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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 13 (Wednesday 25 April 2007)
The Piranha & the Rift
Let's Do It!

Being housemates in the Sim Brother house are like being fish in a fishtank. Every so often, one of the fish will be hooked out and that is what happened this week. However, this time, a new fish has been dropped into the bowl. Is the new fish swimming with the shoal or is he trying to have the littler fish for breakfast?

Let's do it!

A Piranha's Defense

Bringing in new housemates is always difficult. In all the series of Sim Brother run by TSZ, no latecomers have ever done well. Even reintroducing a former housemate in the second series - strangely enough an idea taken up by Channel 4's UK Big Brother in their 4th series - did not make him a winner.

Jack has not gone out of his way to make friends. He says he has enough of his own outside. So far, at least two housemates have been threatened with legal action upon the series being over. If he's serious, which I doubt, I'm sure TSZ will also be on his list.

"Last In, First Out" is a term used in cost accounting. I think that it is going to be the way with Jack, which is something that I do not want to see. You might not agree with me and might not buy any more of my books or watch my show, but hey, I'm just trying to play the devil's advocate here.

Give him a chance, folks.

Personally, I think Jack has been behaving like a jackass. Outside in the "real world", I have agreed with him on some things. Inside the house, though, he's not giving the folks a chance and that in turn is not giving himself a chance. I'm sure if he finds a task that is up his alley, he could really fit in.

Although I work with these guys when I'm on this show, I also think that the director and producer of Sim Brother have been taking the wrong approach with him. Putting him into the house might have been one of their ways to mess up the mix but it appears to be backfiring on them. Jack appears to be "Shabhazzing" and nobody seems to really know how to handle him.

Jack is a strong-minded individual who believes in the freedom of speech, stands firmly by his opinions and retaliates against anyone who he feels threatens it. So what if he threatens to sue? Threats are not the same as actually doing, people. Actually, I did something about injury claims myself before I became the man I am now so I know where this guy is coming from.

If Jack is not evicted this week, I'm sure that we'll see him mellow out somewhat.

Before we go to see what has been going on in the house today, it's time to find out what we can about the betting on this week's nominations.

Outside the House

I'm once again joined by Edwin Hoyle from Simbrokes. Hi, Edwin.

Edwin - Hello, Dr.Phil.
Dr.Phil - What can you tell us about the betting on this week's nominations?
Edwin - The first day's betting has been very much like last week. Quite a high amount and over two thirds of the vote on one person. Last week, the person in that position was Britney and as you know, she was evicted.
Dr.Phil - Can you give us a clue as to who the person is?
Edwin - It's a guy.
Dr.Phil - Edwin, that does not help much. Three of the four nominees are guys.
Edwin - He's a Simerican, which narrows it down to two. I can't tell you anything else.
Dr.Phil - So what about the others? What can you tell us?
Edwin - The lowest odds on the other housemates is one on 6-1 spreading out to 14-1 on one of the outsiders.
Dr.Phil - If I bet, which you know I don't, who would I be wasting my money on to be evicted this week?
Edwin - Feel free to bet on any of them. We will happily take your money.
Dr.Phil - Edwin, this is not helping.
Edwin - Dr.Phil, all I can say is that from my experience in reality show betting, controversial housemates have a limited shelf life. Even if everyone stopped betting on this guy, it would be very close on Friday, but I doubt that will happen. Sorry.
Dr.Phil - Thanks, Edwin.

From the latest betting news, we'll head on over to the house to find out how the guys spent their day.

Snoring is Golden

It's Day 13 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the team members from "Harry's Royal Hotspurs" lost the World Cup task and therefore are facing the public vote this week.

2.17am - Gordon, Harry and Jack are sat at the dining table. Jack has just fallen asleep in his supper.

Harry - Do you think he's alright?
Gordon - He's snoring his head off. Of course he is.
Harry - Should I wake him up?
Gordon - Harry, don't be so daft. If he's asleep, he's not picking apart what we say and take it as a personal attack. Anyway, it does look like he needs a good sleep. He'll wake up rested but with food on his face.
Harry - I wonder how he's taking facing the public vote.
Gordon - To be honest, I don't care. I'm more concerned how you are taking it.
Harry - I feel responsible for all of the nominees this week. I was team captain and I don't know where I went wrong.
Gordon - It was just unfortunate. You played well and you played fair. Just try not to think about it. Carpe diem, Harry.

