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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 16 (Saturday 28 April 2007)
The Day After The Night Before
Hungry Housemates

It's Day 16 in the Sim Brother house. Last night, Johnny left the Sim Brother house but only to take up residence in "the Hider's Home", formerly known as the Matchroom or Task Shed. Jack received the most votes and Sim Brother has promised that he will be evicted when he least expects it.

6.47am - Mia has gone to the fridge to find that it is empty. She immediately comes to the Diary Room to talk to Sim Brother.

Sim Brother (HM) - Hello, Mia. How can Sim Brother help you?
Mia - The fridge is empty. We need food.
SB - You and the other housemates are reminded that the title of this series is "Work In Progress". In order to make progress, you need to work. You have fruit trees, vegetable plots and a fishing lake. Sim Brother will only intervene and fill the fridge or provide you with food in two instances.
Mia - Which are?
SB - Rewarding the house for major accomplishments and saving the house if it looks as though you are going to die.
Mia - So you're telling us we've got to work in order to eat.
SB - That is correct.

A Hungry Hider

12.56pm - Mia has informed the other housemates of what Sim Brother has said. Despite the very heavy rain, most of the housemates are fishing and tending to the garden.

In the Hider's House, Johnny has been checking his monitors. He is aware of the house's food problem and can see the housemates in the garden. He speaks directly to Sim Brother.

Johnny - I'm also hungry but the garden is occupied. Is there anything I can do in order to get something to eat?
Sim Brother (HM) - Sim Brother will provide you with a pizza to tide you over. Your first special assignment will be to catch three fish and put them in the fridge in the house. This must be completed before 6am tomorrow morning.
Johnny - I also need a change of clothes. This suit will be ruined.
SB - Then you need to get into the bedroom and change your clothes, also without being seen. This also needs to be done before 6am.
Johnny - You're not making this easy for me.
SB - Would you rather you had been evicted for real?
Johnny - You've made your point. Could I have a Chinese takeaway instead of a pizza?
SB - Sim Brother will get back to you.

Unexpected Exposure

2.11pm - An unexpected lightning strike has caused one of the trees by the pool to burst into flames. Like moths drawn to a candle, all of the housemates who have been fishing rushed to the tree to get a closer look. Jack, who was having a shower at the time, even rushed out to see what was going on and got dangerously close. (Ed: Not close enough). Fortunately, the rain did extinguish the fire and the skies also cleared, leaving Harry and Gordon quite amused, Hilary quite shocked and Jack very embarrassed.


About Last Night

2.57pm - The housemates are still around the lake fishing. Jack has got dressed and has been called to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (HM) - Hello, Jack. How are you today?
Jack - Apart from an incident just recently, I am feeling great. Because I have been here, I feel that justice has been served. Now I know the public would rather have me in here than Johnny, I will therefore commence a program I have to apply my principles of decency to the house.
SB - Do you think that is the right way to do it?
Jack - With the public behind me, they have no choice.

Gordon and Mia are fishing and are enjoying the brighter weather. They are talking about last night's eviction.

Gordon - I don't get it. What the **** has Johnny done to make him be evicted? He didn't make waves, he was friendly and worked hard.
Mia - I don't understand either, honey. Perhaps something has happened outside to tarnish his image, or he has done something we haven't seen/
Gordon - He's hardly Nasty Nick, though.
Mia - Who?
Gordon - He was a housemate on a similar show on another channel from many years ago. Very devious and crafty, but he got caught out.
Mia - Ahhhh. It just doesn't seem right that Johnny's gone. I just hope that the vote was close if you know what I mean.

Mind your language, Gordon

5.35pm - Most of the housemates are in the lounge. There has been some success with today's fishing. Gordon and Jack are cleaning the showers.

Jack - I think it would work to your advantage if you moderated your language, young man.
Gordon - I beg your pardon?
Jack - Swearing is not big or manly. It's childish and petty. I intend to stamp it out in this house.
Gordon - Who the **** do you think you are telling me how I am supposed to speak?
Jack - I'm the guy who is still here. One of the rabble rousers left last night. The public sent the house a message saying that they do not tolerate perverts and troublemakers. I am here to enforce the public's wishes. If you still swear, I assure you that you will be out of this house very soon.
Gordon - Jack, if you shut the **** up, so will I.
Jack - I rest my case.

Jack calls a Meeting

7.12pm - Jack has called a house meeting and has requested the boardroom. He is seated at the top of the table. All of the housemates are assembled. The meeting has been going on for 12 minutes. Jack's ideas are not being well received.

Snoop - What you say don't mean jack****, Jackass!
Trisha - I agree with Snoop here, Jack. Four people faced the public last week. I don't understand why Johnny left, but he did. We can't change that. You are still here. I don't understand why you feel that you have a public mandate. None of us knows how the public feel about us. You could have just been one vote behind Johnny, I don't know.
Jack - Exactly, you don't know. I believe that the public are opposed to people like Johnny, people who buck the trends and cause trouble.

Hilary - So I could have had a lot of people voting for me too?
Jack - Hilary, you're a good clean Simerican girl. They should not have anything against you.
Hilary - Thankyou.

The housemates have not noticed a shadowy figure creep into the house through the back door, hugging the walls and going into the bathroom to get to the bedroom. Once he is there, he manages to change out of his suit and grab some everyday clothes before exiting the way that he came.


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