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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Jack's Eviction Special
Jack's out!

You voted him out last Friday but Sim Brother kept him in just that little bit longer. In tonight's shock eviction, he left through the back door and he's here now. It's Jack!

Will Wright - Hello, Jack. Firstly, how does it feel to have been evicted?
Jack - As I should have been evicted on Friday, I will be taking legal action against Sim Brother and TSZ for false imprisonment.
WW - That isn't really answering my question.
Jack - I don't care about your questions. I have been humiliated, degraded and lied to.
WW - You could say perhaps that Sim Brother has treated you like you have treated others.
Jack - That's slander!
WW - Personally, I'd say that's true.

Jack - Then you will be sued as a personal case that not attached to any corporation-
WW - Jack, just answer the blasted questions and then we can wrap this interview up.
Jack - Ok, ok. I am glad to be out. I am glad that the truth has been come out about your fraudulent treatment. I would have preferred chance to change into my suit but I am glad to be out of that sinful hellhole nevertheless.
WW - Who did you get on with the best?
Jack - I suppose it was that ginger Royal guy. Prince Harold or Henry or whatever he's really named. He behaved himself all of the time that I was in there.

WW - Do you feel he deserves to win?
Jack - This show deserves to be cancelled before it finishes and if I have anything to do with it, it will be.
WW - So who did you get on with the least?
Jack - That foul-mouthed cook who is so incompetant, he can't even cook a TV dinner without setting the sprinklers off.
WW - I thought it would have been Snoop. Why Gordon?
Jack - He let me sleep with my face in my dinner.
WW - There is a saying "Let sleeping dogs lie".
Jack - That's a defamatory statement. I am not a dog!

WW - I didn't mean it like that.
Jack - So you say! We'll let the courts decide among the many other things they have coming up, porn peddler!
WW - I beg your pardon?
Jack - You have created a virtual world where people are permitted to have genitalia!
WW - Only through modding. We had pixellation covering what could be construed as offensive. Also, for those who were able to remove the pixellation, all that was found underneath was nothing. Ken & Barbie had more.
Jack - By not condemning the modders, you condoned them. Therefore, by association, you are a porn peddler.
WW - Hey, I am not on trial here! I am trying to conduct a sensible interview.

Jack - As far as I'm concerned, this interview is a farce. Another ploy from TSZ to humiliate me further. Instead, it has given me the opportunity to begin my campaign of massive law suits against all of the housemates, TSZ, Sim Brother, Simotronic Arts and you.
WW - Thankyou for your time in the house, Jack. I wouldn't say you have been a great housemate.
Jack - I'm not going anywhere! I'm staying here and stating my case.
WW - Then your microphone is turned off. I'm leaving.
Jack - And I haven't finished with you!!

When argument fails ...

What followed should not be seen by sensitive eyes. Before anyone knew it, Jack and Will were brawling on the stage. When the dust cleared, Will came out standing. Jack was taken away by security guards.

Will's Final Words

Will Wright - I am very sorry about that. This has been the worst eviction interview and the worst evictee I have ever had to deal with in my five seasons of Sim Brother. Regretably, I am quite sure that will have not heard the last from Jack. I will be back on Friday when another housemate will be evicted and things should be back to normal. Tomorrow, the housemates have a new task and have to make their nominations. Keep following the show and thankyou for watching.


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