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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 32 (Monday 18 February 2002)
It's Party Time
Early In The Morning
Today's early bird was Davina and the others found her at 6:15 watering the garden.

Jerry got a good morning kiss from Anne and Jennifer came to the Diary Room. When Sim Brother asked how she was, she replied - "I am not looking forward to Wednesday Night, Sim Brother. I feel I still have a lot to offer the house and the show and I don't want to leave. I don't know what the public think about me and that is worrying me" After she left the diary room, she had breakfast and a chat with Tom.

Davina Cannot Wait
Jerry was not the only one to get attention from his "significant other" that morning. Tony got a flying hug. Davina was puzzled about why there was a party. She had asked if it was any of the housemates' birthdays but everyone drew a blank. Out of frustration, she came to the Diary Room - "C'mon, Sim Brother. What's the purpose of the party?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you" Davina - "Go on, you can give us a clue" SB - "Sim Brother will tell you later. If you and all the others can gather outside at 2pm, all will be revealed when the party is ready"

Davina gave up and did what she was told. They gathered around the fire for an hour until Sim Brother called them back into the house at 3pm.

The Party

"This is Sim Brother. You have now been in the house for a complete month. To celebrate this and also mark the birthday of the producer of TSZ Livestream, this party has been laid on. Enjoy yourselves."

The punchbowl proved to be very popular. It loosened tongues and got rid of certain restraints. Davina tickled Anna and Jennifer told Jerry that he was "the most wonderfully sexy person in the world", but he would hear nothing of it. She later chose to dance to "Who let the dogs out" on the Jukebox that Sim Brother had made available ... and Jerry received a really big kiss from Annie.
The punch loosened Tom's spirits and he jumped into Jerry's arms, showed Jerry that he could juggle and then gave him a hug. Anne saw him, got the wrong idea and slapped him. The party soon broke up after this.

By 10pm, everyone was well fed and the punchbowl was almost empty. Jerry was the last one up and cleared up. His relationship with Anne was developing nicely. He thought it was love but was that something wise to become involved in and stay objective?

Behind The Camera
The Netherlands Flag can be found at SimFreaks

And finally ... Happy Birthday, ChEeTaH :)


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