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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Cat's Eyes 2 - Battlefield Garden
Hello Again

Another week of Sim Brother V is over. Work is in full progress and the creation of a finalist is well underway. And yet again it's been an active week. After the first eviction a new housemate came in, a battle between teams and a lot of battling between some of the housemates. It's time to look back at what happened... not just through the cameras in the house, but also through some

Sim Brother V - Cat's Eyes

Forming Teams

The first things we saw this week, after the airing of the first Cat's Eyes, was the introduction of a new challenge to the housemates. Rather than the house trying to beat Sim Brother, two teams were formed and they had to challenge each other. High stakes were involved: lose and automatically get nominated for eviction. This time it wasn't just the physical part that the housemates had to work on, but their brains had to be activated this time too. Picking the leaders was no trouble. The trainers of last time appointed themselves as the teamleaders without anybody being able to say anything about it. Trisha agreed, the rest kept quiet. It's obvious the house has picked its leaders for the rest of the time, the others will be the underdogs. Until you vote some of them out of course. The picking of the teams also showed something else: Snoop got picked last. We don't know, but he may have been picked last for gym at school as long as he went... Nevertheless it does seem as if his rapping and freestyling is not too popular with the rest of the housemates. He may have to work a little harder to make some friends, to prevent being a popular nominee...

The task itself went fairly well. First there was the memory task. Harry & Jack vs Mia & Trisha. They didn't train too well, but they knew plenty. It should be an easy task for Mia, being a soccer player, and Harry shouldn't have too much trouble with it as well being a British boy. Trisha had to take some time to think her answers over, but Harry got one answer wrong in the first round. Though it was only through a wrong halftime score, it did cost his team two points. Mia got an easy round against Jack, who couldn't answer his question with the right answer. The rebel almost got in a fight with Sim Brother, almost claiming there was no proof for the facts Sim Brother asked for, and as in the courtroom he did not take well to losing.

The second round of the competition was Harry vs Snoop. This time knowledge of the World Cup didn't matter too much, except that all countries played in it. Knowledge of the flags of countries was more useful. Harry's travelling came in handy here, Snoop's knowledge of the countries he's been refused to visit also came to help. Nevertheless the prince turned out to know more than the dog, and in the second match the pirate knew as much the soccer player. Finally we had another day, but who knows that may have been sabotaged to get Jack up for nomination, considering his behaviour. In the final round it was Harry against Gordon. The latter got a strong lead and won easily, maybe too easily and perhaps Johnny talked to Harry about making sure their team would lose, to get Jack out of sight. Where's Sim Brother's punishment against Johnny's attempt to sabotage the nominations? Either way, Harry's Royal Hotspurs lost and Mia's Maulers got another free week in the house.

Good Ol' Jack

One of the main events this week was the entrance of Jack. A lawyer trying to bring down the video games industry. No idea who decided to bring him in, but obviously it was on his mind to stir things up. In this week Jack has threatened pretty much anyone in and outside the house with lawsuits. Cat's Eyes will be threatened as well once Jack finds out about us, but we'll live. Already in his introduction Jack said he wouldn't be in long, and he will indeed be leaving soon. Nevertheless he has in now way tried to get along with the rest of the house. He almost immediately got in a fight with Snoop, Sim Brother was up the day after when Jack gave a wrong answer to one of the questions in the competition, and Johnny threatened to make sure their team would lose to bring up chances to get Jack out of his sight.

Jack has fallen from one world into the other - from his life, with one point of view, no giving in, to Sim Brother's world, where he had to work with other people. He has no idea what's happening and what's happened. He found about Gordon's bottom half, and without doubt discovered many other things about the real world. Despite all his problems with pretty much all housemates, they wanted him to stay. Not because they like him though, just for fun and to bother Jackass, as he's frequently referred to. After all, he wants out, but wasn't allowed to unless all housemates agreed. Harry, Trisha and Johnny do seem to like him quite much, despite their differences with Jack.

Jack definitely did stir things up, but didn't get much of a chance either. He's been voted out and will be leaving soon. Sim Brother will let us know when. What he'll be telling us in his interview? Not much probably. That the rest of the people in the house will be sued, Will, our host, will be sued, Sim Brother will be sued, Cat's Eyes will be sued, the audience won't be safe, and basically anybody in his sight will be in trouble. He'll say he's learned nothing from the experience, had a crap time in the house, and will never come back to the house ever again. Not for a reunion or anything either. He might say he hates how Sim Brother played some tricks and pretended that he was safe from eviction, even though the public doesn't like him. Not by a long shot. All his loss, that's just the way things go in the real world, Jack.

The Eviction that was no Eviction

Sim Brother is playing plenty of tricks this year, as promised. To surprise everybody, Johnny was "evicted" from the house yesterday. Well, not really. He's been put in a little place in the garden. Johnny in fact received the least of your votes, and until further notice he'll have to remain quiet and undetected. Success means he'll gain immunity for the upcoming nominations. He will need to get some food though, but Sim Brother has not yet explained how. Perhaps by sneaking back into the house when the rest isn't watching, stealing some leftovers, or perhaps a housemate needs to bring him the food. There will also be sidemissions, but who knows where that will go? Will he need to work out, answer questions, follow housemates..? Sim Brother is messing around in a fun way, that surely makes things interesting. Also, will his earned immunity cause trouble between him and the rest, as he has been given quite a major advantage by Sim Brother? That's something that we'll see unfold in the next few days.

And the rest? Well, Jack is still in and may feel bummed that he has to stay in the house even longer than he hoped for. He may try to nominate the complete group when the time comes, depending on if he's still in by then. The other two nominees, Harry and Hilary, will be in for another while as usual. Still, the entire house may be completely surprised when Johnny comes back and Jack goes. They will not know what to expect next. Perhaps that kind of stress is what caused Gordon to mess up his TV dinner this week. Sim Brother isn't the greatest thing to all housemates, though most seem to be coping well so far. Sim Brother is nothing like the life outside, and as in most other Sim Brother series we might see someone walk out the front door voluntarily. Or we might not. It depends on how well the group will get along. If the contestants will all get along fine, there won't be a problem. On the other hand, cliques might form, causing outcasts. Or romance between perhaps Snoop and Trisha or Harry and Hilary will cause jealousy. Either way, Sim Brother has helped a little by forcing the jailbirds to socialise and try to get along. Including Jack. It's Sim Brother and nobody knows what will happen, only time will tell.

Now What?

Another week of Sim Brother is coming up. Jack will be sent out of the house, Johnny will be brought back, and as usual there will be another task. Endurance, physical or brain training, that's Sim Brother's surprise. There will also be another eviction by the end of the week, but of course it's still completely unsure who that'll be. Either way the numbers will be dropping, and in one week we'll go from 8 to 6 housemates. For now it's time to go. Have fun watching the show tonight, and Cat's Eyes will be back again next week, to evaluate what's been going on during the next seven days. Good night!

Behind the Scenes
Congratulations to Andy, who celebrated his birthday earlier this week!


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