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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 27 (Wednesday 9 May 2007)
Romance & Reconciliation
Let's Do It!

Relationships are complicated things at the best of times. When you're in the goldfish bowl that is the Sim Brother house, they take on a completely new dimension of complexity altogether. Every series that has come before has had its own "relationships" and the fifth series is no exception.

Is it just a sham to stop us voting for them, or are these kids for real?

Let's do it!

Hilary : The Femme Fatale

Of all of the relationships in the house, one person is at the center of the it. Hilary might appear to be just a sweet innocent girl but believe you me, this girl knows what she's got and knows how to use it for her best tactical advantage.

She made her first move as early as Day 3 with some flirting towards Johnny. Although it might have seemed quite innocent, she knew what she was doing. Johnny may have thought he was off the hook when they all came down with "bug flu" but almost a week later, Hilary was jumping into his arms to remind him she still had him marked.

So far, so sweet.

Then, about a week later after she's getting no response from Johnny, she starts her first moves on Harry. This tells me she's ready to jump ship and is again making the first moves.

Then a week later with no further action taken, she really goes and suprises me.

From innocent pillowfights and games of catch, she then makes the move on the Doggfather. Hizzarizzle - as he calls her - had gone and moved her game up a notch. Snoop did not resist and that step too far ended up alienating this sweet Texan gal from half of the house. I'll give her some kudos for having the gall to apologise to Trisha a few days later, but once again, I'm sure this girl knew what she was doing.

However, despite taking the initiative in all these situations and succeeding in getting all of the guys interested in her, she has not lost her dignity or honour. Even when fighting with Snoop, she stood her ground and kept to her values. Perhaps, she could be saving it all for if or when she becomes Princess Hilary or the Duchess of Houston.

Personally, I just think winning the game is what really matters to her now.

Trisha : Between relationships?

I see Trisha as more of a victim in all of this. Snoop made the first moves on her on Day 7, shortly after they were recovering from "bug flu". Sure, she didn't object, but to be charmed by a younger man who was exuding a lot of charm, she could not have really resisted. She should have understood that in his universe, the planets revolve aronud him and as long as he shines, it doesn't matter a jot whether they are in difficulty.

This relationship was based on a mature woman being flattered by a younger man with an ego the size of Kentucky who was warming himself up for his next conquest. Trisha should have left well alone or considered a more mature man to have a relationship with. Having a relationship for votes? No. I think she believed she had something for while she was in the house. Could I see her in another "inhouse only" relationship? Yes, I think I could.

Space Watching Advisory

Playing with people's emotions while also playing to the cameras is a dangerous combination. Celebrity couples out there know what they're doing. After all, they're professionals so we don't see the cracks so easily. In the Sim Brother house, we get it in the raw.

With a new Southern gal added into the mix, things could certainly liven up over the next few weeks. Watch this space.

Before we go to see what has been going on in the house today, it's time to find out what we can about the betting on this week's nominations.

Where The Money Is Going

Three housemates are facing the public vote this week. What can you tell us, Edwin?

Edwin - It's a very good week for us at Simbrokes, Dr.Phil.
Dr.Phil - Betting was fairly quiet last week. What has made this week different?
Edwin - Three well-known housemates who people have opinions of, two of who are Simericans. I think the public are sure what they want and who they want to do.
Dr.Phil - Is it decisive betting at the moment?
Edwin - Very much so. 2-1 ON for the favourite at the moment. Currently, with over 60% of the vote and the second runner with only 28% of the vote, it seems unlikely that the front runner will be staying for another week.
Dr.Phil - Did you expect it to happen this way?
Edwin - It was somewhat predictable, yes. This housemate has not been endearing themselves to the public or to the house. As the public have more of a choice, they are using their democratic right and putting their money on where their vote went.
Dr.Phil - Can you tell us who isn't going?
Edwin - The youngest of the nominees is currently at 8-1. As that is only about 12% of the betting, people are welcome to put bets on but they are unlikely to see them again.
Dr.Phil - Any side bets running this week?
Edwin - The current task is getting a bit of interest. Quite a few people are saying the housemates won't pass and that the series will be finished tomorrow. This is somewhat disappointing if they can't pass the task.
Dr.Phil - I have to remain impartial on that one. It all depends upon who produces the most compelling argument and whether any laws have been violated.
Edwin - We will be watching with interest. It's 5-3 that the series will still be here after tomorrow. There is a rumour Will Wright popped into our office a few days ago to put a hefty sum on it surviving.
Dr.Phil - Once again, Edwin, thankyou very much.
Edwin - I hope to see you next week, Dr.Phil.

From the latest betting news, we'll go to the house to find out what has been going on.

Preparing for Court

It's Day 27 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, Snoop and Trisha received formal warnings for violent behaviour. Snoop also received a second one and any further infraction will result in his instant expulsion. The housemates have a task with a difference. The future of Sim Brother depends upon the quality of their legal arguments against the skilled expertise of Jack Thompson.

2.08pm - Most of the housemates are getting to grips with the task. Harry and Hilary are reading case notes. Snoop looks somewhat lost. Trisha is sat in as the judge to preside over a mock hearing being carried out between Johnny and Reese. Johnny is playing the role of Jack and Reese is representing Sim Brother.

Johnny - Your honour, Sim Brother is nothing but an evil and polluting influence on society. Its housemates flaunt their bodies openly and the organisation behind it do not prohibit or censor it at all.
Reese - Sim Brother is an innovative means of broadcasting. Following the established traditions of reality television, it has stretched the boundaries and done it creatively and not with any infringement on civil liberties, a matter close to the heart of the counsel for the plaintiff.
Johnny - Objection!
Trisha - What for?
Johnny - I don't know. I just felt like saying it.
Trisha - Overruled! I just felt like saying that too.

Snoop's Self-Awareness

9.12pm - Snoop has slept for a lot of the day. Sim Brother has called him to the Diary Room.

Sim Brother (HM) - Hello, Snoop.
Snoop - Are you going to kick me out now?
SB - Not at all. Sim Brother just wanted a chat.
Snoop - Oh.
SB - How do you feel about recent events?
Snoop - I think my whole life needs a rethink.
SB - In what areas?
Snoop - I need to think more of others. They are people just like me.
SB - How do you intend to treat other people?
Snoop - With more respect. If I don't respect them, they are not expected to respect me. Women are people, not objects. I've hurt two people who I do care about. I doubt they'll even want to know me when I'm gone.
SB - How do you feel about being nominated this week?
Snoop - I deserve it. If I go, I deserve that too.
SB - What has brought about this change in attitude, Snoop?
Snoop - I lost it. I behaved like an animal, not a man.
SB - And what have you learnt from that?
Snoop - Walk away and count to a hundred and accept you can't win them all.

10.38pm - Snoop comes out of the Diary Room and meets Trisha.

Snoop - I've been a jackass, Trisha. I've treated you bad and you didn't deserve that. I'm sorry. You have shown more decency and patience than I could ever dream of having.
Trisha - You are a good man who just needs to soften a bit. You've shown decency by apologising and if you are determined to change, your dream of having more patience will come true.

Polls are still open for this week's nominations. Use your votes or lose your votes, it's your call.


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