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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 4 (Monday 16 April 2007)

It's Day 4 in the Sim Brother house. Last night, the housemates had a belated Easter party with bunny suits, easter eggs, punch and party treats. The living area is very untidy and overnight has become infested with cockroaches. The housemates have the whole of the day to complete their task. Britney, Gordon and Johnny have not reached the required level of physical training and must complete it today. However, there is a problem.

9.53am - All of the housemates appear to have come down with a mysterious ailment, which is believed to be linked to the state of cleanliness of the lounge. All of the housemates are instructed to return to the bedroom.

Sim Brother (AT) - This is Sim Brother. Due to this sudden epidemic of Bug Flu, the Sim Brother housemates have been quarantined. Access has been provided between the bedroom and the bathroom. The doors from the bathroom and bedroom to the rest of the house have been locked. In the rest of the house, automated cleaning services are operational. You will remain in the bedroom until further notice. Task evaluation is postponed.
Gordon (coughing) - Big ******g deal, we're dying in here.


12.13pm - In the lounge, the CleanBot has done its work sterilising and cleaning the lounge but is still active for anything that may develop.

In the bedroom, most of the housemates are asleep or relaxing. Gordon is reading in bed. Johnny, who is sporting one of his many hats, is in the bathroom cleaning the showers.


3.52pm - Trisha and Hilary appear to have some level of strength back and are having a pillow fight in the bathroom. Harry appears to be attracted to one of the other housemates. Gordon is in bed daydreaming about other housemates. Britney and Snoop are talking about a future project.

Britney - We could do a remake of an old classic. We could do an up-beat rap remix.
Snoop - More a downbeat c**p remix. You're cool but the idea stinks more than how I am feeling from this damn bug.
Britney - At least sleep on the idea.
Snoop - I could sleep for a thousand years. The idea would still stink.
Britney - Awww, Snoopy. Just think about it?

8.09pm - Most of the housemates are asleep again. Sim Brother has managed to place the pool table in the bedroom. Mia and Snoop are having a game.

Mia - I don't know what Sim Brother is thinking about. They should get a doctor in to see to us.
Snoop - I'm in a mood as I need some food.
Mia - I know we left the lounge in a state but I don't think quarantining us has been the best idea they have ever had.
Snoop - Fo' shizzle, Mizzle.
Mia - Excuse me?

Feeding Time

9.11pm - A lot of the housemates are getting hungry.

Sim Brother (AT) - This is Sim Brother. Pizza and Chinese takeout have been made available in the bathroom area. It is stressed that in the interests of your own health and safety, you dispose of empty packaging in the waste bins that have also been provided.

Johnny and Trisha are the first housemates to have some food.

Johnny - Chinese takeout and pizza. All we need are a six pack of beer and a DVD to watch.
Trisha - I'm having this and then I'm straight back to bed. I wish we could shake this bug as quickly as they can deliver this food.
Johnny - Mmm ... pepperoni.

11.29pm - The housemates are all congregated in the bathroom. They have been eating the fast food, having pillowfights, playing kickbag and generally unwinding.

Sim Brother (AT) - This is Sim Brother. None of you have yet been cleared of being infected. However, from 6am, the doors are opened to the rest of the house and gardens. The task will be assessed at 12 noon. It is recommended that you get as much rest as possible in order to be prepared.

Behind the Camera

Please believe me when I tell you that today was not planned. This is a classic example of the house deciding what the plot is going to be and my having to work from it.

Although it looked as though one of the housemates may have become a victim of "death by flies" at one stage, fortunately none of the housemates died although six did have nervous breakdowns from seeing cockroaches. Trisha was the first one to start coughing and that in turn spread around the others. Gordon and finally Britney were the last two housemates to catch Insectoid Influenza or "Bug Flu".

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed in the Sim Brother house tomorrow.


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