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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Cat's Eyes 3 - Departure Galore

With all the specials going on the past couple of days, Cat's Eyes returns a day later than normal. Another week has passed, and instead of just a single eviction, there were two. And one voluntary departure. The house is running empty, housemates are fleeing, and it seems as if Sim Brother is rushing towards the end... just halfway through the show. Take a peek at the past week of Sim Brother, together with...

Sim Brother V - Cat's Eyes

Work It Baby!

Last week the house started with 7 out of a total 8 left. And number eight, Johnny, was also still nearby. Sim Brother has been playing tricks, and is slowly getting heavier. Food ran out and Sims had to work to get some - garden and fish. Johnny got the easy way out for a while, as Sim Brother brought in a pizza for him. In return he did have to run some errands though. Get three fish for the housemates, and get dressed. All without being seen by anybody but the cameras. Although some others were surprised that Johnny was evicted, none of them figured that Sim Brother was playing his cards. Johnny succeeded as nobody was paying any attention. Even Trisha, awake the night Johnny put the fish in the fridge, didn't hear Johnny's breathing or anything else while going to the toilet. Don't they ever expect anything to happen at all? Even when finding out that the fridge wasn't the same anymore, they didn't go ask around who put fish in there, and took the leftovers. The group definitely needs to learn to be more suspicious.

Jack felt mightier than ever before, and thought the world was at his feet for the few days he remained in the house. He called meetings, decided to put down some rules, and embarrassed himself during some greener minutes of his mind. He called Gordon to him, telling him to watch his mouth. Ironically enough, he claimed the public doesn't like troublemakers, as they sent Johnny out and not Jack. Nevertheless he did suck up to Hilary a bit, telling her how good of a Simerican girl she is. He decided to put everyone to housework, doing some very hard administrative tasks in the house. Nobody recalled that pens and paper are not allowed by Sim Brother, so there was hardly any administration to keep, but they weren't happy with it. Even though the idea may not be that bad, after all the house needs to be kept clean by the housemates, he did force it a bit too hard. Sim Brother came close to having an unexpected winner, much sooner than planned...

Jack's Departure

Not much after Jack's administrative blah blah, the rest of the bunch went to Sim Brother in the diary room. Meanwhile Jack and Snoop were still without clothes, as they were taken thanks to Johnny. In the room they expressed their desire to leave Jack alone. Unfortunately Sim Brother wouldn't put everybody in the hider's home, leaving the house empty for Jack to run, not even for a while. Instead Sim Brother revealed what happened, and Jack was to leave the house immediately. Still without clothes. His interview didn't go quite as planned either: Will and Jack broke into a big fight, never seen on real-life telivision before. Jack was controversial inside the house, and outside he still was. He did stir things up for our enjoyment, but all in all good riddance. We'll see if he's back for a big reunion at the end of the series or not. Maybe with another group of lawyers and a number of law suits.

Nomination Time!

Despite the hectic events, there were also some regular Sim Brother things to take care of. Nominations. It's taken a while, but the first proper nominations have taken place, 7.30 in the morning of day 18. Both Gordon and Trisha got three votes each. Trisha probably because she's too quiet. She outcasts herself too much, while she should be trying to bond with the rest. If you need friends anywhere at all, it's in the Sim Brother house. Everybody who's in wants to win eventually. A good strategy is to try and prevent being nominated. So make friends, even if you have to be sly to do so, make friends. They won't nominate you unless they really, really have no other choice. Obviously Trisha put herself on the spot by being too distant from the group. Gordon is a slightly different story, as his continuous swearing offended some of the housemates. Harry and Mia were runners-up this time, with two votes each during the nominations. Hilary and Snoop, despite his izzling, were still safe. They're probably just entertaining enough to be on the safe side. Johnny was immune this time, and couldn't be nominated.

This week we'll see new nominations, and basically it could go anywhere. Trisha will very likely be up again: she got three votes, and got in a fight with Snoop, which obviously doesn't help her - Snoop was one of the few who didn't nominate her this week, but that might change now. Otherwise she hasn't socialised enough to become safer. Then we have a new housemate coming in as well, which has always proven to be hard. If they can get nominated, then no doubt they will be. Then we have Harry, with two votes last week he is in the danger zone. He's mainly talked to Johnny, so he's probably safe from him, plus he lost Gordon's vote now he's out. Hilary got Mia's vote last weke, and as Mia's left it's safe to say she will probably stay. The same goes for Snoop, though both will probably get Trisha's vote after what happened this week. Johnny has been fairly sociable and might be safe. Altogether it could go anywhere, though at least Trisha should go prepared, together with Harry.

Bricks, Bricks and... Bricked Romance!

Of course we've also had the weekly task, something Mia decided to sit through in order not to let down the rest of the group. 200 Bricks had to be made, and thanks to the hard work of the housemates they finally managed to accomplish something. It took some effort, little sleep and trouble but the group managed to become a team and make 200 bricks and get the hot tub returned to the lounge, 18 hours ahead of schedule. Trisha and Mia decided to try and broaden their toy-making skills a bit in those spare hours. Mia revealed her wish to leave the house prematurely, but also that she could still wait a few days to give the evictee plenty of attention. She could've left Thursday but she didn't, why is anybody's guess.

On Thursday Snoop also threw a bit of a brick at Trisha, telling her he won't be missing her too much if she had to go. Obviously she'll have more trouble as Snoop, Hilary and Trisha are all still in the house. Finally the series is going somewhere, with romance not just around the corner anymore. While it probably won't last long outside the house, things that Jack wouldn't approve of may be happening more in the house than before. Trisha should watch out, with her high chance of being nominated as well as her first warning. Things are getting interesting.

Departure Encore

Besides Jack's leaving earlier in the week, there have been two more departures. First we had the regular eviction: Gordon, the cook of the house has left. The rest of the house may survive without his food, though some complaining about the quality can be expected. Perhaps it's time for Sim Brother to get the housemates some cookbooks. Mia also left on her own, and with her a competative and physically very fit woman left the house. The more physical tasks might now become more challenging to the group. She's lucky not having to do the Last Man Standing challenge in her way, and unlike Jack she had all the right to leave to her family.

This Week

Another week is over, and another one is coming up. Tonight we'll see the first of Last Man Standing, a challenge in which it's anybody against anybody for immunity from nominations. A new housemate will be brought in Monday as well, someone who might be facing the public vote from the start if they don't get immunity from Sim Brother. He's playing plenty of tricks to pull that one out of his hat. We might also see the romance between Snoop and Hilary develop, with Trisha as third wheel on the wagon. Or will that be just a flirt after all, and will Snoop move on or back to Hilary again? Also, how will others think of that relationship, perhaps causing the couple to be nominated and split up by eviction at the end of the week? You'll have to watch Sim Brother for all of that, and then catch up with Cat's Eyes again next week. So see you next week, until then enjoy the show.


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