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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 18 (Monday 30 April 2007)
Nominations and Bricks
Sudden Arousal

It's Day 18 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the majority of the housemates told Sim Brother they wished to leave. Johnny was returned to the Sim Brother house earlier than scheduled and Jack was evicted without any ceremony or opportunity to get dressed. The housemates enjoyed the rest of their day welcoming Johnny back and generally unwinding. Most of them did not get to bed until about 2am.

7.30am - AWOOGAH ! AWOOGAH !
The housemates are rudely awakened by a claxon.

Sim Brother (C) - This is Sim Brother. All housemates will immediately assemble in the lounge for this week's nominations. Apart from when making nominations in the Diary Room, housemates will remain in the lounge until the nominations are complete.

The housemates assemble in the lounge as they are instructed.

SB - Because he completed his secret task successfully, Johnny is immune from nominations this week. Because he discussed with another housemate his intention to throw a task and force certain housemates to face eviction last week, Johnny is not eligible to nominate this week. Will Gordon please come to the Diary Room?


Gordon - Believe it or not, I really like the group now. You're just being mean throwing nominations at us before we've had a chance to settle. However, I suppose my first nomination will be Trisha. I don't think the house needs a mother and she's taken on that role without being asked. My second nomination is Harry. He is not as outgoing as the other housemates. Perhaps its the blue blood or something. I expected more of him. There goes my knighthood, I suppose.

Harry - The first housemate I am going to nominate is Trisha. She's a really nice lady and has done nothing wrong, really. I just don't quite identify with her. The second housemate I am going to nominate is Gordon. I admit it is a tough choice. He swears more than people in my regiment and after a while, it gets somewhat grating. Almost as bad is someone else's izzling every other minute.

Hilary - I don't want to do this. It's not fair. Here goes, though. Trisha is the first person I am nominating because I don't really know much about her. She keeps herself to herself. She's a nice lady, but I just don't know her. Mia is the second person I am nominating. She's also really nice but I think she'd rather be home with her family.

Mia - Hello, Sim Brother. I'll make this quick. I have decided to nominate Hilary. She's a sweet girl but I think she's not quite fathomed what this is all about. The second housemate I am nominating is going to be Snoop, Apart from his izzling all of the time, I don't think he pulls his weight as much as the others. Very entertaining but we need workers in here if we are to fill the fridge.

With three votes and only two other housemates to vote, Trisha will definitely be facing the public vote. Gordon, Harry, Hilary and Mia all have one vote each.

Snoop - Yo, Sim Brizzle. First one I'm going to say is Mia. Great lady but not fun enough. I say let her get back to kicking her balls around. Second one is Gordon. He's bossy and he just bores the pants off of me.

Trisha is the last housemate to make her nominations.

Trisha - Hello, Sim Brother. It's a bit of a pain being the last in the alphabet and seeing everyone coming and going and not knowing where to look when they sit down. Anyway, here goes. My first nomination is going to be Gordon because I think he is trying to control what goes on in the kitchen and doesn't want to give anyone else a chance. The second is Harry. He's a lovely young man but he's just being a bit too quiet. Perhaps its his royal nature, I don't know, but I would have rather he came out of his shell a bit more.

8.15am - The housemates have completed making their nominations.

Sim Brother (C) - This is Sim Brother. In alphabetical order, the housemates facing the public vote this week will be ...

Gordon and Trisha

The Sim Brother Brick Building Business

8.22am - The housemates are still sat around the couches in the lounge.

SB - Housemates, for the remainder of the week, you will be working for the Sim Brother Corporation Toy Division. An attempt to build a scale model of the Great Wall of China using only SimFit © has revealed a shortage of 200 bricks and the SBC has to fill the contract. The Sim Brother Factory in the garden is now set up as a production line and is open for business. On the plasma screen, you can see the two machines that you will be using.
Gordon - What a pity Jack is no longer here. If one of us cuts our finger, he can legally represent us to sue Sim Brother for damages.
Trisha - Shush, Gordon!
SB - Sim Brother's grand randomiser has appointed Harry as Project Manager. His duties are to monitor production and ensure that the house runs properly.
Harry - I'll do my best for you, everyone.
SB - Until further notice, housemates are free to continue life as normal. Your Project Manager will be informing you of the specific details of this task. Harry, please come to the diary room.

Gordon is cooking in the kitchen. Snoop and Hilary are having a pillow fight. Hilary has quickly got dressed and is out watering the flowers in the garden.

SB - The machines are to be running constantly from 12 noon today until either 200 toy bricks have been built or until 12pm on Thursday. This means you will have to work out shift patterns for the housemates. The only time a machine can stop is during a changeover and one machine must still be running at this time.
Harry - I understand.
SB - If a worker stops, he must be replaced immediately. In the event of a machine breaking down, it must be repaired immediately. While the housemates have this assignment, the garden must also be maintained and food provided.
Harry - You don't make it very easy, do you.

All's well than ends well

2.28pm - It is raining very heavily outside and there is a distant rumble of thunder. Following Hilary's watering just hours earlier, it has seriously damaged the vegetable plots. Harry and Johnny have been working on the machines for almost two and a half hours. Johnny is the one to bring up the subject about why he got excluded from voting.

Johnny - I'm sorry for what I said. I just wanted to get Jack out as soon as I could.
Harry - As it was, I ended up losing us the match, so it is not your fault. Whatever happened, he's gone. I quite liked him but not as much as most of the other people here. He had principles but towards the end, he just got too big for his own boots. I do not think he will be coming back.

Thoughts on Eviction

10.28pm - Harry has been in bed since after he had a shower, just after the end of his shift. Gordon and Mia are on the second shift. She is asking him about who he feels to be facing the public vote.

Gordon - It had to happen sometime. It's a process of reduction.
Mia - I thought I would be up as well.
Gordon - We like you here. I rub people up the wrong way. Actually, I don't give a **** whether people like me or not. I'm who I am.
Mia - Do you think you'll be going on Friday?
Gordon - I don't know, love. I'd like to be here a bit longer, but they decide.

Polls are now open and will remain open until Friday night. You can vote ever eight hours for which housemate you wish to see evicted.


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