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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 22 (Friday 4 May 2007)
Eviction Night #3
It's Friday Night, It's Eviction Night #3

Hi there, I'm Will Wright, it's Friday night and it's Eviction Night!

No tricks this time. It is going to be a straightforward eviction. This week, you have been voting whether to evict Gordon or Trisha from the Sim Brother house. Following a slow start, voting has picked up and I can say at this stage it is fairly close.

All I am hoping for is a normal interview and a smooth transition.

Yesterday, Johnny felt a storm was coming but Gordon sees one of another sort. We saw the housemates unwinding following the task but saw the groundwork for what could be an explosive confrontation. Sim Brother is on high alert.

Let us see how the housemates spent their day and a day that one housemate will not be seeing the end of.

Sleeping Badly

It's Day 22 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, the housemates were unwinding and resuming a normal sleep pattern following the end of the exhausting Brick Building Task. It was a day that saw friction between Trisha & Snoop but also perhaps the start of something between Snoop and Hilary.

Many of the housemates did not sleep that well. Johnny and Mia both needed to get up in the night to use the bathroom.

5.22am - Harry was quite restless during the night having what appeared to be bad dreams. In the end, he gets up and comes to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (A) - Hello, Harry. How are you today?
Harry - Trouble sleeping.
SB - Can Sim Brother get you anything to help you sleep?
Harry - Not sure.
SB - Would you like to talk about it?
Harry - Don't know.
SB - Is it trouble with another housemate?
Harry - Might be.
SB (muttering) - You might be a royal but you're not making this easy.
Harry - Pardon?
SB - Do you feel you might be a bit brighter after you've tried to get to sleep again?
Harry - Might do.
SB - The door is open, Harry.

The Storm Breaks

10.12am - The storm that Johnny predicted yesterday finally arrived. Starting as a normal rainshower, it built up in intensity. From heavy continuous rain, it built up to a thunderstorm. Another lightning strike hit another tree in the garden, causing it to burst into flames. However, the rain persisted and ultimately put the fire out.

Hurricane Trisha

6.12pm - Mia spends the afternoon fishing in the garden and manages to catch quite a few large fish. In the lounge, Hilary and Snoop are not hiding the fact that they are now more than just friends. This is the first time Trisha has noticed. Her reaction is not positive.

Trisha - You just couldn't wait until I had gone, could you!!
Snoop - Hey, what's your problem?
Trisha - I've been up for eviction all week and what support did you give me? None! All you care about is your own precious ego, Doggbreath!
Hilary - I thought you and Snoop were finished.

Trisha - We certainly are now! And I thought better of you, Hilary.
Hilary - I'm so sorry.

Sim Brother (A) - Trisha, please come to the Diary Room immediately.

Trisha - I'm so very sorry, Sim Brother. I don't know what came over me.
SB - Trisha, you know that Sim Brother has a very low tolerance to acts of violence in the house. You are given your first formal warning.
Trisha - I understand, and again I apologise. I am probably out of here tonight anyway.
SB - You do not need any recommendations on how to conduct yourself in future in a civilised manner. The door is open, Trisha.

Last Moments?

10.48pm - The weather in the Sim Brother house has cleared somewhat. Gordon has been lounging on the love seat in the garden looking into the house. Housemates are going about their business in readiness for tonight's eviction. The situation between Trisha and "Snoopilary" has calmed down but there still is a chill in the air.

11.55pm - All of the housemates are gathered in the lounge as instructed. It is time to visit the house and give them the news.

Will Wright - Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright.
All - Good evening, Will.
WW - You are live on TSZ Livestream © so please do not swear. Gordon and Trisha, you have both been facing the public vote this week to be evicted from the house. The polls have now closed. The votes have been counted, checked and verified. The third person to be evicted from the Sim Brother V house will be ...


Stay tuned for Gordon's interview with Will!


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