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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Britney's Eviction Night Special
Welcome to the Eviction Night Special

Will Wright - Oops, she did it again, you voted her out, right out of the game. Pardon the extremely bad parody of one of her songs, but it's basically true. You evicted her and now she's on her way here. Let's have a look at her last moments in the house.

Goodbye to the House

Sim Brother (A) - Britney, you have been evicted. Please leave the Sim Brother house.

Britney takes the news with a mixture of shock and acceptance but does not let that get in the way of her romantically hugging Snoop directly in front of Trisha.

Snoop - Take care.
Britney - I'll see you on the outside.

After this hug, she almost runs out of the door into the garden, up across the bridge and out of the open gate to face the bright lights and the media.

Britney - Ok, guys, take me any way you want me.

Following her moment for the media photographers, especially the ones from "Hot" magazine, she then slowed her pace and walked gradually from the doorway of the house into the studio, and here she is now. Please give a warm welcome to tonight's evictee .... Britney!

Welcome, Britney

Will Wright - Britney, it is a pleasure to meet you again.
Britney - Hi there, Will.
WW - I also must congratulate you on your dress. The last time, you left the house quite suddenly.
Britney - This time, I was able to prepare.
WW - You know I have to ask this. How does it feel to be out of the house?
Britney - I don't want to be here, Will. I want to be back in there.
WW - What do you reckon went wrong?
Britney - I screwed it all up, plain and simple.
WW (surprised) - Are you referring to the task?
Britney - Of course I am. I could have got off my butt and done something. I didn't. Trisha didn't like it, she nominated me. You guys didn't like it, so I'm here.
WW - Britney, you won't make any friends with that attitude.
Britney - I'm sorry, I'm just upset, I guess. I wanted to make a go of it this time.
WW - We understand.

Best Memories

WW - You seemed to have a mixed relationship with Trisha. Could you tell us more about that?
Britney - She just rattled me, I guess. She was no fun. I juggled and she just complained, Hilary sang to her and she complained. Then she gives us all 'flu and blames me for the task being failed?
WW - Didn't you just accept reponsibility yourself for that?
Britney - Did I? I can't remember too well.
WW - Who else in the house did you get on well with?
Britney - That would be Snoop and Hilary seemed quite nice as well.

WW - And what about Prince Harry?
Britney - No way at all. I was just not interested in him in the slightest and I'm pretty sure he wasn't interested in me.
WW - That's strange. What we managed to pick up from our thought analysis sensors said the opposite.
Britney - No way, Will. I was burnt once with his brother and there was no way I was going to get involved again with that family.
WW - Princess Britney does have a nice ring to it.
Britney - I'm already the Princess of Pop, Will.

WW - Did you enjoy your time in the house this time?
Britney - Being sick was not much fun and then being put in those bubbles was a pain.
WW - The directors of the series seemed to think they worked. Anyway, you weren't in long.
Britney - I felt that my liberty had been taken away. Part of me wants to find a good lawyer and take action.
WW - It's funny you should mention lawyers.
Britney - Oh?
WW - Nothing, just thinking out loud for a moment.

Future Plans

WW - Who would you like to see out next?
Britney - Trisha. She's just too nice.
WW - And who do you think should win?
Britney - Snoop. He's a great guy.

WW - And what is next for you? Back to recording a new album, living family life or trying something new?
Britney - I think I am ready to try something different.
WW - The TSZ Network does have a program idea that you might be interested in if you would look at the screen. It might help you get a corner of the Simlish market and make your trip here worthwhile.
Britney - I might just take your network up on that. Thankyou, Will.
WW - And thankyou for being a good housemate, Britney.

And finally ...
Thankyou for joining us for our first eviction night special and we hope you enjoyed the show.

We will be back with our usual nightly show tomorrow where Sim Brother has a new task and a new housemate to stir up the mix. Goodnight.


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