Fishing for Ideas

9.29am - Mia and Johnny are the first two housemates up. They have gone fishing. The subject of conversation is the task and facing the public vote.

Johnny - Well played in the task, Mia.
Mia - Thanks, honey. It was very close in the end, though.
Johnny - Someone had to lose and I guess it was our turn.
Mia - You're taking it well for someone who is facing the public vote.
Johnny - Voting justice will evict who they feel least deserves to stay in the house. That could be me, who knows.
Mia - Do you feel you deserve to stay, though?
Johnny - I hope so. I want to stay, although things are getting a bit hot in one area.
Mia - Are you talking about a certain former blonde?
Johnny - She's a great kid, but I feel I'm too old enough for her and she's expecting too much.
Mia - Very tricky. She may be better suited by being guided to someone nearer her own age. I wonder if Harry is a fan of her work.
Johnny - I think we should find out.

Talking It Through

1.28pm - The housemates have been instructed to be seated in the lounge to await further instructions. Johnny is following on from his conversation with Mia.

Johnny - Hilary, weren't you in a movie about being at a military school?
Hilary - Yes, it was a movie called Cadet Kelly. It has been one of my most popular movies.
Johnny - Harry, weren't you at your West Point?
Harry - Yes, I was at Sandhurst Military Academy.
Mia - Then you two youngsters should have a lot in common already.
Hilary - Huh?

Sim Brother (A) - This is Sim Brother. Housemates, today is this Sim Brother's birthday.
Trisha - Many happy returns, Sim Brother.
Snoop - Party time!
SB - However, in order to receive a party, your afternoon will be spent talking with each other and improve relationships. There has been too much friction between group members lately and problems need to be sorted. Please note that this reward task is mandatory. So let's talk nice, housemates.

2.32pm - The housemates have been talking for an hour. They have talked about the task, how to have fun, have been sharing bits about their own life and dredging up old jokes. Jack has not spoken for an hour.

Gordon - What do you call a hundred lawyers at the bottom of the sea?
Johnny - A good start.
Gordon - Exactly.
Jack - I know you people don't like me. I've got broad shoulders. I can live with that.
Gordon - At last! We thought you'd lost the ability to speak.
Trisha - It isn't that we don't like you, Jack. Personally, I'm afraid to talk to you.
Snoop - Yeah, everytime we open our mouths, you say you're going to sue us.
Jack - I have every right to exert my legal rights under the First Amendment.

Trisha - Isn't that being oversensitive for someone who claims he's thick skinned?
Jack - Now you're twisting my words.
Johnny - Jack, can't you just lighten up, or try to?
Hilary - Please, Jack?
A long pause.
Jack - I'll try. I'm not promising. I do have my principles.
Johnny - We'll respect you if you respect our ways as being different and not necessarily wrong.
Jack - That seems reasonable.
Trisha - That's all we can ask.
Jack - Hugging is out, though, and if I smile, don't count on it meaning anything.

Sim Brother (A) - This is Sim Brother. Housemates, congratulations! You have passed the task. Weather permitting, there will be a pool party tonight from 8pm onwards.

Party On!

9.19pm - Sim Brother has set up a Leisure Lifestyle Patio Set around the pool. A birthday cake and two crates of non-alcoholic beer have also been provided to help the party along. Some of the housemates have been having a game of Marco Polo. Jack has not quite got into the party spirit. Trisha joins him.

Trisha - Not joining in, Jack?
Jack - I'm a bit too old.
Trisha - I believe you're as old as you want to feel.
Jack - Then I want to feel old. I am still not comfortable here.
Trisha - It will grow on you.
Jack - I don't expect to be here long enough for that. This is not my world.

10.32pm - Jack has come to the Diary room.

Sim Brother (C) - Good evening, Jack.
Jack - What's good about it?
SB - How are you?
Jack - I'm not happy.
SB - In what way, Jack?
Jack - I am not comfortable with being here.
SB - Jack, Sim Brother recommends you talk to your housemates some more.
Jack - You are going to let me leave when I want to and not drag it out.
SB - And do you want to leave, Jack?
Jack - Being locked up in this asylum with demented morons and perverts? What do you think? I want to leave and I want to leave right now!

Polls are still open for this week's nominations. Use it or lose it, it's your call.

Behind the Camera

No, I'm not telling you how old I now am :) I am sorry for lagging behind but I hope you'll excuse me. All being well, we will be back on track before midnight ... but I'm not telling you whose.

Dag dag!


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