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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 35 (Thursday 21 February 2002)
Eviction Night Special & The Day After
Leaving The House

WW - "Jennifer, you have five minutes to say your goodbyes before you must leave the Sim Brother house where I will meet you to bring you to the studio so we can hear your side of the story."

The Housemates lined up by the door and J-Lo got a goodbye hug from Anne - "Take care of yourself, Jennifer. I'm sure you'll be alright out there"

She got a special hug from Anna - "I'm sorry you had to go when I was just getting to know you". Jennifer replied - "The viewers must love you. Hang on in here, Anna"
Seconds later and Jennifer came out into the real world to meet Will Wright, who met her with a big hug and then took her to the studio for the interview to find out her story about being in the Sim Brother house.

The Eviction Night Interview
WW - "Welcome back to the real world"
Jennifer - "It's different. I'm surprised to see so many people"
WW - "The paparazzi will want to see you in a few minutes, but first I have a few questions for you."
Jennifer - "No problem, Will"
WW - "Will you miss being in the house?"
Jennifer - "Yes,. I met a lot of people that I would not have otherwise met and made some good friends and some not so good"
WW - "And what about Tom?"
Jennifer - "Tom and I are good friends. We were a bit closer for a while but that partly came about through being in such close quarters"
WW - "We noticed that you seemed to be upset when he turned his attention to Davina"
Jennifer - "I was surprised and I don't really know why he did it. Maybe it was his way of making sure he did not get nominated. Don't get me wrong, I like him and the guy adds a lot to the house, but he caused bad feelings for a while. I tried to get him back, but I think that was a silly move"

WW - "What was it like in the house when Davina turned her attentions to Tony?"
Jennifer - "Really tense. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Tom and I were just friends then. I thought of trying to fire up our relationship but didn't."
WW - "You got 70% of the this week's vote. Does it bother you?" Jennifer - "No. My time was up and I could not see where I could go next."
WW - "And what about MNM?"
Jennifer - "He was a lot nicer than other people on the outside made out. I hope to see him again soon"
WW - "Sooner than you think. Here he is, just back from his vacation in Simoa"

At that point, MNM walked in, came over to Jennifer and gave her a big hug.

MNM - "Sorry you are out so soon, but it's great to see you. I'm serious about that duet. We'll talk later, ok?"
WW - "Jennifer, what are your plans now you are out of the house?"
Jennifer - "I'm going on vacation to Simagonia to see llamas in their native environment. While I am away, I'll consider my options about my singing and acting career"

WW - "I am sure we all wish you luck. In the meantime, the world press would like to see you outside. Thank you for giving us such memories from your time in the house"
Jennifer - "Thank you, Will"

Meanwhile, back in the House
After the door closed behind Jennifer, Anna came to the Diary Room - "I thought I would be going. I am very pleased to still be in the house. There must be people out there who love me. I am very grateful and appreciative of their support and I hope it continues"

Tony congratulated Anna about surviving another eviction. Inside, he knew that she had some supporters out there. He wondered if he had the same for when his time would come.

Day 35 - Another One Gone
Davina and Anne were up first. They were both uncomfortable on the morning after an eviction, knowing that they were another step closer to the end. Both of them knew that one or both of them could be nominated next week.
Anna was not expecting to be having another breakfast in the house. She was pleased to still be in the house but could not be sure whether it was because the voters liked her or didn't like J-Lo. One thing she was certain of was that several of the housemates wanted her out. She had a week to change their minds.
Anne came to the Diary Room - "I will miss Jennifer. She is out of this cauldron of mixed emotions. Perhaps she can adjust quickly. Perhaps not. I find eviction night to be stressful and now it begins again for another week"

Some of them had a soak in the hot tub on the afternoon and wondered if there were any more birthdays coming up in the next two weeks.
At 10:20pm, Tony shared his concerns with Davina, who told him not to worry about it. "The public are sure to like you. After all, you won two general elections"

He was still up at 11:15. He hadn't been able to relax as much as he would have liked. He just hoped the Weekly Challenge would help the group to work together as a team.

Behind The Camera
The skin of Will Wright can be downloaded as part of a free pack from EBWorld.com. This pack also includes Sid "Civ" Meier and other (in)famous people.


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