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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Cat's Eyes 1 - Welcome Back
Welcome Back!
Hello, and welcome back. A new series of Sim Brother has started, the fifth already, and so Cat's Eyes is back again as well. Taking a different look at the show from week to week, checking out and analysing what has happened and where things might go. Just like last year we'll get an extra peek at the lives of the contestants in the famous house. This time we meet Gordon, Hilary, Snoop, Britney, Johnny, Trisha, Harry, Mia, and a yet unknown person who has been reported to enter the house soon. Welcome to a new series of
Sim Brother V - Cat's Eyes

The Entrance

We're playing at day nine now. The start of the series was delayed by a week due to technical issues, and the housemates had been held apart so they would not be able to contact each other in any way. They were not allowed to know any of the other contestants yet, until the actual first day in the house. This time there weren't any cars pulling up front of the house, but a special prepared helipad would be the locations where the eight touched the Sim Brother soil. So who are we meeting this year?

From left to right: Gordon, Hilary, Snoop, Britney, Johnny, Trisha, Harry, Mia

Hilary seems to be more excited about her new hair colour than actually being in Sim Brother. She probably doesn't know what being part of Sim Brother actually means, and what SB has in store for the housemates. She'll be in for a treat with all the challenges the men behind the cameras usually have prepared.

Snoop came in second, but who knows how soon he goes? His attitude towards "Sim Brizzle" may bring him in trouble, as we have already seen the past week. He says he'll be chilling inside the house, but he may fail that task as Sim Brother has many other plans for the 50 days of the show.

Mia is the third housemate this year. A true competitor, with her history in sports. She's in to win, but that may upset the rest of the house resulting in bonus nominations. Perhaps she's just trying too hard?

Gordon may be fourth to enter, he might be forced to leave just as easily. His cooking skills may be up to par, so he has a way to bribe the housemates from nominating him, but his swearing might offend either viewers or the directors of the show. Consequences from the big boss may cause him more trouble than he wants.

Trisha, entering as fifth, seems to be in to get material for her own show, as we heard when she entered the house. She doesn't expect to win, and so she won't be fighting over the trophy enough to actually make it to the end. Besides, being a gossip may not help in the house, where even the walls have ears.

Harry is the royal sixth housemate, physically fit but also enough of a troublemaker. Sim Brother never likes troublemakers, and housemates don't like guys who are just too full of themselves. His focus for girls may get in the way of Snoop as well, so fights may be upcoming.

Britney as seventh has been given another chance to win Sim Brother. We all know that her new haircut didn't help any bit, and just like in the third series she's out already - though this time not by choice. As Will already commented, she did it again.

Johnny is perhaps the most extravagant and also the last housemate this year. A party guy who may not take the task of being in the house serious enough. A good partner for Hilary in that way. He'll need to have both eyes open to watch out for SB and his tricks.

Altogether a nice bunch, plenty of opportunities for nice (and perhaps to some less nice) events, so this promises to be a nice series. They all seemed to like the building itself at first, except for Gordon who was grumbling about the pots and pans in the kitchen. Britney didn't say too much except "huh" and some whining about basic rations. Who said Sim Brother would make life easy? Either way, Gordon did manage to cook a decent meal for the group, which Trisha and Britney ate while talking about the single most important thing in life: fashion. Yep, intelligent people make it to Sim Brother too. The same goes for Hilary, who misses her maid. Nevertheless she managed to clean up the buffet all by herself. Good girl.

The First Task

There's a first for everything, and so there's been a first task already as well. A physical one, and despite the failure it was done quite well... by most of the housemates. Trisha, the leader of the pack for this task, made the wise decision to pick Mia and Harry as trainers. They were physically fit already, so they were better able to train the rest of the folks. Including Snoopy, who thought listening to Sim Brother, sounding like the Queen or not, is not important. His lack of responsibility made the challenge a lot harder for the whole group. Naturally this cost him an automatic nomination later in the week. In fact he may even be the main reason why the first task turned into a complete disaster, despite Snoop's own work-out on the first day.

