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Sim Brother Series 5, Special Article
Cat's Eyes 4 - Zombie Party
All Rise!

Just like Sim Brother, Cat's Eyes is still going on despite the various legal threats from Jack. All because of what happened in the house in the past week. Besides Reese's entry and Snoop's eviction, the major battle has been a legal one. Sim Brother is halfway and not ending for another couple of weeks. After four weeks in the house the housemates now know each other, know what to do, and had a very interesting task this week: save the show. The show's halfway, and this is another edition of

Sim Brother V - Cat's Eyes

Welcome Reese

Since Mia left voluntarily last week, a replacement had to be brought in. Reese came in last Monday, trying to bring some music to the house. Her karaoke singing didn't get much attention during the halfway party on her first night, and she crawled away by taking a bath during the party as well. But although she started off shy, she started pulling some attention from everybody by appointing herself to be the legal representative in the battle we'll soon be discussing. It'll definitely be hard for her to last though, if she isn't saved from nominations then the public is likely to vote her out fairly quickly. Newcomers have never lasted very long.

There hasn't been much time to socialise this week, and as a result we haven't been able to see very much of Reese yet. The best we saw of her was during her entrance: she had a little chat with Snoop, and showed what may be reason for his eviction this week. She didn't like his music. The other housemates standing in her area at the time of this little conversation didn't really react, but perhaps some of the girls might be a little offended by Reese picking on the Doggfather straight from the start, rather than trying to get along. Still she probably did gain enough respect as a lawyer which may keep her from being nominated next week.

Praticing the Law

This week has been all about the legal battle between former housemate Jack and Sim Brother. While all housemates had been doing plenty of reading to catch up with the details of the case, the trial run on Wednesday, one day before the actual case, was a bit of a fiasco. Johnny and Trisha just felt like throwing with legal terms without properly understanding what they meant. Obviously they've never studied to be lawyers or acted like them. Reese was doing her best, but the rest didn't really get the grips of the legal mumbo-jumbo that was going on. Especially Snoop was totally clueless, as if he didn't even know what Jack would be telling the judge. Despite having had several legal issues outside Sim Brother in the past.

Altogether the preparation didn't seem to go all too well, nevertheless the preparations were started in time. As soon as Sim Brother gave instructions they started studying in the shed. They were serious and nobody would make Sim Brother - or themselves - fall into the emptiness of Jack's world. It made this week fairly boring to watch - nothing's less interesting than watching six people reading books, not talking or doing much. It's about as interesting as watching paint dry, so basically there isn't much to discuss besides the actual case. The only other really interesting event this week was during the halfway party, something which bothered Harry the rest of the week and probably still does: he proposed to Hilary. Drunk. We'll still have to see how that ends up though.

The Legal Battle

Thursday was the day of truth, the day at which it would be decided if Sim Brother V would make it to the end or not. Representatives of both sides: Jack himself defending himself, the plaintiff, and in the red corner it were Reese and Johnny defending the show. Judge Phil changed his shrink-suit to a robe in order to decide about the case. Yep, the show's partner in psychology and outside-world teammate of Jack in some cases came in between to stop the fight.

Obviously Jack has watched the show he despises to see how he was shown on Sim Brother. Despite signing up and stepping in with his own feet, voluntarily, he claimed he was falsely imprisoned. Nevertheless he decided to stay when the housemates wanted to keep him in just before his eviction. This item was quickly dismissed by Phil. The case took a somewhat odd turn when Jack tried to freeze all assets of the housemates. Despite the high economical impact in each case, Harry was picked as example to show why the assets should not be freezed. The "One Guilte, All Guilty" approach paid off in favour of Sim Brother, and nobody was found guilty for impeding Jack's right to decency and free speech. Oddly enough though, the defendant didn't explain the judge how Jack was able to voice his opinion at all times - just that there was no guarantee anybody would listen to him babble on about what's wrong in this world. And his problem with decency was his own: he knew there were cameras in the house, he could have easily known from previous shows that the showers would be communal. A lost case from the beginning, Jack.

In the third part, freezing the assets of the Sim Brother Corporation and The Sims Zone, which wouldn't be too much anyway. Reese defended us - including Cat's Eyes - well enough and with the previous failures of Jack he had lost all credibility. What followed was a long case pointing out specific details of previous events, regarding profanity and gross indecency. Jack neglected to mention that profanity is in the end censored, even though it's as decided by the Sim Brother producers. Otherwise there was indecency that Jack participated in himself perhaps more than any other housemate. We all know the end result, and it made some housemates cry... happy tears? For the fans: on the left you see a bonus (exclusive!) graphic of Jack's ashes, and on the right is Jack in his new skin. Enjoy!

SBV Continues - Next Week?

Now Sim Brother V continues, there will be another week next week, in which it's time to cover new nominations, another eviction following Snoop's this week. There will be a new task, and more of the usual - and less courtrooms to watch. Perhaps we'll also see the wedding of Hilary and Harry, perhaps even followed by a divorce a day later. All will be told in Sim Brother V - Work In Progress. The fifth week, just five housemates, and no doubt plenty of surprises from Sim Brother.


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