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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 24 (Sunday 6 May 2007)
Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing

It's Day 24 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday saw Mia leave the house voluntarily and return to family life with her husband and children. currently, there are five in the house although a replacement housemate will be arriving tomorrow. Sim Brother, as always, has something planned to take their minds off the loss of another of their number.

5.45am - AWOOGAH!! AWOOGAH!!

Sim Brother (C) - Good morning, housemates, you have 15 minutes to get dressed in your gym clothes and assemble outside on the eye tiles in the far poolside corner of the garden.
Harry - Hang on a moment, Sim Brother. It's raining outside.
Johnny - It sounds more like a storm to me.
SB - Oh really? Sim Brother cannot say it noticed nor does it consider the weather to be a relevant factor in this task. 14 minutes.

6.00am - The housemates are all in the garden, each of them stood on an eye motif tile. Sim Brother gives them the details of the task.

SB - Welcome to Last Man Standing where the objective is simple. Be the last man standing. If you step off your tile, you are disqualified. If you pass out, you are disqualified. The first one to be disqualified automatically faces the public vote. The last man standing either gains immunity from nomination for this week or is able to save that first person automatically facing the public vote. Simple enough for you?
Hilary - Don't we get any breaks for the toilet?
SB - You had 14 minutes. You should have gone before we started. Your loss. You either go where you are without leaving your tile or you leave your mat and are disqualified.
Hilary - Awww, that's not fair. The other Sim Brother is much nicer.
SB - That Sim Brother is not here. Tough luck.

Early Confidence

8.50am - It has been daylight for almost two hours. The rain has stopped and the skies have cleared. Hilary has been showing increasing signs of needing the bathroom, needing a shower and has started complaining about being hungry.

Hilary - Sim Brother, I'm starving here.
SB - You know where the kitchen is, Hilary. Feel free to make yourself a meal.
Hilary - You're so mean!!
Trisha - Oh, just put a sock in it, Hilary!

9.52am - Harry and Johnny are both showing signs of needing the toilet. Trisha is showing all signs of confidence and that she is enjoying herself.

11.20am - Hilary cannot hold it in for any longer and has an embarrassing moment, which Trisha finds amusing.

1.27pm - Harry has an embarrassing moment. So far, everyone but Trisha is showing signs of either needing the toilet, needing food or a bath or shower.

1.48pm - Johnny also wets himself.

Johnny - Now you know why they call me "Mister Stench".

Wet and Miserable

3.01pm - It has been raining again for 12 minutes. Trisha is starting to show the signs of needing the toilet. The stench from that side of the garden is becoming almost unbearable for all of the housemates but none of them refuses to admit defeat. Confidence and high spirits from earlier all appears to have gone.

5.01pm - Snoop is the next one who cannot hold himself any longer. Trisha finds it very amusing.

Snoop - Shut yo mouth, woman!!
Trisha - I never said a word, Snoop. It's too amusing for words. I'll be next but I've outlasted you and that's a victory in itself.

7.35pm - It has been dark now for 35 minutes. It is still raining heavily and there have been rumbles of localised thunder. Trisha finally wet herself just before the sun set. Everyone has now soiled themselves and are increasingly miserable but none of them wishes to fall out of the competition.

11.58pm - Four hours later and none of the housemates have given up. All of them are very close to collapse. Trisha and Hilary are both showing severe signs of discomfort. Hilary and Harry are both showing severe signs of hunger deficiency. All of them need a shower.

Who will be the the first of the fallen and who will be the last man standing?
The next few hours will decide.


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