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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 17 (Sunday 29 April 2007)
Stealth & Surprises
Commando Johnny

It's Day 17 in the Sim Brother house. Most of the housemates are getting uneasy due to Jack's attempt to impose his values and standards on their lives and the house. The housemates now need to be self-sufficient until further notice. This has involved many of them fishing in the lake and tending to the garden.

3.48am - Johnny has been fishing at a secluded spot mainly hidden from the house by his temporary accommodation. He has been fishing for 2 hours and has caught only one fish. In order to complete his mission, he needs to catch another two fish and get them into the fridge by 6am and without being seen. He has 2 hours and 12 minutes.

5.31am - With 29 minutes to spare, Johnny has managed to catch three fish and has crept into the house in order to stock the fridge. The rest of the housemates are all asleep in the bedroom.

All of them apart from Trisha, who is having trouble sleeping.

5.33am - Johnny has heard movement from the bedroom and is now hiding in the bathroom. Trisha is now using the toilet next to him.

Troubled Trisha

5.48am - Trisha has decided to go to the Diary Room for an early morning chat with Sim Brother. Johnny takes the opportunity to make a run for it.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - Good morning, Trisha. How are you?
Trisha - Good morning, Sim Brother. I can't sleep. I have too much on my mind.
SB - Would you like to talk about it?

Trisha - He's a nice guy in small doses, but Jack is throwing his weight around too much. Just because he didn't get evicted, he's sure he has the public behind him 100%. I thought I was a good judge of public mood but I don't understand how he can have avoided going on Friday. I was sure that the public would have voted him out.
SB - Have you spoken to Jack about it?
Trisha - It's so difficult. He's convinced we are wrong and he is right. He is firm in his convictions, which in most cases is respectable, but in here, it is a pain in the-
SB - Sim Brother understands. How are you getting on with the other housemates?
Trisha - I don't really think I have a bad word to say about any of them. Some are quieter than others, but that's true of groups everywhere.
SB - And is there anyone in particular you get on with?
Trisha - Strangely enough, I've developed a close relationship with Snoop. I admit it might only last while we are in here. I do get the impression that Hilary has a soft spot for him.
SB - Is there anything to back up this impression of yours?
Trisha - It is just the way she looks at him. Britney also looked at him with those girlie eyes of hers. I can't believe it! I'm jealous and I'm old enough to be his mum.
SB - Sim Brother is here at all times for you, Trisha.
Trisha - Thankyou, Sim Brother.

Rotten Johnny

6.35am - Johnny is back in his hider's home. The telephone is ringing. He goes and answers it.

Johnny - No, I don't want a timeshare in the Dominican Republic!
Sim Brother (JEJ) - This ... is Sim Brother.
Johnny - You're kidding me yes?
SB - No, Sim Brother is not kidding you.
Johnny - I'm kidding you, though. What can I do today for you, Sim Brother?
SB - Yesterday, you helped the housemates. From the moment they take their next shower until midnight, two housemates only have their underwear at their disposal. You are to select those two housemates. Failure to select two housemates means your immediate return to the house and facing the public vote this week.
Johnny - That's cruel ... and I love it. The first one is easy. Jack. The second one is not so easy. I would have to pick Snoop, but I think he can take a joke.
SB - Thankyou, Johnny. You are on your own today to find your own food. Enjoy your last day in the Hider's home.
Johnny - No problem with the first one. I swiped some leftovers. Thanks.

Risk of Being Rumbled

10.33am - Mia and Gordon are fishing by the lake in the garden. They are talking about food.

Gordon - It's strange. I checked the fridge this morning. There are more fish in there than I can remember being there last night.
Mia - That's odd. There was a plate of leftovers in there last night and it is no longer there. If you say there is more fish in there, then it cancels it out, I suppose.
Gordon - It's ******* weird, though.
Mia - Who do you think it was?
Gordon - It could be anyone.

11.28am - Mia and Gordon have stopped fishing and are just chatting about Sim Brother.

Mia - Apart from feeding ourselves, We haven't got a task as such.
Gordon - We might get one today. Sim Brother is probably decking out the shed. I think I'll go and see if I can have a look in the windows.
Mia - Sim Brother will tell you not to.
Gordon - If there is nothing to hide, there is nothing for him to stop me for.

11.32am - Gordon is walking towards the Hider's Home. Trisha comes alls from the door of the house.

Trisha - Guys, Jack is calling another meeting.
Mia - When?
Trisha - Now. Sorry.
Gordon - Damn. He spoils all of our fun. Can't Sim Brother give him an ambulance to chase and get him off our backs?

The Great Administrator speaks

11.45am - The housemates are gathered in the lounge. Jack is in the chair.

