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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 20 (Wednesday 2 May 2007)
Dr. Phil is Seeing Red
Let's Do It!

People like things to be predictable. They like to know where their next meal is coming from, to know who their friends are and who they are going to see tomorrow. Housemates are no exception but Sim Brother is predictably unpredictable. Is Sim Brother playing fair by doing it this way? I don't think so.

In Dr.Phil Gets Psychological this week, I'm looking Sim Brother's use of colour in the house. Relaxing haven from the pressures of the outside world or Sim Brother's own goldfish bowl to tweak around and mess with the minds of the housemates? We're seeing red.

Let's do it!

Seeing Red with Sim Brother

Personally, I think colour therapy is a load of hogwash, but if it helps me pad out an article for Sim Brother as I still haven't gotten over you guys evicting Jack, I am going to say it is a wonderful thing.

One constant throughout this series of Sim Brother has been the omnipresent eye. Last series, the kindly eye of a Maxis producer was used as the basis for the green eye of Sim Brother 4. This time, a more abstract approach has been used for the red eye of Sim Brother V and it is being used in more places than before, reminding the housemates that they are being watched. Gone is the soft fuzzy green eye and in comes a bold sharp red one.

A colour scheme of red, white and black appears to be a common factor throughout the house and you'll seldom see Sim Brother deviate from this. Even the bath is red. There are red counters in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Even the counters in the bathroom include some red ones. Only a chrome fridge seems to break the theme somewhat, but that might just be part of Sim Brother being predictably unpredictable.

White shows the purity of Sim Brother. This house appears more like a laboratory than something more suitable for Simlebrity Love Island, therefore white is a common colour being used. Nevertheless, it is complemented by Black. Black can stand for elitism and style, but personally, I think it stands for more for Sim Brother's evil and malevolent flipside.

The main colour this year is red and Sim Brother expects the housemates to see it. Red stimulates action and the central nervous system. Having it as a primary colour in the bedroom is either a bad choice or a deliberate one from Sim Brother. It can explain why there has been a lot of disturbed sleeping in that bedroom.

Every so often, Sim Brother may change a colour of shade or put in a new light altogether or change a wall. The housemates are almost always on their toes and that is how Sim Brother seems to like it.

Does Sim Brother appear concerned about the housemates being on edge? Apparently not, and that is how it is probably going to stay.

Before we go to see what has been going on in the house today, it's time to find out what we can about the betting on this week's nominations.

Money Talk

Edwin Hoyle from Simbrokes has joined us again. Hi, Edwin!

Edwin - Hello again, Dr.Phil.
Dr.Phil - What can you tell us about this week's betting?
Edwin - It is quite a close-run thing at the moment but it did take some time taking off.
Dr.Phil - What did that tell you?
Edwin - It can mean many things. The public don't know what Sim Brother is playing at, especially following the Johnny & Jack deception that weekend. Therefore, they don't know if their bet is going to be wasted.
Dr.Phil - Do you feel that is the case here?
Edwin - No. Jack is out and is not moving back into the house.
Dr.Phil - That's a shame. So if it isn't about Jack, what is it about?
Edwin - Another theory is that to do with where the majority of our betting comes from, which is Simerica. Simericans don't know these two housemates as well as homegrown evictees such as Britney and Jack. Therefore, they do not have much of an opinion either way about them. Why waste their votes and bets on what does not look like a certainty? Another third theory is that these two are both popular with the viewers and they don't want to lose either of them.
Dr.Phil - So what are the odds at the moment?
Edwin - Too close to call, Phil. One housemate has about 55% of the betting and another has 45%. 11-8 ON and Evens respectively. As there are only two of them, I cannot give you any further hints as to who is going. Only that the likely evictee is going to be Simlish.
Dr.Phil - On this occasion, I understand. Has Simbrokes been running any other betting on Sim Brother this week?
Edwin - This week's task has created a lot of interest. Currently, the favourite in the betting for that is that they will pass and quite comfortably. The odds for them failing it is at about 4-1.
Dr.Phil - Any other Sim Brother betting?
Edwin - Mia's leaving plans have caused some interest. Betting is close as to whether she will go on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday.
Dr.Phil - What about Friday?
Edwin - Despite it having been done before with Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year when Leo and Carole were interviewed seperately on the same day, it is unlikely. Currently 5-1 on that with Evens on the others. The most interest is with the "Snoopisha" and "Harrilary" partnerships. It is predicted that situations will come to a head before this weekend. Harry is spending all of his spare time in the factory and Hilary is spending more time with Snoop. Indications are that the attraction is mutual.
Dr.Phil - That's going to cause some sparks. Thankyou for your time, Edwin.
Edwin - It's my pleasure, Dr.Phil.

From the latest betting news, we'll take a break but come back soon to find out what the housemates did on Day 20 (Wednesday) and today. If you can, make that vote count.

Behind the Camera

The Official Line

Due to industrial action from our cameramen and sound technicians, our daily reports are running behind by approximately 24 hours. All being well, the house report for Day 20 will be along shortly and the report for Day 21 be with us in the next 8 hours.

The Unofficial Line

The housemates are not doing as they are told. Until they get a move on, we've got no pictures apart from these ones you see here. Hopefully, they will be doing as they are told in the next few hours.

Dag dag!


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