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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 6 (Wednesday 18 April 2007)
Betting, Bubbles & Bass
Let's Do It!

Being apart from your loved ones and being taken away from your usual routine is stressful at the best of times. To be thrown together with a group of strangers can make it all a heckuvalot worse. Sometimes they need some friendly advice, sometimes they need a 1-1 chat in the Diary Room, sometimes they need a kick up their derrieres. That's where I come in. I'm Dr. Phil and I'm getting psychological.

Let's do it!

Getting Psychological

Today, we're looking at the eight housemates and what I see to be their real game from the first five days.

Britney is no stranger to Sim Brother. She's come back for a second helping and to try and tackle what is said to be a "commitment problem". Until yesterday, she was playing a very clever game by making the menfolk notice that she's there. Her mistake was not showing commitment to the task and failing it. That's what got her nominated. Had they passed the task, I am quite sure she would not be facing the public vote this week. This girl could win ... but I doubt it.

Gordon knows an army marches on its stomach and his cooking is very popular. This is not enough, though. By being in the kitchen or fishing by the lake, he is not out there mingling and networking. Also, he's not showing himself to be a team player. This could work against him. Had they succeeded in the task, I am quite sure Gordon would be facing the public vote. However, I don't think he'd really care.

Harry is a slow starter and has not made any alliances. Being the 3rd-in-line to the throne is not seeming to have much effect. I had been expecting something with Harry and Hilary but he hasn't followed it up. If he doesn't start advancing, he'll find that everyone has left him behind. The fact he is up for the public vote is no surprise. Had it been normal nominations, I am sure he would have still been facing them. If he survives this week, he'll need to turn himself around and push forward if he intends to at least last much longer.

Hilary is using her charm, youthfulness and enthusiasm to get ahead. She's keeping her options open and although somewhat flirtatious, she's not tying herself down or making any waves. This makes her the most popular girl in the house and second most popular housemate overall. If she keeps using these tactics, she could go quite a long way indeed. This girl could win.

Johnny is the most popular housemate overall, but it is early days. He is another slow starter but he is making progress. Although not really the ladies' man yet, he's making friends with both the guys and the girls. His survival this week is secure, although this may only be temporary. As Hilary seems to have an interest in him, this could develop into a partnership of sorts to secure their survival for another week. His quiet charm could make him last a long way. This guy could win.

Mia is a woman who is here on a mission to publicise the WUSA and their need for funds. This is very commendable but she took her time before she started networking with the other housemates. Going under the radar can be a clever thing to do, but also can be quite risky. To get through in the house, you need friends. Mia is just starting to make friends with Gordon and Trisha but comes across as the least popular woman. I cannot see her lasting much longer.

Snoop is quite the ladies' man and without even trying. However, he's not quite made an impression with the guys. Personally, I don't think he's tried and they could see him as a threat. If he can surround himself with a harem, he feels he is safe. From my analysis, he comes across as a very popular housemate but with enough non-fans to be facing the vote had it been a normal week. His charm should keep him in for a while longer. This guy could win.

Trisha is the oldest of the housemates. I don't think she'd like reminding of that, though. Being the captain for the first task was a role she did not take to as in the end as her leadership style was not strong enough and they failed. However, as the house mother, she is very popular across the board. If she survives this week's eviction, she could be lucky enough to last quite a while indeed.

It's not for me to say who will go this week. That's for you to decide, but I'll be back later on to tell you the word from the outside. To help you with your decisions, let's see what has been going on in the house in the past 24 hours.


6.00am - It's Day 6 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the housemates failed the task. Britney, Harry, Snoop and Trisha now face the public vote. The assault courses have been removed overnight and replaced with a new structure.

Sim Brother (HM) - This is Sim Brother. All housemates will immediately assemble in the garden.
Britney - It's too early.
Snoop - It can't be that standy-up thing they keep doing.
Trisha - I don't think I can handle another task so soon.

6.12am - Housemates are gathered around the new structure.

