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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 9 (Saturday 21 April 2007)
A New Task, A New Housemate
An Empty Frame

It's Day 9 in the Sim Brother house. Last night, Britney became the first eviction from the house. Following her eviction, the housemates had an early night.
9.02am - Mia and Trisha are the first housemates up and are preparing breakfast. Mia almost immediately notices the change on the picture wall.
Mia - Awww, that's sad.
Trisha - I guess that's the way it will happen for all of us.
Mia - Yes. One by one, we become empty frames on the wall until only one is left.
Trisha - It's not as easy as I thought it was going to be in here.

A New Task

10.42am - All of the housemates are up and dressed. They have been sat in the lounge for the past 12 minutes.
Sim Brother (A) - This is Sim Brother. This last week, you have all trained to a certain level of physical fitness. For this week's primary task, you are going to combine your physical fitness with your knowledge of geography and your memory.
Johnny - This sounds interesting.
SB - You will be divided up into two teams of four. Before one of you points out that there are only seven of you, Sim Brother informs you that a new housemate will be joining the house this evening. You have 5 minutes to decide who your team captains are going to be and for them to pick teams.

Harry - I've travelled quite a bit with the family so I know a fair bit about foreign countries. I don't mind trying my hand as captain and taking responsibility.
Mia - I've travelled a lot with my soccer. I guess I know a fair bit as well. I'll take it on if you guys are happy with that idea.
Trisha - I've no problem at all with either of you guys.
Harry - I'll be a gentleman and let Mia pick who she wants in her team first.
Mia - Thanks, Harry. I'll take Gordon.
Gordon - Great.

Harry - I'll have Johnny.
Johnny - I'm happy with that.
Mia - I choose Trisha.
Trisha - Thankyou.
Harry - I'll go with Hilary.
Hilary - Thanks, Harry.
Snoop - And I'm with Mia's team?
Mia - That's right, Snoop.

Sim Brother - This is Sim Brother. The new housemate will be automatically assigned to Harry's team. For the duration of this task, except when housemates are sleeping or in the shower, housemates will wear one of two soccer strips that Sim Brother is providing. As Mia's team chose the first housemates, Harry's team gets to chose the first team strip. Will both team captains come to the diary room?

Healthy Competition

11.22am - Mia and Harry are in the diary room. They have been waiting for 28 minutes.
Harry - This Sim Brother seems to like to keep people waiting.
Mia - I'm sure he has a perfectly good reason.
SB - This is Sim Brother. It is hoped you weren't kept waiting long. There was a sudoku that needed finishing.
Harry (to Mia) - Perfectly good reason?
Mia - I take it back.
SB - In 2006, there was the World Cup Competition held in Germany. Unfortunately, Sven Goran Ericcson was not available for Sim Brother, otherwise we would have put him in a bubble, left him there and denied him bathroom access. Mind you there is still time. Sim Brother is digressing again.
Harry - It's alright. What's another minute or two?
SB - There were originally thirty-two countries in the competition and in the end, it was narrowed down to Italy winning the World Cup 5-3.
Mia - Sim Brother, tell me something I don't know.
SB - Beginning tomorrow, there will be three competition, run on consecutive days and at 2pm precisely in a part of the house or gardens to be decided. The first part involves having a broad general knowledge about everything there is to know about the matches and countries involved in the World Cup 2006 contest. The second part is a memory test about national pennants that Sim Brother will be positioning around house and garden. Be warned that Sim Brother may change pennants at any moment's notice. The third is a kickybag competition. You will each pick a team member to face your opposing captain. The captains will participate in all competitions apart from if there is a deciding round.
Harry - It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.
Mia - What if we are tied after all three competitions?
SB - Kickybag Sudden Death between the two captains.
Harry - Analysing the way this is going, I take it that the losing team faces the public vote, right?
SB - That is correct. You will be issued with customised team strips with the name of your team on the back and in colours you choose. Apart from sleeping and bathing, those team strips must be worn at all times. Harry, what is your team name and preferred colours?
Harry - Ermm ... Harry's Royal Hotspurs. HRH for short. Is Red and Black alright?
SB - Yes, it is. Mia, what would you like to call your team and what colours would you like?
Mia - Oh, something like Mia's Maulers and as I'm a good Simerican girl, red, white and blue.
SB - Thankyou, Mia. Thankyou, Harry. The door is now open. Books are available from the bookcase about the appropriate subjects.