Although it's also obvious to pick Britney as main reason for the task failure, that may be just a bit too easy. She didn't show the necessary discipline to get down and train in the dirt - perhaps she didn't like messing up her hair - but where was Trisha to tell her to train, on time? Why didn't she make some sort of training schedule to make sure the group as a whole would make it? Sure, Britney was whining for a party on day 3, so her lack of interest is certainly part of the reason for failure, but Trisha could've done more as a leader. Just like Mia and Harry could've pushed the team a little more to taste the dirt.

Party Time... for Bugs

Britney's begging for a party did pay off for the housemates and Sim Brother gave in - softie - by throwing a party. Since it was only the third day, the housemates were probably not yet used to the rules of Sim Brother. And since we're talking Simlebrities here, they probably expected their maids and butlers to clean up the mess after them. Not in Sim Brother of course, so after the people's party it was party time for the bugs. For some reason that's something our fellow Sims can's take, and they all became ill. Sim Brother has not yet told the housemates what kind of punishment they'll get from leaving the house in a mess and making Sim Brother clean it up. Since the task had to be extended by 14 hours, that's 14 hours lost for Sim Brother to play with the housemates. Who will make up for that time?

Luckily Sim Brother had the "Lanske Isolation Bubbles" at hand, and the helipad made it possible to bring them in quickly overnight. It took a while for the housemates to be cured. The bubbles did separate the housemates though, so becoming better friends was no option during that period. Not that it would matter for this week's nominations though, as they had already publicly taken place. But who knows how fast the next one will go? After all, Sim Brother has promised a change in formula...

Nominations and Eviction

Just like there was a first task in the eight days we've had already, there have been nominations and an eviction as well. Snoop was up for not making it to the meeting in time, Trisha for picking the seat with the task description. Naturally she picked Britney for failing to train, and Harry for his lack of effort at the beginning of the task. You, the public, voted well for the few days you had, and whining Britney took a constant lead. A big one, with 54% of the votes. Just like the third series, she left on day 8. This time by force, rather than by choice. Trisha did well and only got a few votes, despite her lack of leadership. Snoop and Harry were close, though Snoop seems to be less popular than our royal housemate. His constant izzle-talk may make him popular for his fans, it doesn't seem that the Sim Brother crows likes it too much.

These first nominations were short: you had just 4 days to cast your votes. That means the housemates didn't touch the subject a lot. Only on the last day, day 8, Harry and Trisha mentioned it to each other over breakfast. Britney herself didn't seem to mind leaving all too much. She said she was prepared to leave, and even ran across the bridge towards the studio. She does blame herself for it, but during her interview she once again complained about her freedom being taken away because she was put in the bubble. Despite being just the third out too, spending most of her time in the bubble sleeping. And isn't Sim Brother all about your freedom being taken away, committing yourself to the cameras and microphones?

What's Up Next?

That's it for the first week of Sim Brother V - Work in Progress. Sim Brother has promised a new task and a new housemate for this weekend already. Maybe even new nominations next week? Perhaps we'll hear more from Johnny, who has been very quiet so far. Perhaps Hilary will complain about having no hairdresser in the house. Gordon will probably do a lot more fishing, just like Harry. Maybe we'll see Snoop flirting with Mia, or perhaps Trisha will lead a debate between the housemates about which nail polish is the best. And who will be the first to complain about maintaining the Sim Brother garden? One thing is sure, Sim Brother is full of surprises this time. Nothing is certain yet, only time will tell what is going to happen in the upcoming seven days. Cat's Eyes will be back next week, Sim Brother is on later tonight. Keep on watching!

Some thanks are in place for making Cat's Eyes possible. First of all there's of course Sim Brother V, done entirely by our own Andy. He puts in a lot of effort into making the show what it is. Thanks also go out to my lovely Rosana for creating the brand new logo from a picture of one of her cats, Garfield. Thanks!


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