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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 7 (Thursday 19 April 2007)
How does your garden grow?
Good Samaritans

It is the early hours of Day 7 in the Sim Brother house. Five of the housemates are still contained in a special bubble complex in order to help them recover from the Insectoid Influenza that has gone through the house. Three of the housemates - Britney, Gordon, Hilary - were yesterday all given clean bills of health and were allowed to leave their bubbles.

1.28am - Hilary and Britney come to the diary room. Britney starts jumping up and down on the couch.

Sim Brother (AT) - Hello, girls. Britney, why are you jumping up and down on the couch?
Britney (jumping) - Because I want to.
Hilary - Sim Brother, I was wondering if some of the other guys in the bubbles could have the leftovers from dinner?
SB - That is a very generous idea, Hilary. Sim Brother will see that three of the five still in the bubbles get the meals.
Hilary - Can't it be shared around among all of them?
SB - Unfortunately not, Hilary. Which three housemates would you like to help feed?
Hilary - Awww, that's harsh. Snoop, Mia and Johnny would be the three I'd like to see back out.
SB - Sim Brother will see that they get your leftovers. Thankyou, Hilary ... and please get down, Britney.

2.01am - The remaining five housemates still have red biofeedback readings in their own bubbles. They have now been in the bubbles for approximately 20 hours. Sim Brother delivers the meals to the lucky housemates.

Snoop - Mmmmm, this is delizzicious. My compliments to da chizzle.
SB - Sim Brother will pass on that message, Snoop.

Recovery & Reconciliation

2.53am - Trisha & Johnny are asleep. Their biofeedback sensors have turned green. Sim Brother has unlocked the doors to their bubbles. Britney is in the house playing pool. Gordon and Hilary are hanging out in the back garden.

Hilary - I don't mind the cities. There is plenty to do there. All these different shops and stores and restaurants and bars and other places to go.
Gordon - Villages and small towns have more charm when you spend long enough in them. I came from a city but I've seen a lot of this land of ours.

4.00am - Johnny and Trisha are now awake. Johnny has been out of the bubbles for 10 minutes and has chosen to go fishing. Trisha is now just leaving and heading back towards the house.

Due to the improving health of the housemates, Sim Brother is systematically dismantling the bubbles although the walls are being left up. Only three of the original eight housemates remain in the bubbles.

Britney meets Trisha in the garden.

Trisha - Hello, Britney.
Britney - Hi, Trisha. I'm glad you're better. I've been thinking. I've been a bit mean towards you.
Trisha - Just a bit.
Britney - You had to pick someone and I guess I was someone who hadn't done as well as the others.
Trisha - That was all it was. It was nothing personal.

4.50am - Only one biofeedback sensor is still red and that is in Harry's bubble. Both Mia and Snoop have left their bubbles. Mia is heading towards the lake to go fishing and Snoop is heading into the house to use the toilet and fix his image.

5.56am - The final biofeedback sensor turns green. Sim Brother turns the light on.

SB - Harry, this is Sim Brother. Please get up and rejoin your fellow housemates.
Harry (murmuring) - Let me sleep.
SB - You may sleep in the bedroom in the house, Harry. Please get up.
Harry (still murmuring) - Ok, ok. I was just having a good dream too about shoes.

More than friends?

9.26am - Trisha and Snoop have come to the diary room.

Sim Brother (C) - Hello, Trisha. Hello, Snoop.
Trisha - Hello, Sim Brother.
Snoop - Yo, Sim Brizzle.
SB - Ermm ... yes. How are you both feeling?
Trisha - A lot better, thankyou.
Snoop - As cool as a polar bear's cucumber, you get what I'm saying?

SB - Not quite. How are you both feeling about tomorrow?
Trisha - Apprehensive. I just hope I came across as doing my best.
Snoop (cuddling Trisha) - Don't sweat it, baby. What'll happen will happen.
Trisha - Calvin, I'm a married woman.
Snoop - Hey, I got my Sunday name. Anyway, who says anything will last?
Trisha - I suppose it could be fun seeing what happens.
SB - The diary room door is open.
Snoop - Then lock it again, Sim Brizzle. We do not want to be disturbed.
Trisha (giggling) - Just for a few minutes, Sim Brother
SB - As you wish.

Red Room, Green Garden

12.38am - Seven of the housemates are in the bedroom. The majority of them are sleeping. Johnny is taking a bath. They have been confined for the bedroom and bathroom for the past hour and 38 minutes.

Outside in the garden, Sim Brother has planted three arborial fruit trees and a large plot of prepared ground.

