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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 25 (Monday 7 May 2007)
Fall, Stand, Nominate, Welcome & Propose
The First of the Fallen

It's Day 25 in the Sim Brother house. Housemates have been standing on the spot for the past eighteen hours. Knowing that the first one to fall automatically faces the public vote, nobody has given in but morale is incredibly low ... as well as their hygiene levels.

12.30am - Surprisingly, with a confident start, appearing to be well-prepared and the last one to lose her dignity, Trisha becomes the first of the housemates to fall. This means that unless the winner sacrifices their prize, Trisha will automatically be facing the public vote this week.

Forgetting where she was for a moment, Hilary steps off her tile to see if Trisha is alright.

Sim Brother (HM) - This is Sim Brother. Hilary, because you have stepped off your tile, you are automatically disqualified.
Hilary - I just wanted to see if Trisha is ok.
SB - Your sentiments are noble. You are still disqualified.

The Last Man Standing

1.45am - Hilary is having a shower. Trisha is cooking a group meal of blackened catfish. Back out in the garden, Snoop becomes the third one to fall. Johnny also steps off his tile to help Snoop get up.

SB - This is Sim Brother. Johnny, because you have stepped off your tile, you are automatically disqualified.
Johnny - Oh well, my bad.
SB - Congratulations, Harry, you are therefore the last man standing.
Harry - Hurrah!!!

Contest Aftermath

2.31am - Snoop is relaxing alone on the loveseat by the pool. All of the other housemates are in the lounge eating the meal that Trisha has prepared.

Hilary - Thankyou, Trisha. That catfish was delicious.
Trisha - It's the least I could for someone who gave up their chance to see if I was alright.
Hilary - I just didn't like seeing you like that. It's quite upsetting when someone just drops down beside you.
Johnny - And well done, Harry. You are our deserved winner.
Harry - Thanks, but I think we're all winners. Not even my regiment is expected to stand on one spot for over 18 hours. Sim Brother is a hard taskmaster.
Hilary - Where's Snoop?
Johnny - He decided he wanted to stay out there. Don't ask me why.

3.20am - Hilary takes the opportunity to talk to Trisha.

Hilary - I'm not expecting you to want me to be your best friend considering what happened. What I am saying is that I am very sorry for what has happened over the last few days between us. I honestly thought that it was all over between you and Snoop and hurting your feelings was the last thing on my mind. I hope you can accept my apology.
Trisha - You're right. I don't know if you can be my best friend, Hilary, but I do accept your apology and if we are still here for a while longer, perhaps we can become friends again. I also admire your courage in apologising to me. I know it could not have been easy for you.

4.27am - Trisha is having a bubble bath. Snoop has come into the house and is eating a plate of the blackened catfish that Trisha prepared. Johnny and Harry are in the shower.

Johnny - Congratulations again, Last Man Standing. How does it feel to be safe this week?
Harry - Thanks. I did think of giving up my immunity to save Trisha, partly because I'm sure my grandma likes her programme. Then I reckoned that she would very likely be facing the public vote anyway.
Johnny - I think I can see where you're coming from.
Harry - This way, certain players will have their hands forced, thereby giving the public more choices.
Johnny - A very smart move, General Wales.
Harry - I'm not a general yet. One day, perhaps.

5.15am - All of the housemates are asleep. Two of the beds and bedside cabinets have been removed. One bed remains empty, but by the end of today, it will no longer be unused.

Nice Sim Brother?

12.05pm - The housemates have been allowed to sleep in. Hilary has been up for 40 minutes. She cleaned up the plates from the night before and sat down to watch a DVD that Sim Brother had provided. She has been joined by Trisha, Johnny and Harry. Snoop is in the bathroom.

Sim Brother (A) - This is Sim Brother. It is hoped you slept well. In 55 minutes, you will be making your weekly nominations. In six hours, a new housemate will be joining you. If you wish to have a party and for the fridge to be fully stocked in order to welcome the new housemate and celebrate reaching the halfway stage, please ensure that the house and gardens are tidy and you are all formally dressed when the new housemate arrives.
Hilary - It's the nice Sim Brother!
SB - If these criteria are not met, the hot tub and plasma screen will be removed until further notice.
Johnny - Nice Sim Brother? He can be as mean as the rest of them.
Hilary - I'm sure he's only obeying orders.
Trisha - Just obeys them? He's probably the one who writes them!