Sim Brother (HM) - Housemates, in order to deal with the Insectoid Influenza Virus that you are all still suffering from, the Eyam Medical Foundation has provided eight of their Lanske Isolation Bubbles ©. Each of you will stay in one of the self-contained bubbles until the biofeedback sensors inform us you are cured. Each of you take a bubble now.
Johnny - This is spooking me out.
Harry - Can't a man get any privacy?
SB - Access to the central bubble is controlled by Sim Brother. Only one of you can be in there at a time. All doors to the other bubbles will be magnetically sealed. All sound is conveyed to the other bubbles and outside unless Sim Brother decides otherwise. While in your bubbles, you will rest and not engage in any strenuous activity.
Gordon - I've got no plans to do that.
SB - When biofeedback sensors report a housemate is cured, that housemate can return immediately to the house.

6.15am - Housemates have been in their individual Lanske Isolation Bubbles for one minute.

Britney - Sim Brother, I want to be in another bubble. I don't want to have to look at Trisha.
SB - Sweetheart, the feeling is mutual.
Johnny - I stink. I need a shower.
Harry - You don't say?
SB - Johnny, the white door from your bubble to the sanitation bubble is now unlocked.
Johnny - Thanks!
Harry - Can I go next, Sim Brother?
SB - Sim Brother will get back to you, Harry.
Harry - Thanks awfully.

6.32am - Johnny is in the shower. Sim Brother is giving further details about the bubbles.

SB - Housemates will notice coloured tiles in the middle of the floor of each bubble. These are the biofeedback sensors and indicate whether you are infected or have been cured.
Hilary - Sim Brother, what does green mean?
SB - This means that you are well again, Hilary. The red door to your bubble is now unlocked. You are free to leave.
Hilary - Yay!
Britney - Can I have Hilary's bubble now she's gone?
SB - No.

8.14am - Seven of the housemates have now been in the bubbles for two hours. Gordon is asleep but his biofeedback tile has turned green indicating he is also healthy again and free to leave when he wakes up. Hilary has fed the fish, cleaned the tank, watched them for a while and is now asleep in the bedroom in the house.

Outside the House

Dr. Phil here again. We're taking a break from the house to find out the word in the neighborhood about the interest in this eviction and to see if we can get a few hints about who is currently expected to be leaving the Sim Brother house on Friday. Corfield is the nearest large town to Simpleton Magnus and we are on the line to Edwin Hoyle, who is the manager of the Corfield branch of Simbrokes Bookmakers.

Dr. Phil - Good morning, Edwin.
Edwin - Good morning, Dr. Phil. I hope that this series will be as good for our takings as the last time.
Dr. Phil - You should know I'm not a betting man, but what can you tell us about the odds on our first round of evictions?
Edwin - If you're expecting the red housemate to be out of the door this week, we will gratefully receive your money. However, you are unlikely to get it back. This housemate is an outsider and betting is currently at 25-1. It looks like he is staying.
Dr. Phil - So is there a clear favourite to go?
Edwin - At this stage, most definitely. One of the other housemates is 7-2 ON to leave. Over two thirds of the bets have been on this one to leave. The other two are on 13-2 to go, which looks unlikely.
Dr. Phil - We know you cannot tell us who it is, but can you give us a clue?
Edwin - It is one of the two females who are currently at the mercy of the public.
Dr. Phil - So that's Britney or Trisha.
Edwin - Simbrokes originally had odds of 2-1 on all housemates when our shop opened this morning. With the sudden rush of bets on this housemate, we expect to make a loss. However, we must point out that it is early days. This housemate could Leo it and walk on the day of the eviction therefore making another housemate have to be the one to face Will.
Dr. Phil - Is that a possibility?
Edwin - You know Sim Brother better than I do, Dr. Phil. Anything is possible. This Bug Flu epidemic was completely unexpected. Simbrokes have been following the live feed and knowing two of your housemates are already healthy, we're putting 4-1 on four of them to be sickest the longest. 2-1 on Britney and 6-1 on Trisha. We think Trisha will recover the soonest. Would you like to put a bet on?
Dr. Phil - I bet I will make more money from my latest book entitled Dr. Phil Does Dallas.
Edwin - I don't even want to think what it is about, Dr. Phil?
Dr. Phil - You'll have to buy a copy to find out. §25 from all good bookstores and from www.drphilstore.com. Thankyou for your time, Edwin.
Edwin - You are most welcome, Dr.Phil.