After the Fact

Dr. Phil here again. While the housemates wait to find out what Sim Brother has in store for them, I'm having a quick word with Andy, who is the Senior Director and one of the Sim Brothers wo is on duty here. Hey, Andy.
Andy - Hi, Dr.Phil.
Dr.Phil - How are you now feeling that the housemates are better?
Andy - Much better, thanks. This unscheduled 'flu really messed things up. A lot of what they were trying to do was interrupted by them stopping to cough and splutter. We could not contain it quickly enough and then all of them had been infected.
Dr.Phil - What caused it?

Andy - We thought originally it was some bad food that Trisha cooked in the early hours after the party. From checking over the tapes, we found that it was caused by an insect infestation caused from a pile of rubbish.
Dr.Phil - On Day 4, did quarantining them in the bedroom work at all?
Andy - Hardly. It only gave us chance to clean up the lounge. The task needed to be completed and I'm sorry for the housemates that they were still sick when they had to finish it.
Dr.Phil - Why was finishing the task so important?
Andy - There had to be nominations in some way or another this week.
Dr.Phil - Don't you usually hold off nominations? These guys barely know each other.

Andy - Yes, but although we will be seeing one housemate go on Friday night, there will be a new housemate coming in this weekend to replace them.
Dr.Phil - can you tell us who it is going to be?
Andy - It's an older guy and we reckon he might make waves. Other than that, you'll have to wait and see and no, Phil, I am not buying your latest book.
Dr.Phil - Getting back to the flu outbreak, how do you feel about the Lanske Isolation Bubbles ©?
Andy - Totally effective. Within 24 hours, all eight of the housemates had been cured. I would recommend the Eyam Medical Foundation and these bubbles to anyone with a plague or infection outbreak.

How does your garden grow?

2.15pm - All of the housemates are dressed and have been told to assemble in the garden. Many of them are curious about the newly prepared area.

Sim Brother (HM) - This is Sim Brother. Sim Brother has provided housemates with three fruit trees and five columns of vegetable plots. For those of you who are good at mental arithmetic, this makes eight items of gardening interest. Each of you will take responsibility for one of these while you are in the house. When you leave, you pass it onto someone else.
Hilary - So this isn't a task, Sim Brother?
SB - This will continue until the end of the season. Housemates are responsible for looking after their designated areas and doing their best to ensure the beauty of the Sim Brother garden.
Gordon - And what if one housemate has the responsibility for looking after almost all of the garden?
SB - Housemates are free to pass on parts of the garden that have been transferred to them. In the meantime, seeds are provided and there is compost in the bin behind the house.
Snoop - Yo, Sim Brizzle, are you going to tell us what we can expect weatherwise?
SB - Sim Brother will impart what information may be pertinent. For the forseeable future, the house will be enduring a summery climate. However, Simglish weather is known to change every few days.
Harry - You said it isn't a task. What if I don't want to look after my part of the garden?
SB - Neglect of household responsibilities is a punishable offence. Housemates have one hour to work out who is getting what.

3.58pm - Harry, Johnny and Hilary have taken the three trees - orange, apple and lemon respectively. Britney, Gordon, Mia, Snoop and Trisha have the vegetable rows in that order. Sim Brother has been informed, seeds and compost has been provided and the five housemates who have vegetable rows are preparing them. Harry, Johnny and Hilary have chosen to go fishing as their trees do not need any attention.

Snoop - Hey, Gizzordizzle, you're the food guy. What can you tell us about gardening?

Gordon - I'll take it you are referring to me. Preparing soil with fertiliser or compost helps your vegetables grow better, this is a good planting season for tomatoes and you shouldn't go crazy with watering or spraying. Other than that, I know **** all. I just know how to prepare and cook food instead of growing it.
Snoop - That's a big help, bro'.
Trisha - So we're all really on the same level here.
Mia - It seems that way.

Royal Fish

5.11pm - With the weather continuing to remain fine, Gordon is playing catch with Britney and Trisha and Snoop are having a pillow fight. Mia has chosen to go inside and is sat on one of the couches in the lounge. The other three are still fishing.

Harry - I don't get it. The fish always seem to be biting up in Scotland when we're fishing up there.
Johnny - Perhaps it is the life goal of those fish to be served up to royalty. The moment they see your hook, they are racing to be on it. Hup-la! I've just got one.
Harry - These fish must have the life goal to served up to celebrities, then.

Last Supper

11.28pm - Gordon has prepared a dish of blackened catfish, served up with courgettes and Icelandic cabbage and seasoned with Belgian ground black pepper. Several of the housemates do not appear to be focussed on what is in front of them. They know that this is the last supper that all of the original house will be at.

Tomorrow, one of these eight people will be gone. Voting is still going on and the decision as to who the first evictee will be is in your hands.


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