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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 23 (Saturday 5 May 2007)
Absent Friends
Another Empty Frame

It's Day 23 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, Trisha received an official warning from Sim Brother for slapping Snoop after finding him in a romantic embrace with Hilary. It also saw the housemates say goodbye to Gordon, who had received 54% of the public vote.

9.08am - Johnny has come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - Good morning, Johnny. How are you today?
Johnny - Not so great if you must know, Sim Brother.
SB - Why is that?

Johnny - I know I'll be facing the public vote again some day but I wonder if they did the right thing in voting out Gordon. I only hope he could be hiding in the garden but I don't think that is the case.
SB - Do you think Trisha should have gone instead?
Johnny - Perhaps it would have made things easier for her.She's very hurt at the moment. Don't be hard on her.
SB - Sim Brother notes your request.
Johnny - Thankyou.
SB - What do you feel the general mood of the house is, Johnny?
Johnny - There is a lot of tension and uncertainty in the air. With Hilary and Snoop becoming an item, it has caused a division in the house. With Mia planning to go, I feel that we are losing another old valued member of the house. We don't know what you are going to throw at us next.

My Boyfriend is a Rat

2.06pm - Hilary and Snoop are cuddling in the hottub that has been returned. Trisha is on the seat in the back garden. Mia has just joined her.

Mia - Are you ok, hon?
Trisha - Not really. I thought he would have at least stood by me or waited until I had been evicted before moving on.
Mia - Dirty tricks.
Trisha - It is almost as if I haven't been here. I was worried about being evicted but he gave me no support. He just hung around with Hilary.
Mia - He took the easy option, huh?

Trisha - I'm a chatshow host. I'm supposed to deal with stories like this, not be in the middle of them. "My Boyfriend Is A Rat" would be a ratings grabber.
Mia - Look at it this way. Who would be getting booed on a show like that?
Trisha - The boyfriend.
Mia - That's it. The girlfriend would be getting the awwws and the sympathy. You should hang around with the other guys. I don't think Harry & Johnny are too pleased about what has happened either.
Trisha - That makes it sound like you're not staying.
Mia - I'm not. I'm leaving.
Trisha - But why? I thought you liked it here.
Mia - I do, but I've made my point and I miss my family. My show title would be "Sporting Spokesperson or Devoted Mother". I told Sim Brother a few days ago that I'd wait until after the task is over. I'm leaving this afternoon.

Time to Go

3.19pm - Mia has gone around the housemates and said her final goodbyes hugging everyone as she left. She has come into the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - Hello, Mia.
Mia - Hello, sim Brother. I'm ready to go now.
SB - This is the last opportunity you have to change your mind.
Mia - My mind is made up. If I phoned my friends and asked the audience or even took 50-50, the answer would still be the same.
SB - As you wish. The back door is now open. It has been good knowing you.
Mia - Likewise ... and thankyou.

To Absent Friends

8.41pm - Hilary & Snoop are now swimming in the pool. Harry, Johnny and Trisha are in the lounge. They are talking about Gordon and Mia.

Harry - I can't believe it. A week ago, there were still eight of us here and now we've suddenly gone down to five.
Johnny - It was bad enough losing Gordon last night. Losing Mia this afternoon has made it harder. I can't believe it.
Trisha - She has her reasons, guys. I think they are good reasons too.
Johnny - I just wish she'd waited a bit longer.
Trisha - I wonder if they'll be bringing in someone to replace her.
Harry - Some new blood might help perk us up.
Johnny - Well, absent friends wherever you now are, we miss you.

Tomorrow, the housemates have a gruelling contest and we get to hear what Mia had to say about Will and on Monday, a replacement housemate will be coming to the house.


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