It's 11.52am. Let's go back to the house.

Slow Recovery

Trisha has been daydreaming about Britney. It is not clear whether she is wondering about whether she made the right thing decision or that she does not want to look at her. Britney is asleep in bed dreaming about Mia. Again, the details of her dream are not clear. Britney's biofeedback sensor has just turned turned green. When she is awake, she is free to return to the house.

1.08pm - Gordon has woken up, seen the biofeedback colour, found the door is open and is now returning to the house.

2.11pm - Britney has also woken up and has left her bubble and is heading towards the swimming pool.

Gordon's Opinions

3.35pm - Outside of the bubbles, Hilary has made herself something to eat. Britney is still swimming and coming close to reaching the required standard ... 28 hours late. Gordon has been called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (P) - Hey, Gordon, how are things?
Gordon - Not as ****ing c**p as I was yesterday, if you really want to know.
SB - Would you rather be back in your bubble?
Gordon - No way.
SB - What are your thoughts about this week's nominations?
Gordon (shrugs) - Britney has just swanned around here doing nothing. Good choice, Trisha. Snoop is full of himself. Well done, Sim Brother. When it comes to Harry and Trisha, I think they deserve to be here a while longer. I like them.

Bass Fishing by G.J.Ramsay

4.07pm - Gordon and Hilary have been fishing for 30 minutes. Britney is still swimming in the pool. It has just started raining.

Hilary - Awww, it's raining. I was just starting to have fun too.
Gordon - Don't be so soft, Hils. I'm not letting the rain stop me. Water hasn't stopped these fish from swimming. I feel lucky.
Hilary - If you say so, but if I get too wet, I'm going in.

5.27pm - The rain has not stopped. Britney is now fishing as well. Gordon and Hilary have now been fishing for almost two hours. Finally, Gordon has landed a big catch.

Gordon - See? What did I tell you? All that waiting is bound to pay off.
Britney - What are you going to do with it?
Gordon - Cook it, probably.
Hilary - I think it would look cool on the wall.

6.21pm - It is still raining. Hilary has now caught her first fish and is pleased.

Hilary - Hey, I caught one, I caught one!
Gordon - Well done. It will go well with my last one.
Hilary - It has such sad eyes, though. Perhaps I should throw it back.
Gordon - In the movie series "Jaws", did any of the sharks go "Awww, that girl has such a nice face, I don't think I'll eat her after all". No way. Consider this to be payback for Jaws and all of the sequels.

Cooking with Hilary

9.37pm - Hilary is preparing her bass to serve up to the house. The rain has finally stopped and there are clear skies shining over the Sim Brother house. Britney has been fishing for four hours. Although she has caught a boot, which she hopes it not a premonition, it has taken her until now to finally catch a fish.

A Chef Impressed

11.42pm - Gordon has finally stopped fishing and come into the house. Today, he has caught two Largemouth Bass, two Jumbo Largemouth Bass, one Catfish and a Jumbo Catfish. He sits down and eats the fish dinner that Hilary has prepared.

Gordon - Either my tastebuds are dead or you are a genius. This is delicious.
Hilary - Awww, you're just saying that, Gordon.
Gordon - I'm serious. Which kitchen did you train in to learn this?
Hilary - My mom's. It's one of her old recipes.
Gordon - Well, she'd better guard her recipe or I'm going to be marketing this. I'm impressed.

This is just to remind you that polls are open for this week's nominations. Use it or lose it, it's your call.

Behind the Camera

As this Bug Flu has been slowing down the series, I decided a radical cure was in order. It was the suggestion of my good friend Jamie Lanske that I put the housemates in bubbles to prevent them reinfecting each other. Thanks, Smoo.


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