A New Housemate

5.35pm - The housemates are in the bedroom where they are changing into their new soccer strips. The new housemate is in the diary room.

Sim Brother (HM) - Hello, Jack.
Jack - Good afternoon.
SB - You will shortly be admitted into the Sim Brother house where you will meet your fellow housemates. You are expected to comply with the rules and as you are a lawyer, we expect that complying with our rules should not be a problem.
Jack - Lady, I don't know who you are and what you are expecting from me. I do not expect to be here long and if I don't like it, I will be going out the way that I came in.
SB - You are here in the Sim Brother house because the various Bar Associations believe it will do you good. Also, leaving voluntarily is not an option. I don't know if you read the small print.
Jack - I read what I chose to read. I had enough on my plate with those big lawsuits I have just settled. Also, I am within my rights under the First Amendment to do as I please.
SB - We have a modest proposal that you will try and make friends with the housemates.
Jack - I have all of the friends that I need.
SB - For the benefits of our viewers who do not know who you are, without getting too controversial, could you please give a brief bio of your claim to fame?
Jack - My name is Jack and I am an attorney. One of my claims to fame is getting Howard Stern off the radio in some parts of Florida and I have taken on rap artists for obscenity and indecency in some of their lyrics. My major crusade is against videogame companies. I am convinced that their games are really training material for killers and perverts and the world was a much better place before they were invented. I have only just dropped legal action against Megastar Games and Take-Three Interactive, publishers of the AutoTheft series of games. I'm sure they paid the judge off. All judges in Florida are corrupt.
SB - Thankyou, Jack. Please be warned that your microphone may be turned off, if your comments get too controversial.
Jack - Now open this damned door and let me get on with this ordeal.
SB - The door is open, Jack.

Adversaries and Admirers

6.03pm - Jack leaves the diary room and enters the bedroom. The housemates are all pleased to see him.
Gordon - We've got a new face.
Snoop - Hey, you're that lawyer that says my rap music is offensive.
Jack - *rap music more like.
Snoop - You've got your opinions. I can dig that.
Jack - Digging a hole to bury your music in would be more appropriate.
Snoop - That's pushing it too far, b*tch.
Jack - And that's a profanity law suit I will be filing against you when this show is over.

6.19pm - At Harry's request, Jack has changed into his team strip. Harry has been explaining the task to him.

Harry - Are you better at remembering, playing kickybag or are you good at remembering facts?
Jack - Kickybag is a wholesome Simerican game so I'm good at that. By being a lawyer, I need to know my facts and I would say that I have an excellent memory.
Harry - Great! You will be with me tomorrow as we answer questions about the 2006 World Cup.

6.33pm - Hilary has jumped into Johnny's arms.

Hilary - You're really strong, Johnny.
Johnny - I'm glad you think so.
Hilary - Your soccer strip really shows off your muscular legs.
Johnny - Ermm ... thanks.
Hilary - I'm so glad we're on the same team.
Johnny - Me too.


8.44pm - Most of the housemates are still in the bedroom. Johnny and Hilary are playing kickybag and are being watched by Jack and Mia. Gordon has come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (HM) - Hello, Gordon. How are you getting on with Jack?
Gordon - I can't tell whether I am walking on broken glass when he is around or I'm walking through a minefield. Snoop might not be my best friend in here, but he doesn't deserve to be led on by that ambulance chaser.
SB - Sim Brother is aware of the situation and is keeping a close eye on Jack.
Gordon - I'm just glad he's not on my team. Perhaps I should make him a nice mug of hot coffee.
SB - That is very charitable of you, Gordon.
Gordon - And then I'd pour it down his shorts. If he is going to be nasty, I'm going to pull out the ****ing stops and show him what nasty is.

Behind the Camera

For those of you who are not familiar with previous series of Sim Brother, please be patient if your daily report is late and not shoot the messenger. I am basically one guy here doing everything, while at the same time living an offline life which does require some attention.

I will do my best to get my reports up by midnight, although I'm not going to tell you which timezone that midnight is in. I'll try for British although North American East Coast tends to be closer. However, once or twice, things will be even later. Stay tuned as the reports will be coming and thankyou for following the show.

Dag dag!


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