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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Snoop's Eviction Night Special
The Doggfather is Out!

Will wright - He'll get no more chance to talk to Sim Brizzle, fo' shizzle. Perhaps you wanted him just to fizzle out. Well, with 60% of the vote, you voted him out of the house. Here he is. Welcome, Snoop!

Snoop - Yo.
WW - Perhaps it's me but I get the feeling you wish you weren't here.
Snoop - Yup.
WW - Do you feel you should still be in the Sim Brother house?
Snoop - Mmmhmm.
WW - This is going to be one tough interview. So tell me about your time in the Sim Brother house.
Snoop - It started. It finished. End of.

WW - Right. More open ended questions. What reasons do you feel people had for voting you out instead of either Hilary or Trisha?
Snoop - They liked them more than they liked me. I'm here, they're not.
WW - So what do you think they preferred more about the other nominees?
Snoop (shrugs) - Who knows?
WW - Do you think your being here could perhaps be about your personality becoming somewhat self-centred?
Snoop - Perhaps.

"Jack-bashing is good!"

WW (muttering) - I got a better interview from Jack and he ended up fighting with me.
Snoop - Hmmm?
WW - Talking about Jack for a moment, what do you feel about his time in the house?
Snoop - He was one massive pain in the butt!
WW - In what way?
Snoop - Only his opinion mattered and if anyone disagreed with them, he came up with all of that legal mumbojumbo and threatened to sue them for every simoleon.
WW - Do you feel he got his comeuppance yesterday?
Snoop - Fo' shizzle! His new grey skin really matches his grey hair. He's been bashing my music and the video gaming industry for years. It's time Jack got bashed back! Jack-bashing is good!
WW - I admit I actually agree considering he had a go at me.
Snoop - I hope you whooped his scrawny behind.

Relationships and what not to do again

WW - Yes, I did. Anyway, less about my run-in with the latest admission to the ranks of the living dead. Now I've got you talking, what do you regret the most about your time in the house?
Snoop - I didn't think of others. If I had been less about being the Doggfather and been more caring to others, especially Trisha in her time of need, I may have stood a chance. Instead, I just moved on. Stupid move.
WW - You also upset Hilary too. I don't think your behaviour at the Halfway Party was your best moment.

Snoop - That's one major understatement, Wizzle. I was a 24-carat ass**** and I regret my actions. I deserve to have been whooped by Hilary.
WW - Do you feel you made your peace with them before you left?
Snoop - I hope so. They are two really nice ladies and they deserve to make it to the end.
WW - Talking about the ladies, what do you feel about Reese?
Snoop - Straight-talking and a force to be reckoned with.
WW - Had you still been in the house, would you have been making a move on her?
Snoop - I think being burnt twice and burning others emotionally would have made me seriously think about not making a move.

WW - You did seem to have a certain charm with the ladies. Even Britney was giving you admiring glances. Trisha was your first inhouse relationship. Was that for tactical reasons or was it genuine?
Snoop - She's one lovely lady, Wizzle, if you get where I'm coming from.
WW - I think I do. Do you regret moving from Trisha to Hilary?
Snoop - Hilary was fun to be with but nothing really happened. It was a bad move of mine. I wanted to inflate my ego even more. Bad bad move and all my fault. I admit it.

Working Hard

WW - Moving onto the tasks for a moment, which ones did you like?
Snoop - I messed up the first one for the house by sleeping in. I lost my part of the World Cup Competition by not having explored the whole house, but I'm now really good at making toy bricks. I liked that one. I also know a bit about libel laws, although if I'd been facing Jackass, he would have walked all over me. Johnny and Reese were stars for us.
WW - Of the housemates remaining, who do you feel you got on the best with?
Snoop - Harry and Johnny are great guys to chill with. Trisha also was a good friend as well as ... do I need to draw a picture?
WW - Who do you feel should win?
Snoop - They're all worthy to win. Reese is one foxy lady but the one who deserves to win is one of those who has been there from the beginning.

What's next?

WW - And what's next for Snoop Dogg?
Snoop - Go back home to my wife and kids, cut another album, write another book, discover how to be more courteous to women and my fellow man. I'd move over here in Simgland but I know I've overstayed my welcome.
WW - You've certainly been entertaining, Snoop. Good luck in whatever you do.
Snoop - Thanks, that's cool, Wizzle.

And finally ...

WW - And now there are five. Tomorrow, they have to get used to their numbers being reduced further. On Sunday, however, I will be calling on the house and presenting an opportunity for one randomly selected housemate to gain a massive strategic edge for the coming week. However, he or she could instead come crashing down and automatically face next week's public vote. You'll find out more tomorrow. Thanks for voting, thanks for watching and we'll be back tomorrow.


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