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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 12 (Tuesday 24 April 2007)
Let's Kick Bag
Into the Deciding Day

It's Day 12 in the Sim Brother house and the final day of this week's task. Housemates know how critical it is to win to avoid having to face the public vote. Yesterday, Harry's team managed to secure a critical win to stay in the competition. Harry's team cannot afford to lose any match today and ideally needs to win both of them. Mia's team only needs one win.

Things could have been different

10.20am - Gordon and Trisha are in the kitchen. Both are on Mia's team. Gordon will be representing the team in the Kicky Bag in about four hours and will be facing Harry himself. Gordon is tidying away some kitchen waste.

Trisha - All psyched up for this afternoon?
Gordon - A walk in the park. I just hope my knee injury doesn't bother me today.
Trisha - How long have you had that?
Gordon - It stopped me becoming a professional footballer. I could have played for Rangers FC if I hadn't smashing the cartilage during training. I still support the "Teddy Bears" but I threw my physical passions into cooking.
Trisha - The culinary world could have been very different if things had gone the other way.
Gordon - Both ways, I have been able to afford some good cars.

The Two Johns

12.02pm - Most of the housemates are in the house. Harry and Mia are working out again. Johnny and Jack are fishing. Johnny asks Jack about why he is like he is.

Johnny - This might sound like a rude question-
Jack - Choose your words carefully, then.
Johnny - Do you deliberately go out of your way to annoy people?
Jack - Look, you jumped up little ****, you don't know what you're talking about.
Johnny - That's strange. I could have said exactly the same thing back. You seem to blame one thing for all of the evils in the world-
Jack - And it's true. Videogames are to blame for all of the violence and promiscuity in this world. They are training programs in use of automatic weaponry and paedophilia.
Johnny - I am quite sure that pressing or clicking buttons is hardly going to train someone to use a gun.
Jack - I have it from reliable sources that I know what I'm talking about.

Johnny - And I have a collection of 75 guns and I know how from personal experience how to use them and that the AutoTheft © series of games has not made me violent, improved my aim, helped me deal with the recoil of a pump-action shotgun-
Jack - That's hogwash. How does someone who can play a pervert movie director know what he is saying?
Johnny - "Ed Wood" was about a director who was a transvestite. Anyway, I can ask that why someone who is not a toilet cistern can be so full of crap?
Jack - I don't care, it's still a perversion and you have just slandered my good name, my honourable character, my reliable information sources and opinions. I don't care if you turn your back on your country and live in France, your continental and unpatriotic ass is going to get sued when we're done here.
Johnny - Jackass, if I was taking part in the last part of this task, I'd throw it so our team would lose. That way, even though I'd be facing the public vote, you would be as well and there is at least a 50% chance that next week, you would be out of my sight.

Kickybag Showdown

2.00pm - The housemates are all gathered in the Matchroom, which has been partly redesigned to account for this part of the competition.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - This ... is Sim Brother. Harry, you will again go first. You will be playing Gordon. The first one to score 6 points against his opponent's dropping of the ball wins the game. Let's ... kick ball.

2.20pm - After many long rallies, Gordon takes a strong lead and is ahead 4-0. Harry, however, pulls back two points to make it 4-2 before Gordon pulls one back to give himself four match points on 5-2.

2.35pm - With some fierce volleying and flipping, Harry pulls back to be trailing by only one point at 5-4 but it is not enough as Gordon takes the final point, winning the match 6-4.

SB - This is Sim Brother. Mia's Maulers win the game and the 2 points. This gives them 7 points overall to HRH's 3 points. At this point, it can be said that Mia's Maulers have won the competition.

Hilary - I'd still like to play my match, if that's ok.
Mia - That's fine by me, honey.
SB - Then let's ... kick ball.

2.57pm - After what seemed like a decisive start from Mia and Hilary was left trailing 1-4, Hilary pulled some unexpected high kicks and back flips that caught Mia offguard and came through to win 6-5.

Mia - That was a great game, I'm so glad we played.
Hilary - I'm sorry I beat you.
Mia - Why do you think I'm now a retired soccer player? You were really good.

The Price of Failure

3.05pm - The housemates are still in the matchroom after having watched the final match.

SB - This is Sim Brother. The final score for the competition is Mia's Maulers on 7 points and Harry's Royal Hotspurs on 5 points. Mia's Maulers win the competition and avoid facing the public vote.
Johnny - Therefore ...

SB - Therefore, the housemates facing the public vote this week are ...

Harry ........ Hilary ........ Jack .....and Johnny

Apprehension Aftermath

11.32pm - Many of the housemates are already in bed. Hilary and Johnny are sat in the Park Parthenon at the back of the house.

Hilary - It's terrible. We might be torn apart before we've even had a chance to get closer.
Johnny - We know what happens in here cannot go out there. Perhaps it is meant to be this way.
Hilary - And if we both escape eviction this time, it's a sign that it is destined we are meant to be together, right?
Johnny - Quite.

Polls Are Open

It is time for you to cast your votes. The house has decided and Harry's team are facing the public vote. You have three days to cast your votes and decide who becomes the second housemate to leave the Sim Brother house.

Harry, Hilary, Jack or Johnny.

Who goes? That's up to you.


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