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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 26 (Tuesday 8 May 2007)
Legal Eagles
Victor Ludorum

It's Day 26 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, Harry won the Last Man Standing Contest and chose to keep his immunity. The housemates made their nominations and Hilary, Snoop and Trisha are facing the public vote this week. The house welcomed Reese as the replacement housemate for Mia who left voluntarily on Saturday. With it being the Halfway point in the series, Sim Brother threw a party. During the party, Harry surprised everyone and proposed to Hilary, who accepted. The day finished with a fight having erupted between Hilary and Snoop who did not appear pleased with how his "woman" had behaved. Quite a long day, really.

12.09am - The fight was over almost as quickly as it had begun. Snoop is left sprawled on the floor, nursing an aching back. Hilary stands victorious.

Sim Brother (JEJ) - This ... is Sim Brother. Hilary and Snoop, you will come to the Diary Room immediately!

Hilary - Hello, Sim Brother.
SB - Violence will not be accepted in the Sim Brother house. You are both therefore issued with your first formal warning.

Snoop - Chill out, Sim n*****! She attacked ME. Why am I being punished?
Hilary - You called me "your woman". I am NOT your property or anyone's property.
Snoop - So? What's wrong with that, b**ch?
SB - Snoop, this is your second and final formal warning.
Snoop - Yo, Sim Brizzle, what did I do now?
SB - Snoop, being verbally aggressive also constitutes a violent act. Also, Sim Brother is not your n*****. Had rules been different, that infraction would have had you ejected immediately. In order to give you time to contemplate your actions, you will be detained overnight in the building in the garden. Either you can go voluntarily or security personnel will escort you.
Snoop - I'm going, I'm going. Johnny said it was quite luxurious. I could do with a new pad. Are you going to open the door or what?

1.25am - Snoop has found that the factory is not currently prepared as luxury accommodation and facilities are quite cold and meagre. His microphone has been disabled and the door has been locked behind him.

2.48am - The other housemates are continuing to enjoy the party although one by one, they start going to bed. Reese pops into the Diary Room on her way to bed.

Reese - Hi, Sim Brother. I'm not stopping so no 20-questions, please. What a mad house you've got here. I think it could be fun. Thanks for the party. 'Night!

Saving Sim Brother

2.35pm - On the condition he acts in a civilised manner, Snoop has been let out of the "Hider's Home" and allowed to return to the house. One more infraction and he is ejected. The housemates have been called together in the boardroom.

Sim Brother (HM) - Housemates, Sim Brother needs your help. A disgruntled former housemate has lived up to his threat and has already taken the first step of a multi-million simoleon lawsuit against Sim Brother. On Thursday, this case is brought to a preliminary hearing. If the judge at that hearing decides in favour of the plaintiff, who in this case is a certain John Bruce "Jack" Thompson, Sim Brother is immediately cancelled pending the completion of this case.

Snoop - Yo, that means I can go home.
SB - If this preliminary hearing does find in favour of Jack Thompson, all assets belonging to management, staff and other housemates is frozen. If you leave, you return to nothing.
Trisha - This means it is in our interests to defend Sim Brother as by also doing, we also defend ourselves.
SB - Exactly. The presiding judge will be Dr.Phil.
Harry - Is there another catch here?
SB - Jack handpicked the judge himself. Apparently, they are acquaintances. Also, as he is a Sim Brother presenter, Sim Brother could not argue. Anyway, you have law books, case paperwork and a courtroom to practice your case. Court will be convened on Thursday at 9am.
Snoop - This sounds so dull.
Reese - Lighten up, Snoopy. This task might get you wagging your tail.

Learning & Remembering

11.08pm - The shed, which was last night a hovel for Snoop, has been converted into a courtroom and library. The housemates have been quietly reading law books, case notes and practicing their courtroom technique for the whole day, only taking breaks for food, bathroom trips and diary room visits.

Harry is the latest housemate to come to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (HM) - Good evening, Harry. How are you today?
Harry - I'm still a bit delicate. I was wondering if you could help me with something.
SB - What do you need help with, Harry?
Harry - A lot of last night is still a blur. That beer was quite strong. Did I propose to Hilary last night?
SB - Have you asked her?
Harry - Err ... I've kept a bit to myself today. She has smiled a lot at me today.
SB - Have you asked any other housemate about it?
Harry - No.
SB - Then Sim Brother is hardly likely to help you if you are not prepared to help yourself.
Harry - Yeah, I guess that seems fair. I guess I should ask someone.
SB - That might be a good idea, Harry. Are you enjoying the task?
Harry - It's a difficult one. I don't know if a member of the Royal Family can be sued, but I am enjoying being here and I don't want to see the show stopped.
SB - Thankyou for saying that, Harry. The door is open.
Harry - Goodnight, Sim Brother. You still sound a lot like my grandma.
SB - So one should. Goodnight, Harry.

Don't forget to keep voting for who you want evicting this week.


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