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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 21 (Thursday 3 May 2007)
The Coming Storm
Making the Most of It

It's Day 21 in the Sim Brother house.

Yesterday, the housemates completed their Brickbuilding Task with 18 hours to spare. With the workbenches still available until noon, the housemates are free to use the benches for their own purposes.

9.08am - There are completed bricks scattered around the garden still awaiting collection. Mia and Trisha, who were the pair on duty when the task was complete, are both in the factory working on the benches. Mia is trying her hand at making clowns-in-the-box and Trisha is making toy fire engines. The subject of leaving comes up.

Trisha - I heard from Gordon you're thinking of going.
Mia - I realised I miss my family too much, Trisha.
Trisha - We both might be leaving together, then.
Mia - I told Sim Brother I do not want to leave on the same day as an evictee. I can wait until Saturday or Sunday.
Trisha - Well, whatever day you do, it would be good to meet up after this. I've enjoyed getting to know you.
Mia - Don't be so negative, Trisha. It could be Gordon who goes. Personally, I don't want to see either of you go while I am still here but I will have a friend to look forward to meeting when I do go.

No Regrets

12.38am - Trisha and Mia have completed four fire engines and clowns each before they have to return to the house to allow Sim Brother to take the benches and bricks away. Gordon is cooking a Simoan recipe for bass in a special sauce. Sim Brother has finally provided Gordon with the spices he needs. He sits down with Harry. Again, the subject of tomorrow's eviction comes up.

Harry - I know we haven't quite seen eye to eye on certain things, Gordon, but I will be sorry if you go tomorrow. You have been a great worker during the task. We could not have done it without you.
Gordon - We all worked well, Harry. However, if I go, it's meant to be. I don't expect I have any chance to win this show anyway. I'm just too outspoken. I think you have a chance to shine, though.
Harry - If you don't go, I would like us to become friends. I regret not having got to know you better in the past few weeks.
Gordon - I have no regrets, Harry. If I do get to stay, I might even let you have a kickybag rematch.

The Coming Storm

5.38pm - Hilary and Snoop have been having a waterballoon fight in the garden for most of the afternoon. Gordon and Johnny have been clearing up the leaves in the garden. Gordon made the most of his task uniform for that purpose before it was taken back. Gordon was raking the leaves and Johnny was putting them in the compost.

Johnny (looking at the sky) - It looks as though there is a storm coming.
Harry - In more ways than one, I think. I think there is going to be fireworks quite soon and not of the partying kind. I just don't want to be around when they go off.

The End of Snoopisha?

9.32pm - Gordon is in the bathroom unclogging the toilet. Snoop and Trisha are at the table having a late supper.

Snoop - You off your food, woman?
Trisha - I just have a few things on my mind.
Snoop - I'll have it if you don't want it.
Trisha - Aren't you concerned what is bothering me?
Snoop - Ok, so tell me what is bothering you.
Trisha - If I leave tomorrow, will you miss me?
Snoop - I guess, but I'm a survivor, fo' shizzle. I'll come out on top.
Trisha - Help yourself, Snoop. I'm going to bed.

The Start of Something New

11.28pm - The other housemates have gone to bed. Hilary and Snoop are in the lounge talking.

Snoop - I don't know if I told you but you is some foxy lady, Hizzarizzle.
Hilary (giggling) - Hizzarizzle?
Snoop - It's my pet name for you.
Hilary - So I'm your new pet am I?
Snoop - Well, I am the Doggfather so it fits.
Hilary - Is that your way of saying that you like me?
Snoop - Fo' shizzle, Hizzarizzle.
Hilary - Then you'd better show me ... privately. Follow me.

Hilary leads him to the bathroom. What happens next does not need explaining.


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