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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 34 (Wednesday 20 February 2002)
Eviction Day No.2
On The Morning
Tony was up early and reading a political magazine. Although he was not up for eviction, Tony was thinking about the outside world.

By 8am, all of the housemates but Anna and Jennifer were up having breakfast. The nominees were enjoying a "sleep in" to prepare themselves for what could be a stressful day.
Jennifer was up by 9:45 and was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

Anne and Davina had a girlie gossip about their respective "boyfriends" and wondered whether their relationships would hold up in the outside world. Both of them thought that their careers might get in the way and neither of them could be sure. Somehow the subject of real-life partners did not come into the conversation.

By 12 noon, Anna was up and cooking what could be her last lunch in the house. She was concerned that she might not be so lucky this time around.

In The Tub
Tom told Davina that he wished there were some weights available for him to work out on ... but she thought that was not such a good idea. Anne and Jennifer joined them and Davina said that she hoped they could have a bit of a party to make the atmosphere more relaxed for them all.

The Waiting Game
On the afternoon, Jennifer told Anne that when she leaves the house, she was thinking of going on a trek around South America to study the breeding grounds of llamas. She might be able to use the experience when she works on her next film - "My Beautiful Florists". Anne said nothing.

Anna took what could be her last dip in the hot tub. Sadly for the viewers, this picture was completely censored and not broadcast.
Sim Brother had heard the girls talking earlier and provided a punchbowl for them to help relax. Anna told Tony that when she leaves the house, she plans to go on a sailing holiday. Tony told her the break might do her good before she gets back into practice for Simbledon. When it was approaching the "Evicting Hour", Jennifer and Anna sat down together on one of the couches.

Who's Leaving Tonight?
Davina was telling the others that watching "The Poseidon Adventure" had put her off sailing when when Will's voice could be heard.

"Sim Brother House, this is Will. Can you hear me?" They all said that they could. "There are two nominees for eviction this week. All the votes have been counted and verified by an independent assessor. The second person to leave the Sim Brother house will be -"



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