Jack - I have thought long and hard and I have decided we must have a rota to see to cooking, cleaning and gardening. I have chosen to make it simple. Gordon, Harry and Hilary will do it today. Mia, Snoop and Trisha will do it tomorrow. Then on Wednesday, Gordon, Harry and Hilary are back at work and so forth.
Harry - Jack, what day will you be doing the chores?
Jack - My role is administrative for all days. I won't have a day off. Without administration, everything falls apart. Also, if there is a workload that is too hard, I will roll up my sleeves and join in.
Hilary - And if it isn't, you just get to sit there and barking orders?
Jack - I call it "providing guidance".
Snoop - This idea is so full of shizzle.
Jack - Stop moaning, Snoopy. You've got today off.
Snoop - The Doggfather don't do no manual labour. Why don't you work, Jackass? I'll just ... entertain.
Jack - My decision is final, Doggy.

1.29pm - Jack and Snoop have had a shower. They discovered that their clothes had been taken and there were no other outfits in their closets. Only their underwear had been left.

Jack - This is not amusing. Which of you jerks took our clothes?
Snoop - Yeah, I want my threads.
Hilary - Snoop, only a few days ago, you were showing off your assets and now you want to cover them up?
Snoop - It's not funny!
Trisha - For whoever took the clothes, kudos to them.
Jack - Queue Dos? Don't talk computers to me!
Gordon - A concept you might not understand. I don't think it was any of us here, you two. It is ******* funny, though.
Snoop - Thinking about it, I've got it so I'd better flaunt it.

Enough is Enough

7.05pm - Jack and Snoop have been without their clothes for almost six hours. Jack has stayed away from the rest of the house by staying in the bedroom. Snoop appears to be enjoying the experience. He is with the other housemates in the lounge. They are talking about Jack.

Gordon - I'm sorry but he does my ******* head in.
Harry - He can be a bloody nice bloke, but I think he's got it into his head he's Housemate Number One.
Snoop - He shows no respect so he gets no respect from me.
Mia - I'm sorry, I don't really know who he is. I just don't like being told what to do.
Trisha - I'm with Mia. Who actually is he? If he was doing the law on a TV show, I might have a bit more time for him. I know who Judge Judy is and I've caught a bit of SimCity Legal, but who is Jack?
Hilary - He some lawyer who doesn't like videogames. When I was taking breaks while filming "Lizzie McGuire does Dallas", I like playing videogames. "Real People 3" is one of my favourites. Simotronic Arts even made my likeness, and Lola. She's my dog.
Trisha - Awwww, I bet you miss her.
Hilary - I do. Anyway, Jack said "Real People 3" and the people who made it were evil. It's a fun game. I like it and so do millions of other people. He also had something to do with the people who made "AutoTheft" and something to do with hot coffee. I'm not into driving games, though. He has upset a lot of people.
Gordon - He's upset all of us and I've had enough. I'm leaving.
Harry - What? You can't do that.
Gordon - That **** told me I couldn't ******* swear. The only one who can tell me that is Will Wright. I know I'll miss my interview with him, but I'm going. If anyone else wants to come with me, feel free.
Snoop - Yeah, count me in. I'm with you, bro.
Trisha - Not much point staying for me either if he's going to be bossing us around and not listening.
Mia - I can think of better things to do than have him order me around.
Hilary - Me too.
Harry - To heck with it, he can win by default. I'd rather be ordered around by my Commanding officer than some wannabe.

All is Revealed

7.15pm - The six housemates have all come to the diary room.

Sim Brother (A) - Good evening, housemates. This is a large turnout from you.
Gordon - I think I speak for all of us, Sim Brother. We're ******g sick of Jack. We can't reason with him. We've tried. We can't be ****d trying again. We'd like to leave now, please.

The others voice their agreement.

SB - Perhaps Sim Brother can get you to change your mind. Please return to the lounge and watch the plasma screen. If you still wish to leave after that, Sim Brother will talk to you again.

They all gather in the Lounge. Jack is instructed to join them. The plasma screen turns on to show Johnny in the Hider Home. There is a mixture of emotions from the housemates.

Hilary - Hey, it's Johnny!
Gordon - I'm gobsmacked.
Jack - What the **** is going on?

SB - Johnny, this is Sim Brother. It is hoped you enjoyed your stay in your Hider's Home in the garden. You are now welcome to return to the Sim Brother House.
Johnny - Earlier than planned, but thanks.

Johnny leaves the Hider Home and returns to the house. He is greeted by most of the other housemates who are pleased to see him.

Jack - I demand to know what is going on. The public have been defrauded here and I will take up their case so they get repaid if you're bringing back in an evicted housemate. TSZ is going to be-
SB - Now did Sim Brother ever say Johnny had been evicted? Johnny was only told firmly to leave the house. Also, the observant among you may have noticed his picture frame has not gone blank.
Harry - I can't say that I noticed.
Trisha - Now I'm confused.

The Real Result

Will Wright - sim Brother house, this is Will. Thankyou for your kind words earlier, Gordon. Last week, the public voted for who they wished to have evicted from the Sim Brother house. Instead of that eviction taking place, Sim Brother played a trick on you all. Instead, Sim Brother selected a nominee who was nowhere near being evicted and hid them in the little house in the garden. However, Sim Brother also promised that the public's wishes would be respected. Sim Brother is keeping its word. With 57% of the public vote, the second person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house will leave immediately through the front door and come directly to the studio. That housemate is ...


Stay tuned as our eviction interview with Jack will be coming up very shortly!


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