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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 33 (Tuesday 19 February 2002)
Basketball & Someone's Last Night
Tony's Morning
While the housemates slept, Sim Brother had restored the room to its former colours. Even though Jerry was the last one to go to bed, there had been some of the housemates who had gone to bed early. Because of this, they had woken up in the early hours. Tony was the first one up during the night. He had drunk too much punch and had gone to bed early.
Davina was also up early and made the most of it and had a bath. Anna was also up early and told Tony that she had changed her ideas of what she is going to do when she leaves - "I will go back to playing tennis" Tony told her that he thought she had made the right decision. He remembered those from a similar show who had dreams of stardom that had come to nothing and he thought it wise to plan to go back to previous careers.
During the morning, Davina, Jennifer, Tom and Anna had an early morning soak in the hot tub and talked about how they had enjoyed the party from the night before and thought it was very kind of TSZ Livestream to put it on.

While the others talked, Tony had a morning swim. He wanted to be in as good shape as possible for the Finals. After his swim, he came to the Diary Room and told Sim Brother - "I am looking forward to the Final. I believe I can do well"

The Basketball Final
At 2pm, the three finalists assembled in the garden.
- Tom was the first one to shoot his first ten baskets, but he only scored 5
- Tony was the second one up and scored a perfect 10/10
- Anna was the last one to play but only scored 8 in her first 10

Their second half went as follows.
- Tom scored 7/10 for a total of 12/20
- Tony scored 9/10 for a total of 19/20
- Anna scored 10/10 for a total of 18/20

The Winner of this week's Individual challenge was Tony. He had no idea what he was going to do with the §1000. The basketball and the swimming had exhausted him and by 5:20pm, he was back in bed ... and dreaming of Davina.

Last Night Together
Anna and J-Lo were the last ones up talking together. They knew that this was their last night together. Tomorrow night, one of them one of them would be leaving and both of them knew that things would not be the same in the house.

Behind The Camera
Voting is very close at the moment for evicting Anna or Jennifer. In fact, there are not many votes between them.

For those of you who have already voted, thankyou for playing your part.

Voting closes at midnight (GMT). If you haven't already voted, please make your vote as to who you want to see leave the house.


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