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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 19 (Tuesday 1 May 2007)
Time and Motion, Work and Play
Time and Motion

It's Day 19 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the housemates made their nominations and the result was that Gordon and Trisha will be facing the public vote this week. The housemates have also become Brick Builders for the week, led by Harry, and trying to fulfil a 200-brick contract for the SBC Toy Division. Harry has already sorted out shifts to try and ensure maximum production.

Management Decisions

1.08am - Snoop and Trisha are working the night shift. Trisha turned up almost thirty minutes late to change over, although Gordon did not appear to object. He actually lounged on the couch for a few hours before going to bed. Harry is in the bathroom with Johnny. He is talking about the task.

Harry - I hope you don't mind me sounding off. What do you think about reducing shifts to 4 hours from 6 hours?
Johnny - On the one hand, it means we have less time between shifts. On the other hand, it means that while we are working, we should be more efficient.
Harry - Good. I'll let Hilary know we're taking off Snoop & Trisha two hours early.

Considering the Future

6.04pm - The four-hour shift patterns have increased productivity and effectiveness of the brick building. Both of the machines in the Factory have been running non-stop for over a day and over half of the required bricks have already been crafted. Mia has come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (C) - Hello, Mia. How are you finding the task?
Mia - It's good. It gives us something to do, but it is a bit tiring. I hope the house pass this task. There is something on my mind, though. I think my time here is coming to an end and I would like to leave.
SB - Why is that, Mia?

Mia - I am missing my family. Shortly before the series began, I'd just had twins. I really should not have come here but I thought I would still carry it out to promote WUSA and our need for support.
SB - Sim Brother thinks it is commendable that you put your principles first.
Mia - I do not want to go immediately. I do not want to let my other housemates down with this task.
SB - Have you spoken to your fellow housemates about it?
Mia - No, but I intend to. My mind is made up, though. I don't know if you have children. I feel I have made my point about the WUSA and it is time for me to go home and be with my family.
SB - Sim Brother understands completely. Unless you change your mind after the task is complete and wish to stay, Sim Brother will make sure your departure is as swift and comfortable as possible.
Mia - I don't wish go out at the same time as Trisha or Gordon. It is their night and I would not wish to steal their moment.
SB - Sim Brother will make the arrangements. Thankyou for bringing this to Sim Brother's attention so arrangements for a replacement housemate can be found.
Mia - Thankyou for being so understanding, Sim Brother.

Work and Play

10.38pm - Snoop and Hilary are having another pillowfight in the lounge. Mia is sleeping in time for her next shift at Midnight. Johnny and Gordon are working the late evening shift. Harry has been overseeing it and waiting for his next shift.

Trisha - Harry, do you think we'll have made all of the bricks in time?
Harry - Everyone has been doing really well. I don't want to lighten anything up in the event I am wrong so by this time tomorrow, we should be finished.
Johnny - I'm quite enjoying this task. Perhaps we should carry on making bricks as long as the machines are here and see if Sim Brother will buy them from us ... for a profit.
Gordon - At the very least, we deserve an end of project party. Ouch, I've just scratched myself. Where is Jack when you need him? Just kidding!! Honest.


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