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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
When Will met Mia
Welcome, Mia!
Will Wright - She has been in the house for 24 days but has chosen to leave of her own accord for reasons of principle. As one of the quieter members of the house, she has been one of the pillars that has kept it up. Can they survive without her? We'll have to see. She's here now. It's Mia!!

Mia - Thankyou for having me, Will.
WW - I'll cut to the chase, Mia. Some people might criticise you for abandoning your family in order to go on Sim Brother V. Considering you had only recently given birth to twins, it was quite a radical decision to do what you did.

Mia - And here is the answer to the question I knew you were going to give. I am someone who is incredibly passionate about soccer, especially women's soccer. I knew this would cause some controversy and that is why I did it. I believe Women have a right to play soccer just as much as men. The Women's United Soccer Association should get the support it needs in order to be able to support the female game in the same way that FIFA supports the male game around the world. Sport is not a male preserve in the same way that looking after children is not a female preserve. I felt I had made my point in the house and supported my teams while I was in there. Now it is my turn to be an active parent and my husband's turn to be the active sportsman.

Friends & Foes

WW - I admire your principles for doing what you did and for leaving when you did. It all makes sense now. However, you did have three weeks in the Sim Brother house. I am sure it made an impression on you.
Mia - It certainly did, Will. I've met some great people and learnt a lot about myself.
WW - Who do you feel you got on with the best?
Mia - That will be the guy that I am looking forward to seeing again now I'm out. He's certainly passionate about the f-word.
WW - Excuse me!!?
Mia - Food.

WW - That can only be Gordon, then.
Mia - He is a guy who is as passionate about food as I am about women's soccer. I was attracted to his passion and his sense of humour. He was great fun to spend time with and to talk to. I could have seen him as a winner but apparently the public couldn't.
WW - Of the people still in the house, who do you feel deserves to win?
Mia - Trisha to win, without a doubt, especially now she's seen Snoop to be what he is. I never trusted him and something about Hilary told me she was no longer Little Miss Disney. I was torn about whether I should have stayed in to support Trisha but realised it is her fight and she has to see it through herself.

WW - If you had stayed, who would you have been voting for this week?
Mia - The same as last week and now with a better reason. Hilary and Snoop.
WW - And of those two, who would you have liked the public to vote out?
Mia - That's a difficult question, Will. By playing sweet music with each other, they are both playing with other people's hearts here. I know this is a game and they're in there to win but playing the relationship card is a below-the-belt blow. Actually. I think it could backfire on them.

A Love of Tasks

WW - While you were in there, you had three weekly tasks. Did you enjoy them?
Mia - From the training of the first task, captaining my winning team for the second task and making bricks in the third, I found them to be imaginative and challenging. I loved all of them, Will.
WW - The housemates are facing Last Man Standing from tomorrow. Do you wish you'd still been in there?
Mia (laughing) - Certainly not! My stamina is not what it used to be and if the weather is deteriorating, I do not envy the housemates in the slightest. I enjoyed what I did and learnt from the previous tasks but standing for as long as possible is something I am not too disappointed that I am missing.

What's next?

WW - And what is next for Mia Hamm?
Mia - I'm going back to my husband and my twins who I am missing very much. I will do my best to be a good mother and wife but also still champion the cause of the WUSA and women's soccer in my spare time. Also, when we have time for a vacation, we'll come over and see Gordon at one of his restaurants.
WW - As your t-shirt has shown for almost all of the time in there, you have clearly been a "woman with balls". Thankyou for being an great housemate and good luck with your new role as a mother.
Mia - Thankyou, Will. It has been great fun.

And finally ...

WW - There are now only five housemates in the house. On Monday night, which will be the halfway point of this series, we introduce a new housemate to replace Mia.

On Sunday, however, they all face the traditional and arduous endurance contest that is Last Man Standing. With the weather being unpredictable and wintery weather expected this week, who knows what obstacles the housemates may face this time? To the winner comes the prize of immunity from facing the public vote. To the losers and with numbers dwindling, their future becomes uncertain.

Unless another housemate chooses to walk this week, you'll be seeing me on Friday. Until then, thanks for watching.


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