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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 5 (Tuesday 17 April 2007)
Results and Recriminations
A Busy Morning

7.07am - It is Day 5 in the Sim Brother house. 67 minutes ago, Sim Brother suspended the quarantine and unlocked the doors from the bedroom and bathroom to the living room. From here, the housemates can also access the garden through the front and back doors.

Gordon and Hilary are the first housemates up. Gordon has just finished a group serving of cheese pancakes for the house and serves his first one to Hilary.

Gordon - There you go, it'll put hairs on your chest.
Hilary - I hope you don't mean that literally, Gordon. That would be so gross, but these do smell delicious. Thanks.

9.11am - Most of the housemates are up. The housemates will be assessed for the task in under three hours. Johnny, Gordon and Britney still need to reach the required level for the group to succeed. Johnny and Gordon have just started training with Harry and Mia. Britney has just got up and has come into the lounge.

Britney - Hey, everyone. Will those guys be long out there?
Trisha - They've just started.
Britney - Awww, that's not fair. I need to get trained.
Hilary - I'm sure Mia or Harry will train you if you ask them once one of them has finished.
Britney - Can't you make them hurry up?
Trisha - Hey, I'm just the leader. I'm not a physical fitness trainer. Anyway, you had all weekend to train.
Britney - It's not fair.

10.48am - Gordon has reached the required standard of fitness and he returns to the house to shower. Britney has changed into her tracksuit and has just rushed to the assault course.

Britney - Mia, you must train me now. We'll fail the task otherwise.
Mia - Whatever you say, honey. I just think you are cutting it close. I'll do my best.
11.18am - Johnny also reaches the required standard of fitness. Gordon and Trisha are looking out over the assault course.

Gordon - If she makes it, it'll be a ****ing miracle.
Trisha - Do you think she will be anywhere near?
Gordon - Close, but close won't be good enough.

12.00pm - Britney is still training with Mia. A claxxon sounds.


Sim Brother (C) - This is Sim Brother. The task is now finished. All housemates will immediately assemble in the boardroom.
Britney (wailing) - Nooo!! I was sooo close.
Mia - The game is over, Britney. We'd better do what he says.

Back to the Boardroom

12.32pm - All of the housemates are assembled in the boardroom as instructed.

Sim Brother - This is Sim Brother. Gordon, Harry, Hilary, Johnny, Mia, Snoop and Trisha. In the allocated time, you have all reached the required Level 4 physical standard that was required by Sim Brother for this task. You all carried out the task with training as per the instructions.
Mia - We did really well, guys.
Gordon - However ...
SB - However, Britney, you did not reach the required Level 4 physical standard that was required in the allocated time. Therefore, the housemates have failed the task.

There is a long pause.

SB - As Project Leader, Trisha will be facing the public vote. Also, by virtue of the task being failed, Snoop is also facing the public vote.
Snoop - Awww, shoot. I did what I had to do and I'm still on the list.
Trisha - Oh well, that's the price of failure in here.
Britney - I'm sorry, guys. I'll be sorry to see you or Snoop go.

There is another long pause.

SB - Trisha, as project leader, your final responsibility is to publicly nominate two other housemates from the remaining six who you feel share the responsibility for the task failure.
Trisha - That's a bit harsh.
SB - If you do not comply with this, all eight of you will be facing the public vote. Please let Sim Brother know when you have made your choice.


12.40am - The housemates are in the boardroom looking at how they failed.

Trisha - The decision is ultimately mine but I am going to go around the room. That's so you can tell me why I shouldn't pick you or who you think I should. Mia, you were my head trainer. What went wrong?
Mia - I believe I did my best. I trained up anyone who came to me for training. I trained you, Snoop and Gordon and did my best for Britney.
Britney - You should have been quicker with Gordon.
Gordon - Don't bring me into this. I finished my training. If Snoop had got off his boney backside on Saturday, we might all have finished as the bar wouldn't have been raised.

Snoop - Yo, my bad, and I'm paying for that. If the homies out there think I'm the bogeyman, then I'm Evictee Number One, fo' shizzle. I got off my butt and trained with Mia, who I'll say did a lot more work than Harry boy.
Harry - Now, that's just not fair. I admit I was a slow starter but I did train Hilary and Johnny to the required standards. I might have done a better job than Mia if Johnny had finished sooner.
Johnny - Thanks, dude. I went as fast as I could-
Britney - You should have started earlier!
Johnny - Let me finish, please. Perhaps if Harry had been a better trainer, I may have finished sooner. What matters is that we all didn't finish soon enough. I think Harry's mind was elsewhere.

Hilary - Hey, c'mon, guys. That's so not true. Harry is a wonderful trainer and he did a great job with me on Sunday. I reached the required level of fitness and I have Harry to thank for that.
Britney - I wonder what sort of job, Hilary. Harry and Mia didn't do a good enough job training the rest of us, that's how I see it. Trisha, you didn't do a good enough job motivating us and Snoop, you made it harder for us all. I was just unlucky in not finishing on time.
Trisha - You've all had your say. Now it's my turn. I admit I could have done a better job as being a Project Manager. I could have kicked your backsides more but I had hoped you would pull together more as a team and not need motivating. I have two people to pick who I feel share responsibility in the task's failure. It's not an easy choice. Sim Brother, I'm ready for you.

Trisha's Choice

Sim Brother - Hello, Trisha. Could you please give me the name of the first team member who you feel shares responsibility for the task failure.
Trisha - That team member is Harry. Harry, you could have pulled your weight more from Saturday, but you didn't. Instead, you cleaned the house and did a good job. However, someone else could have done that. I am sorry but I hope you understand.
Harry - I suppose so. I didn't follow orders and failed to reach the objective.
SB - Could you now give me the name of the second team member?
Trisha - That team member is Britney. Britney, you showed a total lack of commitment to the task and that was shown by your waiting until the last minute to start your training. Do you understand?
Britney - NO! It's not fair. I was sick, I needed my sleep, those guys should have let me go first. I don't agree.
SB - Thankyou, Trisha. Therefore, effective immediately, the four nominations in alphabetical order are ...

Britney .............. Harry .............. Snoop .............. Trisha

SB - Housemates may now leave the boardroom.

The Burden of Responsibility

10.33pm - Since the boardroom meeting, the housemates have been keeping themselves to themselves and continuing trying to recover from the Bug Flu. They have only been together when they have needed to be. Sim Brother has called Trisha to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (AT) - Hello, Trisha. How are you feeling following this afternoon's meeting?
Trisha - Devastated. I didn't like what you made me do but I knew I had to do it.
SB - Do you regret the choices that you made?
Trisha - I wouldn't change them if that is what you mean. I just feel bad about doing it. I guess this is how it is going to be now if we goof.
SB - Sim Brother has changed the formula somewhat. What is your opinion on these changes?
Trisha - Can I leave the Diary Room now, please? I'd like to go to bed.
SB - The door is open, Trisha. Goodnight.

One of the four will be leaving the house on Friday night. The Poll is now open. You will be allowed to vote once every eight hours. The polls will close at midnight on Friday night.

Who goes?

The decision is yours.


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