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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
A Champion's Interview
Meet your Champion

Sim Brother (A) - John, you are the Winner of Sim Brother 4. You are now free to leave the Sim Brother House.

He's been sat in the house on his own for the first time in fifty days. He's now about to meet his people and face the simnational press. He's now leaving the house of his own free will to come and visit us. Ladies and gentleman, give a big cheer to the winner of Sim Brother 4.

Welcome Out, John, Winner of Sim Brother 4

Will Wright - From the beginning, you have been quite a maverick character and a tough player. When you were president, you even nominated yourself for eviction. You stood your ground for as long as you could in Last Man Standing. You reluctantly took the position of trusty in Sim Brother Penitentiary. You survived two nominations and for a lot of this last week, even we didn't know who would be winning. Ultimately you won. Congratulations, John, upon being the winner of Sim Brother 4. How does it feel to be here and has it sunk in yet?
John - Firstly, thankyou for congratulating me. This could have just as well been Alyssa being sat here and I would not have minded. She is a feisty young woman and I do have a lot of admiration for her. Secondly, the fact that I have won hasn't really sunk in. Thankyou to everyone who voted for me, by the way. The house did seem very quiet when I was waiting. And yes, it is very nice to be here with an icon of the computer gaming world.

The Potty President

Will Wright - From the beginning, you made your mark as one of the major housemates by becoming elected as the president of the Sim Brother House. And you lived up to your word by doing it your way and causing controversy by nominating everyone for eviction in the second week. Why did you do this?
John - I did not want to appear as though I had favourites. Although Arnold did run a hard campaign for me and plastered the compound with campaign posters, I did not want to appear that I had preferences. Also, as I was president, I felt I should change the law so I could nominate myself as well and take a risk that the viewing public didn't hate me.
WW - The fact that you are here now shows that they didn't and they don't.
John - I felt that I could not be cruel to my other housemates or come across as the ruthless dictator that everyone saw me to be.

A Love for Marmalade?

Will Wright - One person in particular seemed to get your attention and your affection. From the beginning, it was estimated she would have been your enemy but before her eviction, she was your best friend and ally. You were critical of her cooking and then your tune changed to supporting her creative style. Why was that?
John - Martha is marmite or even marmalade as a spaghetti sauce ingredient. She's an acquired taste and as I got to know her in the weeks and months, I grew fond of her. I also felt the feeling was mutual. To clarify, this was a platonic relationship. However, she did throw in her special Alpha Salad with her bizarre ingredients. I could have made one of those today but chose to make a Waldorf Salad instead. I learnt that recipe when I was doing Fawlty Towers.
Will Wright - And will you be seeing Martha again?
John - I indeed hope so.

Friends and Foes?

Will Wright - How well do you feel you got on with the other housemates?
John - I got on as well as I could with most of them. Some of them were irritating at times and I found them quite annoying, but I'm sure they found me equally annoying and strange. That is all part of being in such a confined area for a long space of time.

Challenging tasks?

Will Wright - This year, Sim Brother tried to give variety in tasks. What did you think of them?
John - I enjoyed most of them. I even enjoyed the prison task to a degree, especially seeing how Martha tried to throw her weight around. I enjoyed the Presidential task, mainly because I won it. No surprise there. However, my most favourite task was when we had to look after Erin and Emily.
WW - Did you feel you were becoming paternal?
John - Very much so. Even potty-training was something I could throw myself into and when Erin started doing it herself, I felt so very happy. I'm sounding like a silly old softie, now.

What Next?

Will Wright - And what is next for John Cleese?
John - I honestly haven't a clue. Simon Cowell saying he wants to manage really the "Plumbbobs" can give me something to do in my twilight years.
WW - The TSZ Network have a job for you in the Fall. As part of your prize, you and a guest get to look at Nightlife in Simerica, especially restaurants and life downtown.
John - That's wonderful. Perhaps I could even get to take Martha around. A black and white could deliver us and save on cab fares.
WW - That leaves me to inform you of your main prize. As well as the title of the winner of Sim Brother 4, you also win prize money of ยง250,000. Thankyou very much for the last 50 days and the entertainment you have given us and congratulations again.
John - It has been my pleasure, Will, and thankyou again to all those who thought I deserved this honour.

And That's It from Me

Thankyou for tuning in to see our Winner's Interview with John.

That concludes our fourth series of Sim Brother at TSZ. I now have work of a similar nature to finish off at Simdemol.

This coming week, merchandise from the series will be available from TSZ for you to acquire and don't forget to tune in on Sunday for the last "Cat's Eyes" where ChEeTaH reviews this last week in the house.

I hope to meet you all again sometime. Goodnight, and thankyou for watching.

Personal Thanks

My thanks go to ...

  • Loz, my RL wife, who has put up with my moods and exasperation while I have been writing this series. I love you more today than I did yesterday and not as much as I will tomorrow.
  • ChEeTaH for his guidance, patience and assistance and his "Cat's Eyes" series that added that extra element to this series of Sim Brother that makes it extra special.
  • Starrats and Sumit from TSZ who donated skins and objects for this series and helped with the shortlist of housemates. Without them, this series would not have happened when it has.
  • THE Will Wright, who kindly provided us with the two soundbytes that you saw at the start and end of our series, and Lucy Bradshaw, who unbeknown to her had her eye used and modified as our logo.
  • My online friends who have encouraged me and been my muses when words have failed me and inspired me to greater things, especially BW, JB, JS and MJR.
  • and most importantly YOU, the viewers as without you, this series would not be what it is, even though you gave me a nailbiting week and keeping me on my toes with your voting. May it happen again next time.


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