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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Gordon's Eviction Night Special
Welcome, Gordon!

Will - This outspoken housemate has had three action-filled weeks in the house but you decided it is time he came out. From fishing for his own produce to feeding a house of celebrities, he's made an impression in different ways. Only hoping he'll mind his language, here's Gordon!!

Will - Gordon, how does it feel to be out?
Gordon - It had to happen sometime, Will. I didn't expect to win but I had hoped to last at least until after the halfway point.
Will - Do you feel you have benefitted from the experience of being in the Sim Brother house?
Gordon - It gave me the opportunity to meet some people I don't think that I would have otherwise met. After all, who can say that they have cooked for Johnny Depp and Prince Harry?

Will - Getting onto the subject of the housemates, you did get on well with quite a few of them.
Gordon - It seems that three of them didn't like me, though.
Will - We'll get to them in a moment. Tell us who you got on with the best.
Gordon - I really got on with Johnny and Mia. Hilary also was quite mature for her years. Those three were good to be with and we chatted quite a lot when we were fishing. That's something I'll be continuing with. I also hope to keep in touch with them after this is over.
Will - Who didn't you see eye to eye with?

Gordon - Harry, Trisha and Snoop. I liked Harry but we just didn't seem to click. Trisha and Snoop were ... fizzling.
Will - Then it will be no surprise for you to know that they were the ones who nominated you for eviction.
Gordon - No surprise in the slightest.
Will - What was your opinion of Snoop and Trisha's relationship?
Gordon - In a word. Sad. It was just to keep them in the house longer. They were playing tactically and Snoop has already moved on. I don't know how Trisha will cope, but I think she could bounce back.

Why me?

Will - Why do you think you are in the seat tonight and not Trisha?
Gordon - I am outspoken and you know that normally I don't give a jot about what I say or how I see it. Some people don't like that. Also, Trisha was in a house relationship and that saved her. Viewers wanted to see what happens next with them or even to see if Trisha can pick herself up now. I'm sure if I'd played that game, I might have balanced things out.
Will - Was there anyone you could have had a relationship with?
Gordon - No. I'd rather get a friend for life than a have an inhouse relationship that can last only a few weeks.

Will - What did you think of the tasks Sim Brother gave you?
Gordon - I enjoyed them. They were varied and challenged us in different ways. I now know how to make toy bricks, I am also the fittest I have been in years and I beat the third in line to the throne at kickbag.
Will - Was the World Cup Competition your favourite task?
Gordon - Most definitely. I wish I could have kept my football strip.
Will - Perhaps we can see about getting you it.
Gordon - Thankyou.

About Jack

Will - I have to talk for a moment about Jack. His interview earlier in the week was explosive. He didn't have any good word about Sim Brother.
Gordon - No surprise there, Will. I am finding it very hard not to swear. Jack was a pain in the backside. In his eyes, there was only one opinion in the world that was right and that was his own. The poor guy needs help and I don't mean in the form of a multi-million simoleon damages payout.
Will - Do you have any intention to meet him?
Gordon - None at all. I'd even think twice about letting him book a table at one of my restaurants. He'd probably try and sue me by saying I tried to poison him.
Will - You did let him sleep in his dinner, though.
Gordon - True. It was fun, though.

Best and Worst

Will - What do you feel was your best moment?
Gordon - That was when I beat Prince Harry at kickybag.
Will - And your worst moment?
Gordon - That would have to be when I set the cooker on fire with a TV Dinner. I don't think I will ever live that one down.
Will - According to the tabloids, Delia Simth said you should have been more careful and Jamie Oliver couldn't stop laughing for days.

Evicting and Winning

Will - Who do you feel deserves to be evicted next?
Gordon - Snoop, Harry or Trisha. Like any good parma ham, they have passed their sell-by date and should be thrown out.
Will - And who would you like to see win?
Gordon - If Mia would stay, she deserves to win. However, I do respect her wishes to leave. Next, it's Johnny who deserves to win this as I know he missed out on filming with Tim Burton to be here. I would have said Hilary could be a good winner but she's playing the relationship game now. Mind you, I would not turn any of these housemates away from my restaurants. They're great people in their own way and welcome anytime.

What's next?

Will - And what is next for Gordon Ramsay?
Gordon - I'm going to check this place out. Simpleton Magnus looks like it could do with a decent eaterie. Aldo's Restaurant here needs a new owner so I'm led to believe.
Will - I'm sure you'll make a success of it.
Gordon - Thankyou, Will. You'll be more than welcome on the opening night.
Will - I don't think the house will be the same without you. Thankyou for being a great housemate, Gordon.
Gordon - I've loved every ******* minute of it.

And finally ...

Will - And thankyou for joining us this evening. You have voted Gordon out and that leaves six housemates in there. Soon, it will be down to five. I will be back to interview Mia when she leaves this weekend and also to give you the lowdown on who is replacing her in the house. In the meantime, please keep following the show and thankyou for watching.


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