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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 11 (Monday 23 April 2007)
Memory Pennants
Filling the Frame

It's Day 11 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, Harry's Royal Hotspurs lost the first part of the World Cup competition to Mia's Maulers, who now lead the competition 4-0. Harry's team need a convincing performance today in the Memory Pennants part of the competition.

The empty photo frame has now been filled with Jack's photo.

Mortified Jack

6.19am - Mia and Gordon are up early doing aerobic exercises to keep in shape for tomorrow's final part of the competition.

7.28am - After working out for 90 minutes, Gordon is taking a shower. Jack walks in and is horrified.

Jack - Oh my God!

Gordon - Mind your language, Jack, although who am I to talk? Anyway, what's bothering you?
Jack (spluttering) - You've got a ... you've-
Gordon (looking down) - One of these? Don't you have one?
Jack - Certainly not! Cover it up immediately.
Gordon - No ****ing way. I'm giving it a shower as well.
Jack - I cannot tolerate such indecency and lewdness.
Gordon - Look, you pillock, I'm having a shower. If you don't like what you see, look the other way.

Someone's got to do it

1.45pm - Hilary is spraying the trees. Trisha is tending and watering the vegetable plots.

Hilary - I can't remember whose tree is whose but I felt I'd better see to them. This stuff stinks.
Trisha - I don't envy you but this is backbreaking stuff. Someone has got to see to these tomato plants as well. I thought I'd get to work.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - This ... is Sim Brother. All housemates will assemble in the Matchroom for the Memory Pennants part of the competition, which will begin in 10 minutes.

Memory Pennants

2.00pm - All of the housemates are assembled in the Matchroom. Once again, the Grand Randomiser has decreed that Harry is to go first. He is facing Snoop.

SB - Harry, the pennant of which country is next to the refrigerator?
Harry - Ecuador.
SB - That is correct. Snoop, the pennant of which country hangs over the kitchen utensils?
Snoop - England.

SB - That is correct. Harry, the pennants of which two countries hang in the showers?
Harry - Mexico and the Netherlands.
SB - That is correct. Snoop, the pennants of which two countries hang in the boardroom?
Snoop - Shoot, I haven't been in there. How should I know?
SB - You must give an answer.
Snoop - France and Spain. I haven't a clue.
SB - That is incorrect. The correct answer is Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden.

2.31pm - Harry and Snoop both got their third question wrong. Harry, therefore, won their match by two questions to one. Johnny is now playing Mia. Both of them have correctly answered their first two questions.
SB - Johnny, in the bedroom are four pennants. You need to name at least three of them.
Johnny - That's easy. Togo, Iran, Italy and Japan.
SB - That is correct. Mia, going clockwise in the boardroom door to the bedroom door, there are four pennants. You need to name at least three of them.

There is a pause.
Mia - Ukraine near the stage .... Saudi Arabia by the lounge window .... Germany and France next to the bedroom door.
SB - That is correct.

SB - That round is a draw. Both sides receive one point. HRH win this part of the competition by 3 points to 1. Mia's Maulers lead overall by 5 points to 3.


3.03pm - Snoop has dozed off in the chair. Most of the other housemates are back in the house. Jack is preparing a meal for himself in the kitchen. Mia and Harry are talking about the competition.

Mia - Well played today, Harry.
Harry - Thanks. That was a good comeback, though. We could have done with those points.
Mia - Everything hinges on tomorrow.

With Mia leading by 2 points, Harry's team need to win both matches to win the competition. Mia needs to win at least one match to be assured of a victory.

Some People Never Learn

4.43pm - Jack comes to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - Good afternoon, Jack, and how are you?
Jack - So you're talking to me today, huh? Worried about collecting on street corners after I sue your backside off?
SB - Not at all, Jack. How can Sim Brother help you today?
Jack - The food in here sucks. There isn't enough of it and since Gordon has taken offense to me, he doesn't make me any meals, I have to cook my own. Did you know he even had the audacity to wave his ... you know ... at me today?
SB - Sim Brother is quite aware that he did not do this.
Jack - Are you calling me a liar? Even that in itself is slanderous.
SB (sighing) - Sim Brother is just questioning the validity of your testimony and that asks you to consider whether you could have remembered incorrectly.
Jack - You two are in cahoots. I found judges in Florida like this. They always backed who I was prosecuting. Corruption even permeates TSZ Corporation and Sim Brother -"

Jack's microphone is abruptly silenced.

SB - You underestimate the power of Sim Brother, Jack. You do have a right to free speech but your abusive and unfounded accusations contravene that, especially when you are the one "bearing false witness". The walls in here are soundproofed [thankyou, MissWendy] so as not to disturb the other housemates. You will be detained in the diary room until you have calmed down.

Snoop's Eyefull

6.35pm - It is raining heavily over the Sim Brother house with occasional rumbles of thunder. Trisha is taking a bath but has forgotten to lock the door, just to have Snoop walk in.

Trisha - Snoop! Get out!
Snoop - Oops, my bad. I didn't see a thing, Trizzle.
Trisha - Yes, I bet.


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