Sim Brother House.

Will Wright - With just time to give a congratulatory hug to and receive a consolatory hug from John, Alyssa leaves the house and comes out of the gate to face the lights of the public. Ladies and gentlemen, Here she is now, the Runner Up for Sim Brother 4.

Welcome Out, Alyssa

Will Wright - You've faced and survived eviction four times and here you are as the Runnerup for the fourth series of Sim Brother 4. Congratulations for getting so far but comiserations on not being the series winner. How does it feel to be so near and yet so far?
Alyssa - I would have liked to have won, Will, but I'm pleased to be out. It has been a great experience.

Tough Competitor

Will Wright - In this series especially, you have risen to every challenge that has come your way. Your immediate popularity got you nominated by the housemates as a presidential candidate, which you unfortunately lost.
Alyssa - I was flattered to have been nominated by my fellow housemates. I also really enjoyed the election campaign, although I was a bit peeved about being expected by Arnie to do all of the menial labor around the house. I nearly left.
WW - Fortunately for us, you didn't. You then faced the last man standing and your endurance overpowered everyone else.
Alyssa - That really surprised me, but it was really tiring.
WW - You led your pool team to a decisive victory, winning every single game against The Pythons.
Alyssa - That was fun. I'm sure he cheated today in the house by beating me.
WW - Then you ran for your life and convincingly won that. Then you were up for the winning vote. it has been exceptionally close and the lead has change so many times. How did you feel?
Alyssa - I'm grateful for the support I have had from those who have voted for me. Sure, I wish I'd won but I'm here on the last night and I'm feeling quite good about things.

Love inside the Compound

Will Wright - This is a section of questioning I am quite sure you would be expecting. Will you be seeing Steve again?
Alyssa - Unless Terri sets a poisoned spider or snake or crocodile on me, I would really like to see Steve.
WW - So it wasn't just a political move to keep yourself in the house?
Alyssa - Perhaps knowing I was part of relationship would give me another chance, but he came across as a funny and caring guy. Then I started to get feelings. I never quite had the time to tell him.
WW - You might get it. Yesterday, he said that he was going to check out his zoo and then return to SimCity and Regras Gorge in particular to see how this pop group idea will work out.
Alyssa - Don't say you're kidding me, Will.
WW - Seriously. I think you might need to have a good long talk first, though, before Steve settles in the urban jungle.
Alyssa - I can't wait.

About the Housemates

Will Wright - How well do you feel you got on with the other housemates?
Alyssa - I tried to get on with all of them. I missed Condi when she left. She was a great girlfriend and "big sister" to me. There were some that I didn't quite connect with. Bjork and Tiger were two people I didn't really connect with and Arnie did rub me up the wrong way. Given time, I suppose I could be friends with them all if they were interested.
WW - And what about Martha?
Alyssa - She may have been a perfectionist but that's what maternal figures are. I missed her as well.

What about the tasks?

Will Wright - This year, Sim Brother tried to give variety in tasks. What did you think of them?
Alyssa - I felt I had been tested in all areas.
WW - Which did you enjoy the most and which did you least like?
Alyssa - I really enjoyed painting and being an amateur astrologer. I would say the prison task was a hard one but it did give me the opportunity to do some aerobics and helped bring me and Steve closer together.

What Next?
Will Wright - And what is next for Alyssa Milano?
Alyssa - I really hope I've got a job left with "Charmed" but I am very hopeful that the "Plumbbobs" can make a go of it. I'm after staying in the limelight if it still wishes to shine brightly on me.
WW - I do know that the TSZ Network have a job for you in the Fall. As part of your reward, you and a guest get to look at Nightlife in the Simerica, especially the club circuit.
Alyssa - That would be really cool. There is a club called "The Hub" that I've been itching to get to. I hope it's still open by then.
WW - Alyssa, thankyou very much for the last 50 days and the entertainment you have given us.
Alyssa - Thankyou, Will.

To Be Concluded

After the break ...

We will be back for the last official part of our series with our final interview where we find out what John, our Winner, has to say about his life in the house and what it feels like to be a champion.


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