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Sim Brother Series 5, Day 29 (Friday 11 May 2007)
Eviction Night #4
It's Friday Night, It's Eviction Night #4

Hi, I'm Will Wright and welcome to Eviction Night #4

Hilary, Snoop, Trisha

Who goes tonight?

We'll be finding out very shortly.

Yesterday, through Johnny & Reese's legal eloquence, we saw the show being saved from extinction. That reminds me, I must collect my winnings from Simbrokes.

This week, the public have been voting to evict either Hilary, Snoop or Trisha from the house. We have been told that the local bookmakers has been receiving record betting on this and that the betting has been quite decisive for one of these three to be leaving tonight.

In a few minutes, I will be talking to the house and letting them know which of them will be going out for a walk on a cold night. Before then, let us visit the house and see how they have spent their day.

Contemplation of Events

It's Day 29 in the Sim Brother house. Yesterday, justice was served when Jack's case against Sim Brother was thrown out and the fates decreed he be turned into a zombie. Sim Brother provided housemates with several crates of non-alcoholic beer as a sign of its gratitude.

3.19am - The housemates were in bed quite early after a long day in the Sim Brother Courthouse. Snoop, however, was sat up for some of the night in the lounge but chooses not to go to the Diary Room. After a few hours, he goes back to bed.

What do I do next?

10.28pm - Trisha and Snoop are playing pool. Snoop is still asleep. Hilary is in the shower. Johnny & Harry are in the kitchen area.

Harry - Did I really propose to Hilary the other night?
Johnny - Is your family very wealthy?
Harry - Yes-
Johnny - Same answer.
Harry - I don't know what to do next.
Johnny - What do you feel about the girl?
Harry - I really care about her.

Johnny - And she would not have said yes if the feelings weren't mutual. If I was single on the outside, I would have been happy to be with her.
Harry - But I'm a member of the Royal Family.
Johnny - So? She's Disney Corporation Royalty. Clean-cut and wholesome.
Harry - You reckon I should continue with this?
Johnny - If I was you, yes. My history of your royals is limited but didn't your great-great-uncle Edward marry an American?
Harry - He had to abdicate, though.
Johnny - Unless Will does something radical, you'll never have that problem.
Harry - That's true.
Johnny - Follow your heart, my friend. Otherwise, you won't know what you could be missing.

Being humble for Hilary

10.28pm - The housemates are in the garden. Snoop has taken the opportunity to try and talk to Hilary.

Snoop - Have you got a minute, Hizzarizzle?
Hilary - It depends what you have to say.
Snoop - I wanted to clear the air before tonight. One of us might be going and even if we're not, we'll have at least another week in this house. I've been out of line with you.
Hilary - Way out of line, yes.
Snoop - You're better off with the prince than me. I was wrong to stop you. I'm sorry for what I've said and more sorry for what I've done.
Hilary - You did hurt me pretty bad, Snoop. I accept your apology, things will never go back to how they were. Yes, I do hope things can improve between us.

And tonight's evictee is ...

It's now time to go to the house.

Hilary, Snoop and Trisha. You have this week been facing the public vote. The polls are now closed. The votes have been counted, checked and double checked. The fourth person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house will be ...


Stay tuned to find what Snoop had to say to Will!
Thanks for voting


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