1.00pm - The housemates have all gathered in the lounge.

SB - You will now be making your nominations for eviction. Harry, please come to the Diary Room.

Harry - Hello, Sim Brother.
SB - Harry, do you wish to use your right to immunity or your right to veto the first fallen automatically facing the public vote?
Harry - After much deliberation, I wish to use my right to immunity.
SB - Then of the remaining three housemates, who do you wish to save from the public vote this week?
Harry - That will be Johnny. He is my closest friend here and I feel that he deserves to stay another week.
SB - Thankyou, Harry.

Sim Brother immediately skips to Trisha and asks her to come to the Diary Room.

Trisha - Erm, Sim Brother, what about Hilary, Johnny and Snoop?
SB - This week, Trisha, you will automatically be facing the public vote.
Trisha - I thought I might be.
SB - Harry is immune from being nominated. Of the remaining three housemates, who do you wish to save from facing the public vote?
Trisha - Of the housemates still here, Johnny has been most supportive towards me over the past few days. That is why I feel he deserves to be saved from facing the public vote.
SB - Thankyou, Trisha. You may now leave the Diary Room.

Sim Brother then addresses the house.

SB - This is Sim Brother. In alphabetical order, the housemates facing the public vote this week will be ...

Hilary, Snoop and Trisha

Snoop - Yo, Sim Brizzle. I didn't get to vote!
Hilary - Nor me, Sim Brother. I don't get it.
SB - Hilary, Johnny and Snoop, due to the number of housemates, Trisha facing the public vote automatically and Harry being immune from the public vote, you would have only been able to vote for each other.
Johnny - Ahhh ... that makes sense.
SB - Sim Brother would like to remind housemates that discussion of nominations or speculation on how other housemates voted is against the rules.
Hilary - I don't like this Sim Brother anymore.

Preparing for the New Arrival

3.38pm - Harry and Johnny are in the garden. Unseasonal weather has caused all of the leaves to fall and the fruit trees to go into hybernation. Harry is raking leaves and Johnny is gathering all compostable material. In the house, Snoop has had a shower and is taking the opportunity to talk to Trisha.

Snoop - I guess we need to talk.
Trisha - If that's all it is, yes.
Snoop - This nomination is messing with my brain.
Trisha - I'm up too. This will be my third time. Erm, Snoop-

Snoop - If you nominated me, I deserve it-
Trisha - Snoop, two things before you go any further.
Snoop - What's the sitch?
Trisha - Firstly, talk of this nature is against the rules. Secondly, I know you might be proud of airing all parts of your body but it is somewhat distracting.
Snoop - What? You don't like looking at my-?"
Trisha - Put it away!!

Welcoming Reese

6.00pm - The housemates have been gathered in the lounge in their formal clothes for the past eight minutes. The main gate opens and the new housemate enters the Sim Brother garden, walks up to the house and enters through the front door.

Reese - Hi, everybody. I'm Reese.

All of the housemates come over to greet her. The first one to get to her is Snoop.

Snoop - I'm Snoop, but you can call me the Doggfather.
Reese - Hello, Snoop, I know. I've listened to your ... music.
Snoop - It grows on you, doesn't it.
Reese - I did grow tired of it after a few minutes. I'm the sort of girl who'd rather leave the saying of a lot of "ho"s to Santa Claus :)

A Party to Remember

9.28pm - The housemates have been given a halfway party by Sim Brother who has decked out the lounge with club lights, a fully-stocked buffet, a karaoke machine, a keg of Simmer Lite © beer, an animatronic clown and a bouncy castle. A costume trunk has also been provided for those who wish to dress up for the occasion. Most the housemates are keen to get into the party spirit. Snoop is not quite the party animal.

10.18pm - The party has been going on for over two hours. The beer is prompting a lot of visits to the bathroom. Reese has taken the opportunity to have her first bath.

11.48pm - Whatever is in Simmer Lite © must have gone to Will's head as he gets down on bended knee in front of Hilary.

Harry - Hilary, you're a lovely young lady and would you do me the honour of becoming one's wife?
Hilary - Harry, this is all very sudden ... but yes, I accept!

11.55pm - Reese is singing "Stand by Your Man" on the karaoke machine. The housemates, however, are instead watching a fight that has erupted between Snoop and Hilary.

The polls are now open for you to place your votes as to who you wish to become the next evictee from the Sim Brother house. You can vote every eight hours.


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