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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 14 (Thursday 26 April 2007)
Party & Democracy
Sim Brother says ...

It's Day 14 in the Sim Brother house. Harry, Hilary, Jack and Johnny all face the public vote this week from losing the World Cup Task. Yesterday was Sim Brother's birthday and the housemates were given a pool party. Jack came to the diary room and expressed his desire to leave.

12.02am - Jack is still in the Diary Room.

Jack - Didn't you hear what I said? I want to go right now.
Sim Brother (C) - Sim Brother heard everything, Jack. Sim Brother reminds you that you cannot leave here voluntarily. You were told that the day that you arrived.
Jack - And I said that I would leave when I chose to leave.
SB - Also, this is to remind you that you are bound by Simlish law and not Simerican. Once again, Sim Brother asks that you will try and make friends with the other housemates. If they support your request to leave, Sim Brother will grant it.
Jack - You have not heard the last of this, Sim Brother. I'm calling a house meeting today about this.
SB - You are quite within your rights to do that. The door into the house is open, Jack.

Partying On!

1.38am - Jack has gone to bed. The party is still going on as Sim Brother has not called a midnight end to the party and is letting it continue. Johnny is enjoying the buffet that has been laid on. Continuing with his plan of steering Hilary towards Harry, he has been discretely avoiding both of them.

2.09am - Hilary and Harry are in the lounge. They have been getting to know each other better and apparently whatever Sim Brother had put in the gelatin had some effect.

Hilary (kissing Harry's hand) - Is this how they do it in England, Harry?
Harry - Not quite as the chaps tend to kiss the ladies instead of the other way around.
Hilary (hugging Harry) - Will I get locked up in the tower for this?
Harry - Not if I have any say about it. More likely you'd be moved into the palace.

3.14am - The other housemates are in the house. Trisha and Snoop are the only two outside in the garden.

Snoop - Looks like the party's over.
Trisha - That's a shame. Mind you, we could always make our own entertainment.
Snoop - If you are talking I-Spy or charades, count me out.
Trisha (winks) - You know what I'm talking about. Join me on the love seat next to me and we'll see what turns up.

Snoop needs no further encouragement to join her.

Announcement of Intent

11.19am - It is a bright morning in the Sim Brother garden and there are a lot of butterflies flying around. Harry is tending to the vegetable plots. Jack comes out to join him.

Jack - I am calling a house meeting for this afternoon. I want to leave.
Harry - That's a bit sudden.
Jack - Harry, I have never really wanted to be here. Sim Brother says I can only leave if the housemates support my plan to go.
Harry - I'll need to think about it.
Jack - I expect your support this afternoon.

A Democratic Exercise

3.02pm - All of the housemates are gathered together in the lounge for the house meeting that Jack has called.

Jack - This is all to let you know that I want to leave and by using the democratic process and getting the endorsement of the house is the only way I can think of to get around it.
Gordon - No. I don't want you to go. Sure, sue our backsides off but I don't think you should get the easy way out. Why? Because in your own way, you are very entertaining.
Harry - No way, Jack. I quite like you and would like to be able to call you a friend.
Hilary - That goes for me too. You remind me of a grumpy old uncle I used to have.

Johnny - And me. I can't believe I said that.
Mia - Me as well. I respect principles and you've got them, although you might not agree with ours.
Snoop - You think you're getting a Get Out Of Jail Free card? You can kiss my-
Trisha - Evictions come on us like waves on a beach. If we stand firm, we can stop ourselves getting knocked over. If you leave, it gives the impression that you are not as strong enough as you make out. It appears that you are shying away from public and saying 'I can't cope'. You have a lot to offer this house, Jack. Enjoy this experience.

There is a long pause before Jack replies.

Jack - Ok, guys. You win. I reckon I'll be going tomorrow anyway. I'll hang on until then.

Accepting Fate

8.02pm - Jack has come to the Diary Room to talk to Sim Brother.

Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Jack.
Jack - I took your "modest proposal" and talked to the others and they won't let me walk. I've just come to let you know that you win. I am giving up planning to leave. It's now down to the voters to get me out of here.
SB - Sim Brother is sorry that you are still unhappy. It is hoped that you will be feeling better tomorrow and more positive about your Sim Brother experience.
Jack - I am tempted to tell you where you can stick that pithy last statement, but I won't. Open the door.
SB - The door to the house is now open.
Jack - Goodnight, Sim Brother.
SB - Goodnight, Jack.

Sim Brother's Evil Side

Tomorrow night, Sim Brother is going to really mess with their minds.

The housemate who received the most votes when the polls close will be evicted ... but they will not be evicted tomorrow. They will be evicted when least expecting it.

The housemate who received the least votes when the polls close will appear to be evicted but Sim Brother will have a new temporary home.

Keep on voting for who you wish to be evicted and see how this plot unfolds.


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