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Sim Brother Series 4, Special Article
Cat's Eyes Edition 8
It's The Final One

The Final Cat's Eyes, for this series of Sim Brother anyway. It's over. All done. 1 House, 50 days, 50 daily reports, a house tour special, 6 early evictions, 8 interviews, 1 winner, and - including this one - 8 editions of Cat's Eyes. Over the course of the past 7 weeks (and a few days), we looked at the series through a different perspective, week-by-week. We're doing it once more. For the last time, this is

Cat's Eyes

Music, Maestro

Only three housemates were left in the house during this final week. Steve, Alyssa and John. Their last challenge within the house was to form a band. In about three days, they'd have to get creative, and make up a band using the instruments provided, and play it for a critic in another house. With "No More Evictions" they showed their newly trained musical skills. As true idols, they only had to play a verse and chorus. Like an auditioning show you'd rather not want to watch. But they succeeded, as Simon Cowell, the critic, thought the song was good enough. The last weekly task thus was a success. Whether we'll really hear anything from the Plumb Bob Black Pants now the show is over is unsure. Maybe they'll release a music video some time sooner or later - perhaps with footage from Sim Brother - or maybe the group will split up before the members even signed any contracts. Time will tell.

The whole thing didn't start off very well though. There were three sims, and three different opinions on how the challenge should be done. Even the genre was discussed - Country, R&B and Hip-hop were options before Rock was chosen. Even if this group continues after SB, these differences might eventually split it up. But enough about the band. What else happened this week?

Not That Much

Actually, the last week was, as usual, fairly quiet. Except for some people getting stuck in fish tanks perhaps. That's where obsession can take you. There are just three housemates left, and as they've been together for a long time, they've become good friends. If they weren't, one or more of them would've walked. They stuck together as a tight group until the end, and of course John and Alyssa were disappointed to see Steve go on Thursday, a day early. One more eviction. He got just 21% of the votes (at that day, naturally that number decreased the last day when you could only vote for the two others). Cat's Eyes got the permission to follow the results closely and was able to check out the results at any time. And CE can confirm that there were regular changes at the top, with the two being only a few votes apart from each other. So while John won in the end, it was so close that Alyssa was the best second ever. The most total amount of votes was casted, and the result was closer than ever for a winner poll. Will John split the prize money with her, or will he be selfish and keep it all?

No matter what he does, we'll see both the winner and the runner up again this autumn. It's rumoured a brand new downtown area will open up near Regras Gorge. Of course TSZ will broadcast about what happens to these two in the new place. That's one thing to look forward to, now this series of Sim Brother is completely over.

One Final Summary

The series, in which John, Alyssa, Steve, Martha, Tiger, Condoleezza, Arnold and Bjork played the important roles, in a brand new location in Regras Gorge. Nobody left until they were evicted, or won. A lot of things happened. If you forgot the details, you can always watch the re-runs of all show, on-demand at any time you like. But here's a short overview:

On the first day all the housemates entered - in different cars, even a police car for Martha. She's been a little bit of an outcast during the entire series. Remember her obsession for orange - especially marmalade?

The first full week was filled with politics. John and Alyssa were candidate presidents, of which John was (again) the winner. It was also the week where Philip was introduced as house psychologyst, and psycho-analyst. The housemates did not particularly like this new Sim Brother.

After week 2 we showed you some charming shots, but most important that week was the weekly challenge. Gazing stars was what the housemates had to do. They successfully passed this task, and were given a telescope. One they didn't use too much during the rest of the series. Other than that, Bjork was the first evictee of the still fresh series, after John - the president for a week - decided to nominate everyone in the house, except the Sim Brother Crew.

During the third week John and Alyssa were again in a competition. This time Alyssa won, as the last woman standing. A task which returns every series, but at an unknown time or day. They also had to train their creativity a bit, by painting portraits of each other. As they failed this task, they had to eat mush for a week. Arnold was nominated and evicted, and Condi, as she was nicknamed, went a little crazy. Not in Philly's eyes, but she did in the eyes of many of us.

That crazyness may have got her evicted after another week. Of 50 days, day 25 is the middle one. That falls in the fourth week, at which Sim Brother gave the housemates party. Some of them had just been inmates, others officers, and John was trustee during the Sim Brother Penitentiary task. And again Alyssa and John were up against each other in a pool championship. They had to play a match against each other, which Alyssa won again. She got the spa and some champagne for a day, with her team. Two of the Nominees' team, Alyssa and Steve, took their relationship to the "final level" as Sim Brother put it.

In week 5 the morning show "Good Morning, Simerica" pulled the main attention for the housemates. The five who were left had to prepare a full show for the morning. Tiger, who put some work in his "Let's Kick Bag" item, which turned out to be the most popular item of the show, was evicted at the end of the week. Either way, another task was succesfully passed.

Week 6 had some kids in it, Emily and Erin. A task all the four housemates liked, and so easily passed as well. Still four anyway, as Martha would be the last regular eviction. Alyssa, John and Steve would be the final three. The final Sim Brother poll was posted, and you could start voting for your winner of Sim Brother.

And then we have this week. Dicussed above. Steve got stuck and after being released, he was told to get out of the house completely. Alyssa and John were up for their final competition against each other, the biggest of them all. John won. Thanks to you. And the task? Well, the Plumb Bob Black Pants succeeded in making a song. Three interviews by Will Wright in two days. He must've been busy.

The End

And there we have it. The new blood has become a crust, and the fourth series of Sim Brother at TSZ is over. You've been able to enjoy 50 more days of Sim Brother, which brought more controversy, evictions, and marmalade. We hope you enjoyed it, and judging from the amount of votes, you did. You've seen the thank-yous from Andy, but my thanks go out to:

  • Andy of course, as being the main Sim Brother, staying up far too long to get reports done. Without him there would've never been any Sim Brother series at TSZ, and he's now already managed to get four of them done. Thanks too for the outtakes for Cat's Eyes 4.
  • Will Wright for allowing me to interview in February, and for the soundbytes recorded during that interview. Oh, and for coming up with the Sims of course. Without that, The Sims Zone wouldn't have even existed, nor would Sim Brother.
  • The TSZ Team who has put their effort in the series too by providing content, ideas, and more, as well as for their continuous effort in TSZ - whether in the background or foreground.
  • Everybody else who has supported Sim Brother here at TSZ, whether this series or any of the previous ones.
  • You for deciding.

I also want to wish anybody else who attempts to run their own Sim Brother series - their first or not - good luck in doing so. Be creative and original, and it'll be fun for you and any viewers.

Who knows, maybe we'll be back some time... nothing's known at this point, but if there is we'll let you know at TSZ.

For the last time: goodnight. This was Cat's Eyes... and Sim Brother.



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