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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 3 (Sunday 15 April 2007)
Easter Revisited
Raw Fish & Juggling

It's Day 3 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the housemates were given their first task where they had to reach a certain level of fitness. To help them do this, two assault courses were provided in the garden. Trisha was appointed as task leader and assigned Mia and Harry as trainers. Because Snoop missed the task assignment, the fitness level that they had to achieve was raised. Should the housemates fail the task, Snoop and Trisha would immediately face the public vote.

9.47am - Most of the housemates are still asleep. Harry is in the garden playing catch with Mia, warming up for training. Britney is in the kitchen with Trisha demonstrating her juggling skills.

Britney - See? I'm really quite good. Perhaps I should become a professional juggler when I leave here.
Trisha - Err ... yes, Britney, you're good but could you perhaps juggle with something that isn't breakable? I don't know if Sim Brother would take kindly to you breaking anything from the fridge.

11.01am - All of the housemates are now up. Hilary is having a bath. Johnny and Gordon are in the lounge talking about foreign cuisine.

Johnny - I've really been into cooking from other countries. I've tried Thai cuisine but I hear Simoan cooking is really good too.
Gordon - You're ****ing right there. Simoan cooking is the dog's b****cks. I know a recipe for Raw Fish in Coconut Cream, which is a typical Simoan recipe. I should try it out.
Johnny - Would the fish in the pond be suitable?
Gordon - Definitely. I'll just have to hassle Sim Brother to get some proper condiments and other ingredients and that will be an awesome meal.

A Royal Role

1.35pm - Gordon & Johnny are fishing. Harry is training Hilary in the task area. Yesterday, Harry and Hilary were among many of the housemates who took no interest in the task.

Harry - That's great, you're doing really well.
Hilary (struggling) - This is not what I signed up for when I came here. Is it really this bad in the army?
Harry - Much worse. You should see the assault course in Simhurst Academy.
Hilary - So why did you become a soldier? Your Uncle Eddie makes movies. You could have done that, couldn't you?
Harry - Because I wanted to. I had a choice and I chose the army. I could have had an easy option but I have insisted that when my unit goes overseas to fight, I am going with them and face the enemy like they have to.
Hilary - That's really brave.
Harry - Part of the job. Also, John Wayne said that courage is being scared witless but saddling up anyway. Now, come on, a few more circuits and you should be good.

Britney's Request

5.12pm - Britney comes to the diary room.

Britney - Hi, Sim Brother.
Sim Brother (HM) - Hello, Britney. How are you today?
Britney - I'm really good, thanks. I was just thinking. Can we have a party? We haven't had one since we got here and I think a theme party would be cool.
SB - Sim Brother has noted your request. Are you enjoying being in the house this time?
Britney - It's cool. I like the other housemates. Ok, so I don't know some as well as others but I'll get around to getting to know them.
SB - Are you enjoying the task?
Britney - Well .... kinda. I haven't got around to training yet. I promise I'll do it tomorrow, ok?

Of Eggs, Bunnies & Tails

7.00pm - It is raining. Gordon is still fishing. Today, he has caught one largemouth bass and four boots. Mia is in the bath, Gordon is outside fishing in the pouring rain, having caught four boots and only one largemouth bass.

Sim Brother (HM) - This is Sim Brother. Once again, Sim Brother would like to apologise for having kept housemates waiting for an extra week for this series to commence due to matters outside our control. Because of this, Sim Brother is giving you an Easter Party that will run from 8pm. Housemates will all go to the bedroom to change into costume and seasonal food will be made available.

8.02pm - The housemates are all dressed up as Easter bunnies. Sim Brother has provided a bowl of Easter Eggs, a Punch Bowl and various other party treats for the housemates. The housemates have mixed opinions about their costumes.

Snoop - Dressing up as a bunny is so not cool, the Doggfather has been made to look like a fool.
Trisha - Stop being a misery, Snoop. It's a party. Get into the spirit of things.

9.25pm - The party is in full swing. Music has been provided and housemates are enjoying themselves.

Hilary - Can anyone tell me why we have Easter eggs and Easter bunnies?
Mia - It's a pagan thing. So I read, the goddess Eostre found a bird whose wings had frozen in the winter. To save it, she turned it into a bunny. As birds lay eggs, that's why Eostre's bunny - or the "Easter Bunny" - lays eggs.
Hilary - Wow, I never knew that.

Director's Note: Nor did I until I looked it up.

11.18pm - Harry is drinking from the tap. Hilary has already had five cups of punch. She is chatting with Johnny.

Hilary - You look so cute as a bunny.
Johnny - Thankyou. I try to be versatile.
Hilary (winking) - Can I play with your tail?
Johnny - It depends what tail you have in mind.
Hilary (giggling) - As if you need to know.
Johnny - Did you just squeeze my-?
Hilary - Mmmhmmm.
Johnny - And what are you going to do next?

The housemates have one day to complete the task, after which they will be assessed. If they fail, Snoop and Trisha automatically face the public vote, plus two people who Trisha feels let the team down. If the housemates pass, they all get to make their first round of nominations.


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