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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 31 (Sunday 17 February 2002)
Baskets and Dreams
First Up Again
Anna is up first again and prepares breakfast. Like Jennifer, she is finding it difficult to sleep. Where she is different from Jennifer, Anna has been nominated twice and is finding it difficult to handle.

Morning In The Tub
In the morning, the hot tub became the main congregation area for the housemates. When Tom got out to take a break, Anne remarked - "If this gets past the censor, your next film will probably be called 'Eyes Wide Open'" Shortly after when Anne got out of the tub, Jennifer joked - "Annie, are you planning to be Tom's co-star?" Later on, Tony mentioned again his interest in music and perhaps taking it up professionally after he retires from politics.

Basketball Challenge - Round Two
Tony is the first one up on the Second Round of the Basketball Challenge to see how many baskets he could get out of fifteen. When Tony was finished, he got a congratulatory hug from Davina.

The Basketball Results for today are as follows ...

Anna 13 - Tony 11 - Tom 9 - Jerry 8 - Davina 7

Although Jerry did very well in the first round, he could not repeat his performance. The Final on Tuesday would therefore be between Anna, Tony and Tom.

What Tom Did
Tom came to the to the Diary Room and told Sim Brother - "I am really enjoying this week's Individual Challenge and I am going to do my best to win." Sim Brother asked him for his feelings about the other housemates. "I still think Tony is a **** but I think I get on alright with the others." When asked for his feelings about Jennifer being nominated "Well, it's all part of the game. If she goes, that's life. I'll miss her, but I missed MNM too."

Tom later told Anna "I think you're a great girl, Anna. Don't worry about being nominated. It's only a game."

What Jennifer Did
Jennifer told Tony that she planned to make another movie once she gets back to work. Tony gave her a friendly hug. Jennifer told Tony that she was excited about tomorrow's party. He admitted he was as well.

She got in the hot tub later and was joined by Tom. They both knew their romantic relationship was over, but Jennifer told him about her film plans involving a florist. Tom was lost for words.

What Anna Did
Once again, Anna was rather solitary. Knowing that there is chance she will be evicted and that she may not have the chance of a film career, Anna decides to make the most of the magazines and brush up on her sporting knowledge.

Word On The Streets of Sim City
Business at the bookmakers is picking up on who will be the second eviction.

"Jimmy" Maximus said that until recently, it looked like it was definite that J-Lo would be the second evictee, but some "big money" had just been put on Anna to go.

"Nobody can tell for certain. Any of them could go. Who knows?"


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